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Blackberry Avar chapter 13 . 3h
Just some constructive criticism here. Something that is bugging me is that your chapters are a constant wall of text. When a paragraph gets too big, it often tends to dissolve into an immobile blur on the electronic page, which is very confusing in the minds' eye (not to mention when you scroll down).
A paragraph is a sentence or a period of sentences which conveys One Idea or thought (whether or not that Idea is carried to it's full potential), emphasis on One. To that effect I suggest that you split your text according to this powerful rule. If you can't find where One Idea ends and another begins, the divisions can be arbitrary.
It would help quite a bit. Thanks for your time. B. Avar, over and out.
TTGG03 chapter 41 . 6/15
OMG! That line! "Was this before or after you fucked the horse? Or were fucked by the horse, I should say?" LOL! I WAS DYING! I LOVE IT!
HEAllbeeCat chapter 41 . 6/10
"was this before or after you f*cked the horse? Or were f*cked by the horse i should say" BEST LINE OF THIS CHAPTER LMAO

also, this fic is freaking GREAT! :D
keep up the good work. :D
ArthurShade chapter 41 . 6/12
A truly magnificent story looking forward to the next chapter
JelloGirl323 chapter 41 . 5/29
Yayyyyy we're finally in the Avengers arc! Woooo! Oh boy this was awesome! I looooove this so much! Eagerly awaiting the next update!
jeanette9a chapter 41 . 5/28
I'm so afraid that Thor will react badly to what they did to Tony.
JustANormalHTTYDFan chapter 41 . 5/28
Well, this was a interesting chapter. Nice to see Thor respect Toothless and friends with them like THAT, wow...dragons can do amazing things, just by being their
xDxMemeLordxDx chapter 41 . 5/27
I don't think I can adequately describe the rush of joy that runs through my body whenever you upload a new chapter for this story.
ThatOnePerson1234 chapter 40 . 5/10
Dear God I love this story :D I know life gets in the way, but just know I shall forever be faithfully awaiting more chapters. It's just so darn good. I'm so pumped for chapter 41 you don't even know
Grammar Nazi co chapter 40 . 5/2
This is amazing! I love how you combined the two world's so seamlessly. It feels like they were always meant to be like this.

I can't wait for the next chapter. Just thinking about the emotional quagmire Tony will be in when he meets Captain America and two Viking gods in the same day makes me want to dissolve into a fit of crazed cackling!
JustANormalHTTYDFan chapter 40 . 4/29
This is a ok/good story, i just have one question
Will this go into Infinity War or not?
Since Thanos sorta hired Loki to invade New York and find another infinity stone, the avengers meet and teamed up to defeat him.

Will you go into Infinity War or no? If so, do you plan on doing Avengers 4 or not. And have you seen Avengers : Infinity War, it was shocking to say the least
Red wolfs chapter 40 . 4/26
Wow, okay this was crazy. I love how you incorporated parts of the Iron Man suit into Tony’s flight suit and still let Rhodey have his suit too. The interactions between Tony, Rhodey, and Toothless are pure gold. But I can already see that Tony and Pepper aren’t gonna get super close. Hiccup Tony’s just too different from OG Tony and Pepper isn’t as tough as the people he is used to interacting with for them to be attracted to each other. Also, can’t wait for next chapter. Avengers here we come. I’m curious as to how Thor will interact with Tony and Toothless, especially Toothless. Will he be like pre-Tony Vikings who thought dragons were violent beasts or more like post-Tony Vikings who know that the dragons are intelligent? I’m leaning more towards the former, if only it will bring more conflict and interest along with some prime character development. Anyways, good luck with your writing, hope life won’t be a pain in the ass.
Red wolfs chapter 30 . 4/26
Oh jeez, shit just got real! Go Toothless, get Hicupp/Tony out of there! This story is still as amazing as the first time I read it.
jeanette9a chapter 40 . 4/2
sorry to review late but I wanted to wait until all the April fool chapters where done and over with.
and I must say you done a superb job as always.
starlightyuki chapter 40 . 4/1
I have a feeling Tony/Hiccup and Toothless meeting Thor is going to be intresting.
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