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Guest chapter 1 . 10/7
You should of given Sara mirakuru with the discipline she gained gaineher league of assassins training she would of just been like a regular person personality wise on mirakuru
changingdestiny40 chapter 75 . 9/9
Good chapter, and what a cliffhanger. Why did the Reverse Flash kidnap Barry ? Barry's not the Flash within this universe nor is he the version Eoboard hates from his own time. And what does he plan to do with younger Barry ? Hopefully though Barry will be alright and be rescued.

In regards to Barry, I do feel a bit sorry for him since he loves Iris despite her liking women and think he should have some happiness in his life. Therefore I'd like to request something please: please make Iris bisexual here and let Barry become one of her lovers if you also give her a harem. Barry should still get to be with the love of his life even if the timeline's been changed into the one we're reading about here. Iris could be like Sara in canon. Bisexual, but preferring girls more than guys but still opened to something with a guy since she's bi even though women are her favorite. Please let Barry be happy with Iris even if he would have to share her with a lot of women.

Perhaps within a future chapter, Barry and Iris could really discuss his feelings for her and it could turn out that a part of her has feelings for him despite girls being her favorite, and she would also not to see Barry in pain due to his feelings for her. Besides that, maybe Barry getting kidnapped by Eoboard could jar out those feelings for him like what happened in canon during Mardon's attacks within season 1 before Barry accidentally altered the timeline. Therefore when it's all over, Iris and Barry discuss things and she allows him to become one of her lovers, but makes clear to him that she'll have other female lovers and that he'll have to accept and respect that if he's going to be with her, while also telling him that he won't be a part of the sex when she does it with the other women but will allow him to watch from time to time as long as he doesn't try to touch. And if he's really good, then she might, and it's a big might, allow him to touch her during those moments but he can't touch the other girls and it won't be a regular thing. Barry then agrees to all of the terms and it works for them both.

However, before the deal is finalized, two of the women, namely Karen and Sara, give him a semi long close mouthed kiss on the lips, not because they're attracted to him since they aren't, but out of the kindness of their hearts since he might have a small crush on the famous heroes who are the Arrow and Superwoman while it's also done to sweeten the deal Iris is offering him while also indulging him a little bit. But it's just that once and with that one time moment and Barry only getting to watch Iris with her lovers occasionally while touching her occasionally during those moments, he doesn't get to participate in the sex.

Please consider it and if you decide to add it somewhere, I'll send you three thank you.

Anyway, good job with the fight scene and the hot scene and the super ladies sure got a workout. Powers definitely come in handy for different things.

I personally don't think Caitlin would've gotten in trouble if the women had caught her watching them. I think they would've invited her to join them. But that's me.

Captain Boomerang is not having a good day, but it looks like he might still have some cards left to play. Is he going to appear again within this fic ?

Good thing Karen was there to rescue Iris and Lyla. Definitely not a good day for Harkness.

Please show the future race between Iris and Karen when it happens. I'd like to see who you'd imagine would win within your universe.

Have a very good day.
changingdestiny40 chapter 74 . 9/8
Good chapter. I have no doubt that Iris is faster than Karen. From what I've seen from "Smallville", a speedster is faster than a Kryptonian.

That was a funny scene when Iris and Karen ran off and left poor Sara standing there. Nice comedic moment and at least Iris realized she'd forgotten Sara.

Poor Barry. Hopefully his leg injury will heal soon.

Count Vertigo sure has a lot of reach if he was able to recruit Captain Boomerang. He definitely makes a great big bad for your version of season 3.

I think I've heard or read the name Natasha Irons before. Does she exist within the comics ? It does look like you've replaced Cisco with her although he'll still apparently be receiving his powers within your timeline, if that's indeed the reason he's getting those headaches. Some things are just destined to happen.

I noticed you mentioned Patricia Swan. Is she the doppelganger of the one within your "Smallville" fic ?

I'm not surprised Waller wouldn't fully trust Lyla. She is villainous and corrupt anyway, unless you've changed her a bit within this fic.

On a side note, I forgot to add within my preceding review, but welcome to Vixen on now being a part of Sara's harem, unless she isn't an official member and it will just be a friends with benefits thing for herself and Sara.

I'm now off to the next chapter.
changingdestiny40 chapter 73 . 9/8
Good chapter, and enjoyable hot scene, although I personally find sticking a tongue into someone's behind to be gross, but that's me. What did you mean though that Laurel was enjoying watching Sara and Mari's coupling more than what was morally appropriate ? Sara wasn't r,a,p,i,n,g Mari. I just don't get that statement. It was perhaps also surprising to learn, but not too surprising, that Laurel and Mari were already lovers.

I'm interesting in learning who attacked those poor government scientists and what their intentions were, unless come to think it, it was Captain Boomerang. And what a twist in regards to the "hostages" actually being gunmen pretending to be hostages. Whether it was Vertigo and Talia or Boomerang, hopefully the heroes get to the bottom of this.

