Reviews for How I fell in love with my best friend
greasy snivellus chapter 14 . 7/25
i love your story
Guest chapter 42 . 6/19
We're very much interested in the sequel. Please please. I'll be here to read it. We'll wait patiently for it.
Jordin Tucker chapter 18 . 4/8
I’m addicted this is amazing
SweetAssassin19 chapter 42 . 3/25
Well this story was my favorite NaruSaku. If a sequel isn't written then I'd like to think Sasuke got his justice, NaruSaku worked out their parenting and mini kurama kid, and that their kid and Sasukes fell in live cause why not. Oh and that Hinata and Kiba got together so boom. Everyone has a happy ending.
kaiba390 chapter 42 . 3/12
Good story I liked it a lot
Goldensilverfox chapter 42 . 3/8
Would love to see a sequel in the future. I know you said you quit writing but your stories are so well written especially with the relationships between Naruto and Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke, and even Sasuke and Sakura. Would love to see how the dynamic continues to play out as I personally wish that the manga had played out this way instead of what’s going now.
LoganLiet chapter 5 . 3/7
damn why nosebleed tho
thecartoongirl22 chapter 42 . 3/3
Thank you for the lovely story! I really enjoyed it! :D
Kurosuchi chapter 16 . 2/19
I like Naruto and Sakura's interactions while hes recovering. It's cute.
GAEN chapter 42 . 2/7
I don't know if you will read this since you have stopped writing but i just wanted to say thanks for writing this story, it really cheered me up and actually made me feel happy. This story really lifted my spirits and helped decrease some of my sadness...

Never wrote a review before, but i just felt like i had to let you know how this story gave a positive impact for me..

I hope you are alright during these troubling times
Guest chapter 42 . 1/27
The story was lovely. Absolutely gorgeous.
Hope to see the sequel.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/27
Wow man you have got a knack for writting.
The story is superb and hope to see you publish its sequel.
Thank you for the lovely story
DiABL07 chapter 23 . 1/26
Narusaku are so cute together
DiABL07 chapter 21 . 1/26
Best of the best
DiABL07 chapter 20 . 1/26
Awesome story
My fav
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