Reviews for Immortal Ties
Marish.the.Kitty chapter 24 . 10/6
Absolutely brillant! I Love Sebastian's character and I'm dying to know how the story goes on!
Guest chapter 24 . 10/5
Please continue to write this story, I've been checking for updates every day because I love it, Sebastian is my favourite
veronafairy4 chapter 24 . 9/5
Please, please, please finish this story. You really left us hanging and I'm screaming in frustration to know what happens to Sarah and the Labyrinth and Jarath and the High Court.
ariella21 chapter 24 . 8/24
I am in love with your characterization of these 3, I've just finished reading on ao3 and can't wait for more. :)
pyxap chapter 24 . 8/12
Amazing story I have been searching for labyrinth stories lately and stumbled upon this gem. I look forward to more updates it's amazing!
IamFrancesHa chapter 24 . 7/6
Oh my God! More more more please! This is amazing! Xx
Jediavenger chapter 24 . 7/2
I'm so sad it's almost over! I love this story! Caldo really had that coming. I'm still not trusting Sebastian. I love his character, but there is no way I'd trust him lol
Nicole chapter 24 . 7/2
I adore Sebastian.
Anneige chapter 24 . 7/1
Oh man, this story gives me quite the feels. The trio dynamics are still among the most interesting I've come across in this fandom. I think it's the first time that GK brother excites more glee that GK himself. If loving Seb is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Yes, I'm still rooting for S/J, but I also wish for some crazy dark-magic fueled action with Seb! Oh, please give us something!
"Haven't you heard? I'm crowning a Queen tonight" I died. A part of me wishes he meant the forbidden thing. His endgame is still unclear and am loving it!
Eagerly awaiting Sarah gettinf some "thorns" and the final showdown.
brienandrea20 chapter 24 . 6/30
oh my godddd this chapter was amazing! I love seeing how powerful not only Jareth is, but Sebastian too! my he's frightening. I'm so glad Caldo is gone, I hated him. and seeing Cruex shiver in fright was awesome. god damnit I'm sad this is ending soon, I loveeeeeeeeee this story! I can't wait to get to Jareth's hearing and see what happens!
hayleyroo92 chapter 24 . 6/30
I can't get enough of Sebastian. I almost feel like we need his own story after this one, if there is a story for him there. He's such an interesting character with so many layers. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Shadowvulpes chapter 24 . 6/30
I hope it doesn't end any time soon, I adore this story! You should write Sebastian a story of his own when you're done with this. Give him a human to save him from his darkness! I'd read the shit out of that too!
One with the Wind chapter 24 . 6/30
Sebastian is the life of this party! That being said, your Jareth and Sarah have some excellent chemistry that drives the story. Love it all so far. Can't wait for more.
Sazzle76 chapter 24 . 6/30

Sorry, not the most enlightening form of feedback. But I love the characterisations of this trio and even if this does come to an end, please please please write a Sebastian spin-off. I feel bloodthirsty for approving Caldo's form of demise but pleased the goblins didn't get hurt. Sarah is a good queen but she didn't think things through, by putting herself at risk and not effectively defending herself from the goblins, she put Jareth's life in danger, not the smartest move, if not for Sebastian... and we are back to Sqeeee!
Tenjp chapter 24 . 6/29
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he's back! I think you've done a few things very well (More than a few, but for this review, I will mention a few of them :))
1. I can see the bond between brothers. Jareth is worried for Sarah, but never concerned Seb is going to try and come between them. Seb loves Jareth (As much as he can right now lol) And while he's lost at the moment, that is guiding him. He also likes Sarah and Jareth together. I can see the family bond. I like that he isn't another stupid man trying to get with a woman, he's a brother and he respects that. That being said...he is losing his shiz-nit right now and I hope they can reel him back in.
2. With Seb losing his Shiz-nit, I hope Sarah sees what can happen to her and realizes that she needs to get in touch with her bad ass self and lock that down. Like coming face to face with addiction and realizing that you don't want that. Maybe something will happen with the way she is manifesting that can help him.
3. I like Jareth in this story so much, I think he is very realistic.
4. If you get could always write the part 2 Seb focused fic :) lol

Well done! Love it. Thank you so much for sharing.
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