Sara must have a lot of faith in the three young women to protect the city in her absence, but where's Jade ?

Off to the next chapter.
changingdestiny40 chapter 72 . 9/8
Good chapter. You did a great job writing the fight scene. I didn't expect whatever statues were inside of that museum to come to life but that's magic for you.

For a moment there, I thought Faust was about to win. Good thing he didn't. I take it he's just met Blackfire's ghost. Does that mean Blackfire's going to appear as a villain in the future and if so, will it be within this version of season 3 or your version of season 4 ? Come to think of it, an unholy trinity of Darhk, Blackfire, and Faust could work for this fic and especially for your version of season 4 if you decide to have it overlayed with magic like canon season 4.

Why was Faust confused as to why he didn't succeed ? Couldn't he figure out that it was because of Sara destroying the totem, presumably reversing the spell ?

Poor Cheetah in a way. She really did seem too far gone. Still, hopefully she'll get the help she needs. If you do decide to redeem and cure her, please show the redeemed version of her within a future chapter.

Speaking of Darhk, does he have control of one of the League factions out there that's running rogue ?

Now I'm off to the next chapter.
changingdestiny40 chapter 71 . 9/8
Good chapter, and I see that you decided to introduce Vixen before your version of season 4. It would've personally been nice if you had added her "I'll face you like a woman instead" line from her season 4 episode. Anyway, good thing she was there to rescue the woman and hopefully the experience will cause the woman to rethink her life and to do something better with it.

How was the team able to hear Faust's voice and how was he able to knock Diana down if he's stuck inside of a mirror or another dimension ? Is the amulet Cheetah's wearing so powerful that he can use it to somehow access our world and even beat up people within it ?

I think I mentioned this before but can't remember, but hopefully Diana and the team can get through to Cheetah and give her redemption while also giving her a better way to break the curse placed upon her.

I also can't remember if I asked you about this already or read the answer, but why did Hades help the Amazons lock up Faust and why was he using him in the first place ?

Didn't expect the nod to Darhk. A sign of things to come I suppose and I see that Faust was the one to teach Darhk magic within this universe.

I read the Thea/Jade/Artemis threesome and you did a good job writing it although I wish there had been a kiss between Jade and Thea.

Out of curiosity, why aren't Jade and Artemis turned off by incest and instead willing to explore it like Laurel and Sara were ? Only curious.

I'm off to the next chapter now.
Kira007Goddess of Chaos chapter 2 . 8/18
Hay una cosa que me fastidia en Arrow. ¿Como demonios oliver con unos pocos años de entrenamiento fue capaz de vencer a Nyssa?
4 o 5 años de entrenamiento no pueden igualar toda una vida.
changingdestiny40 chapter 70 . 8/16
Good chapter. I've read the name Cheeta before and saw her in a children's coloring book a long time ago. It was a picture that showed a wild spotted cat fighting Diana. I didn't know she had a human form though.

From what I've read, it's not Diana's fault that Minerva's the way she is. Diana warned her but she refused to listen, being stubborn, and brought it upon herself. Hopefully someone can get her to see that but since she's going crazy, I doubt it.

So Sara knows Carol. Is your version of Carol in Sara's harem or at least a short fling at minimum, or is she happily in love with Hal Jordan ? Oh, and come to think of it, does Hal exists in your fic's
universe and if so, is he operating as the Green Lantern or currently receiving his training ? In canon, before your version of Future Barry somehow messed things up to create this fic's universe, he told Leonard that one of Ferris's test pilots had disappeared, implying that Hal has begun his training during the events of season 3 of "Arrow".

You mentioned Detroit. Does that mean we're about to meet Vixen/Mari McCabe ?

In which realm is Faust and what's it like over there ? Also, does he exist in the comics ?

I'll bet it wouldn't be a good idea to free Hades onto the world.

Have a very good day.
changingdestiny40 chapter 69 . 8/13
God chapter, and very good fight scene and hot scene. The hot scene was so enjoyable and Artemis really got to see a show. Apparently she and Jade are open to stuff between themselves like Sara and Laurel are despite all of them being sisters and Jade certainly made up for a lot of the neglect she'd given to her sister. While I knew better, it had started to look like Artemis joining Sara's harem was never going to happen, but it finally did though Artemis received an even better treat by having her first time with Sara be a threesome.

Now the next hot scene I'd like to read is a Jade/Artemis/Thea threesome scene please.

I read a hint based upon Artemis's thoughts, but did Thea and Laurel actually hook up that very night and if so, was it their first time ever or did their first time happen already and perhaps a long while back ? Either way, I'd enjoy seeing their first time.

I knew Jade was going to win against Bronze Tiger. She's a master assassin.

