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Talyn Crais chapter 24 . 7/14
Absolutely love this version of Sara!
Sean Malloy-1 chapter 3 . 5/23
changingdestiny40 chapter 163 . 5/14
Good chapter, and great job with the ending. What changed your mind about writing 164 chapters instead of 163 chapters ? Also, I had thought you'd end this with a lemon. I suppose the Black Siren/Sara/Laurel one was the last one you intended to do. Oh well.

How does Rose physically stepping away from Slade show respect to him ?

Speaking of Slade, I see you added a third part from S5, which is Slade searching for his sons.

I personally don't think he and Sara will ever become enemies again. He was under the Mirakuru's influence and now it's gone from him. Either way, I hope he'll be able to mend the bridges with his family.

Good to know that Blackfire Sr.'s gone for good and thanks for revealing what deal Alia made with Death.

Sara definitely had the help of all f her loved ones in defeating Trigon and Blackfire Sr.

And so the end shows that Team Arrow will still have stuff to deal with.

Out of curiosity, where's Artemis at the moment ?

Oh, and will is Shado completely cured now that Blackfire Sr. is gone ? Either way, I also hope that life smiles kindly upon her.

Thanks very much for writing this fic. You've done and excellent job and it was fun and entertaining to read. I've enjoyed it sense the beginning and good blessings on future projects. And also you're welcome for the comments, follows, and views.

If I may, maybe you could write a harem fic for Fitz from "Agents Of Shield". I'm just the kind of person who likes the younger, and especially nerdy, guy with multiple gorgeous women. Plus he deserves some loving after all of the bad things he's gone through on the series.

In regards to that plagerist, even though it's good news that 7 of his accounts are banned, can't he or anyone else continue to create new accounts with new names ? From what I understand, a person can always create a huge sleuth of differrent accounts ith so many differrent names and without limit. I wish you the best though in regards to resloving that whole problem regarding him.

Have a very good day.
Mkfreeze27 chapter 163 . 5/14
Wait it’s over over ? Noooo I want more ! :(
Sean Malloy-1 chapter 2 . 5/14
Ryan L. Spradling chapter 163 . 5/14
And the great adventure comes to an end. Well done!
Sean Malloy-1 chapter 1 . 5/11
changingdestiny40 chapter 162 . 5/11
Great chapter, great action, and excellent job writing the final battle. What was different however with this battle than with the original battle that allowed Trigon to win, besides Sara, Thea, Cass, and Felicity, and possibly Artemis being dead ? Why didn't Rose try and use the spear within that other timeline ?

It's great to see that all of the heroes and antiheroes you introduced within this fic were art of the final battle. The only ones missing were Nyssa, Helena, and Barbara. Oh well.

And I see you've borrowed a third part from season 5: the island exploding. All of this definitely took things full circle, both in regards to everything starting on the island and also the Lance family's conflict with the Blackfire family.

Now that Blackfire Sr's been defeated, what happens now with his son Mathias, and is Central City of Earth 2 free now that Zoom and Arkham Knight are out of the picture ? Are Mia, Jesse, and their friends able to return home ?

Also, is Trigon completely powerless now since all of his powers were absorbed by Blackfire Sr. ? I didn't expect the betrayal but shouldn't't be too surprised.

It looks like Slade is better than the Arkham Knight, unless he only defeated the latter because the former had help.

How are the heroes and antiheroes mentally alright and able to use their motor functions after Blackfire Sr. ripped out portions of their souls and minds ?

Is Trigon, Blackfire Sr., and their minions who're also dragged into the portals gone for good ? I personally hope so.

And so Sara faced her greatest challenge ever and won. Come to think of it, I think a good addition would've also been for, when Sara dies near the final battle, or dies again at this moment, we get a cameo for Oliver, who speaks with Sara in the afterlife and absolves her of her guilt and encourages her to keep fighting, like when Clark saw Jonathan during his battle with Brainiac Prime.

Aren't there two chapters left ?

I read the latest message on your profile page and were you saying that the plagerist has help from someone else and that the plagerist would've been stopped if it wasn't for that other guy ?

