Reviews for Hecate's Children (Complete)
Guest chapter 11 . 9/8
So good!
JacqP chapter 1 . 8/30
Fabulous! Thank you!
brume42 chapter 11 . 8/16
It was wonderful ! Thanks !
Sunshine011 chapter 11 . 8/7
Ahh I loved this. Brilliant ending, fun plot line, and wonderfully written!
Emily chapter 2 . 7/27
Love the “harry-mort” hahahaha!
JM0RIARTY chapter 11 . 7/13
I kind of like the idea of a Harry-Tom mix that is born when the wrong soul is killed... Harry is obviously crazy. His plan might have worked if he had been nicer to Hermione and more patient, or maybe not even then. Still it's an interessting concept.

Aria DeLoncray chapter 11 . 5/12
Loved this!
Grahamgirl93 chapter 11 . 5/10
Wonderful ending! As always great story telling!
pwrmom2 chapter 11 . 5/1
Loved it
erm31323 chapter 11 . 4/20
I really liked the way that you showed the differences in Hermione's relationship with both of them. Loved the ending!
erm31323 chapter 10 . 4/20
Love the way Hermione took care of Piddle and that the wolf got to finish him off.
erm31323 chapter 9 . 4/20
Piddle is definitely in trouble.
erm31323 chapter 8 . 4/20
So sad about Greyback. If I was Piddle, I'd be very scared. I don't doubt what Hermione said for a minute.
erm31323 chapter 7 . 4/20
Loved the ending to this one!
erm31323 chapter 5 . 4/20
Not surprised that they are more afraid of Hermione than Harry, lol. I'm really intrigued by the concept of all of this though. I wonder what Piddle is trying to accomplish.
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