With most of the club's patrons getting arrested, it looks like this may be the heroes greatest victory against the city's underworld/criminal population. In fact, with most of them and hopefully all of the mob bosses finally in prison, combined with the corrupt councilmen's deaths and the Court Of Owls no longer in the city, it looks like the crime rate and the corruption will currently be at an all time low and give Team Arrow and their allies very little to do until their final battle against Vertigo.

However, what caused the SCPD to finally shut down Roulette's club that night ?

Based upon the ending, it now looks a bit like Talia instead of Vertigo is the big bad of your version of season 3, unless the two are equal partners.

I thought Vertigo's plans only encompassed his country. I didn't know or think that they covered the whole world. What exactly is his endgame and for the world in particular ? Whatever it is, I hope he and Talia are defeated.

Oh, and good to know that Jade and Artemis's mom is alright.

By the way, why won't Sara tell the sisters their father's true location ?

Have a very good day.
changingdestiny40 chapter 68 . 8/10
Good chapter, and this is going to a be a very interesting fight. I would've liked to see Komodo vs Bronze Tiger, but Im sure this will be as entertaining. On or off the record, which guy would've beaten the other in a fight, Komodo or Bronze Tiger ?

I personally feel sorry for this version of Ben Turner and hope that his name is cleared if the crime he didn't commit.

Good thing Artemis was there to let Sara know that Jade might be in danger.

Why in the world would the League help Roulette, or was it only one of their factions post Ra's death ?

I'm also interested in knowing the history between Roulette and Jade.

What a surprise to learn that Jade's visit was a trap from Roulette, and I'm not being facetious.

Thanks for the new chapters and have a very good day.
changingdestiny40 chapter 67 . 8/10
Good chapter, and I see I made a mistake as to when Roulette was first mentioned. It looks like she's the old friend Jade was thinking of.

Now I want to know why some of the Anazons became corrupt and joined Roulette.

Komodo was very good and a very powerful and formidable opponent. At least he's been taken down and arrested. Did your version of him receive some League training ?

You wrote two excellent fight scenes within this chapter, the second one being Artemis vs Jade. It however looks like the conversation and hashing out of the two sisters issues hasn't been completed yet. Hopefully they'll be able to work out all of their problems soon.

Speaking of which, when Jade decided to help herself and her sister work out some aggressions between themselves, for a moment there I thought you were about to have them hook up. Still a very good fight scene although it would be nice to see Artemis defeat her sister in a sparring session.

Unless Roulette lets Jade go, someone might need to rescue her.

Thank goodness that Sara's name has finally been cleared.

I forgot to add within a preceding review, but it's a very good thing Sara was there when the corrupt councilman tried to take advantage of his maid.
changingdestiny40 chapter 66 . 8/10
Good chapter, and poor Quentin. And now his day's about to get worse since Komodo's targeting him. He might need more than some heartburn pills after this, if he survives Komodo's attempt.

I think Thea and Artemis did a very good job while out in the field and while it was a good thing that Jade was in the area and was a very good help, she should really give her sister more of a chance from time to time.

Based upon what the woman talking to Komodo said about a club and since I read the end of your most recent chapter, I have an idea as to who she is.

Who is this friend or girlfriend whom Jade mentioned in her mind and why did their relationship go sour ?

Despite the evidence that Komodo is not Sara, clearly some people believe what they want to believe. It would definitely be a good idea for Quentin to release to the public the information that the arrows aren't the same as what Sara uses.

It's great that Thea's still clean. Plus she does have new outlets for pleasure and relief such as her training, her missions on the field, and her hookups with Sara and Artemis (and hopefully Jade as well one day).
changingdestiny40 chapter 65 . 8/10
Good chapter, and that certainly was a hot greeting that Sara and Nyssa gave to each other.

Is Count Vertigo behind the deaths of the corrupt councilmen and if so, is he killing them off to cover his tracks or is there another reason ?

If there are any corrupt councilmen left alive, someone should try and get it into their stubborn brains that aligning with a terrorist and trying to destroy their own city is not the way to change things for the better. Of course, if all of the corrupt councilmen are getting killed off, then Moira might be able to do her job easier.

I'm interested in seeing what Talia's up to.

It looks like Count Vertigo is the big bad for your version of season 3 instead of Ra's, and I see that the latter is still dead.

Shiva was right. With Malcolm dead, he can't manipulate Thea like in the original timeline.

I'm surprised that one of the League factions is in the hands of one of Count Vertigo's servants. I thought the League members loyal to him were all directly under his control. chapter 66 . 7/31
Can't wait for chapter 67!
changingdestiny40 chapter 64 . 7/27
Good chapter, and I see that many council members, if not all of them, are corrupt. That's bad news for the city. Hopefully they're all taken down soon.

That watch is a great invention. Please give one to every single member of Team Arrow.

Who was that woman whom Nyssa fought ? Was it Talia, or someone else ?

I'm going to assume right now that the big bad of your version of season 3 is either the Count or Ra's.

Which reason is the reason as to why Sara disapproves of Shiva's relationship with her mom ?

Have a very good day.
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