Have a very good day.
Ryan L. Spradling chapter 161 . 5/11
changingdestiny40 chapter 161 . 5/11
Good chapter, and very enjoyable action. I assume the island battle is the final battle and now we'll have to see if the heroes from three worlds win this time around.

I see that the Red Hood is alive and well and has also joined the battle.

I thought Trigon was completely free and not held back by any more chains.

Slade and Arkham Knight seem to be evenly matched.

Good thing Dinah was there to save that woman's life and history repeated itself with Dinah facing off against a Blackfire at his church and after that the building burning down. And Dinah's still got it.

What's the source of the explosions rocking Gotham City ?

Who's Derek Frazier ? I don't remember him. And who's Jason Blood ?

Great to see that Slade's free of the Mirakuru and has changed, just like in S5 on canon.

It's a shame that the serum Shado drank isn't a permanent solution.

I noticed that my preceding review was the 200th one. Therefore, congratulations on reaching the 200th mark.

Have a very good day. Oh, and I almsot forgot to ask, but on the night that Dinah and the JSA burned down Blackfire Sr.'s church all those years ago, was the chaos surroundign that Trigon's first attempt to come to Earth ?
changingdestiny40 chapter 160 . 5/8
Good chapter, and Slade will probably be willing to help since Shado and Rose are involved. It sounds like he's sane and himself now. Even though you're still in S4, you've added at least two things from S5: Sampson's presence, and Slade being released to help in battle.

Was it Alia who transported Sara from Lian Yu to Nanda Parbat and if not her, then who transported Sara ?

Was it Blackfire Sr. or Trigon who attacked those prisoners, or their forces, and why did they attack them ?

I don't remember the part about Alia being a sorceress. Was that mentioned before ?

What was the deal Alia made with death ?

Also, why was Sara in H,e,l,l ? Was it because she hasn't accepted God into her heart within your fic ?

I really thought Sara was gone from this world ad that this was it. It caused me to wonder if Sara's death at this time is fixed since she died for real the second time despite Artemis's efforts, and at the hands of the same man, Blackfire Sr.

I see you're having the final threat be one of the Crisis storylines like in "Stronger Together".

Why did Bruce take Black Siren with him, and for me, Felicity's question regarding his identity was a reasonable and sensible one and you can never be too careful. I'm believeing that it's their Bruce Wayne.

The potion Sara drank after being revived. Is it the same drink canon Nyssa gave to canon Thea in S4 when she almost died during the civil war between Nyssa and Malcolm ?

I can't remember this, but had Sara asked Nyssa to never dip her into the Pit even if she ever dies for real ?

It will be very interesting to read who wins in the battle between Slade and Arkham Knight.

I forgot to ask this within my preceidng review, but does Gordon not talk to Quentin about Dinah and Shiva being together becauce he thinks that topic is uncomfortable to Quentin ? And hopefully Quentin will find someone to love him if Trigon's defeated this time around.

Does Alia have some personal connection to the Elite Guards or did Earth 38 Nyssa have them on their world ?

Have a very good day.
changingdestiny40 chapter 159 . 5/8
Good chapter, great action scenes, and humanity's in huge trouble. Nothing short of a miracle can prevent the approaching dark future from coming to past since there's clearly no way the heroes can stop what's coming.

Now I see another reason as to why the heroes lost. Many of them were locked inside of those bubbles.

Bruce is definitely resourceful in regards to however he freed himself from his cell.

I see that Black Siren got away safely but now I want to know who grabbed her.

Why did Blackfire Sr. say "A lie for a lie" to Sara ? What did Dinah lie to him about ?

Were those crows from Trigon or Faust's realm and if so, why didn't they attack the hereos ? Why did they look at them with pity ?

It really looks like Sara's dead for real this time and at the hands of the same person. Was it Blackfire Sr. who transported her to Lian Yu ?

Is Raven truly dead ?

On a side note, I sent you a return message in regards to what you explained to me about the plagerist. What I'd liek to add is that i wouldn't be surprised if it's the same person who tried to copy this story here before your supporters either chased him away or this site removed the stolen fic. Do you think it could've been the same guy ?
Ryan L. Spradling chapter 160 . 5/8
Happy 160th chapter.
Mkfreeze27 chapter 159 . 5/8
Nooo raven can’t be gone , and Sara
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