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Fan chapter 9 . 8/19
DrummerMax64 chapter 9 . 6/11
What do you do when an amazing story you haven't read in nearly a year gets an update that was also nearly a year since the previous one? Why, give the whole friggin' thing another read, that's what! Granted, took me longer than I would've liked due to real life obligations and all that, but after giving the whole story another look-see over the past couple of weeks, I'm so glad I did. :)

There's so much, literally SO much to enjoy about this story, from the impressive world-building (something that I've been gushing over ever since I read the first chapter! XD) to the incredible relationship you've crafted between Nick and Judy that both ties in with this particular AU and remains faithful to what we saw in the 2016 film. I had an absolute blast re-reading a lot of these scenes, especially Judy's first introduction to the Chomper Garden and the hustle she and Nick pulled on the bigoted elephant, and I have to say, this fic gets top ranks for its downright meticulous attention to detail, the way it so vividly depicts the setting, all the way from the sheer grandness of the plaza and cathedral to the lurid squalor of the slums. Out of all the Zootopia stories I've read, this is one of the few that has some of the best prose and word usage. You have an incredible knack for vocab, that's for damn sure!

Moving on from the story as a whole to this new update, stellar work. Been a while, but it was well worth the wait, and it gave me a good reason to check it all out again to remind myself of what's happened and see if I could pick up on any details I missed last year. Great job portraying the woe Judy was feeling and having Nick address it before they moved on any further with the investigation. It was a great representation of what Judy is through and through: a trier, an idealist who wants to stamp out ALL injustice in the world no matter what. It was an important moment for her and Nick to discuss this and develop their relationship even more, including having Nick bring up the whole 'dumb bunny' thing to fit in with this conflict. 'Never let them see that they get to you' also seems apt here, so if that's what you were also going for with that scene, bravo! It definitely resonated with me.

And that reveal for Dawn! Wow, that was extremely well done, each hint piling up and feeding the inkling in my head that this ewe could be the one and only Bellwether. I was actually thinking this very thing last year as well, that Bellwether would be a part of the story due to a clever bit of wordplay you had in the second part of The Day Off that caught my eye. The near repetition of the phrase 'dawn is coming' as the final line in the last two scenes of that particular chapter had alarm bells going off in my head that there was the distinct possibility of the sheep showing up. I so wish I included that line of thinking in one of my previous comments now! Phooey! XD Oh well, at least that theory of mine was satiated here, and in an extremely satisfying way too.

As for what this means for the story from here on out, I'm intrigued to see how Dawn will figure into this. She may seem benevolent and all-inclusive on the outside, but as we all saw from the film, there's always the possibility that there's more than meets the eye with her. A wolf in sheep's clothing, as the saying goes. The same could be said for the cathedral itself as well; magnificent and all-encompassing, but that's all a facade for something sinister deep inside it, lurking among its members. They have power, influence and resources, which all make for a potent combination. Another thing that has me thinking is how the cathedral has these subtle links to other shady things going on in the city, links that Judy and Nick are going to be hard-pressed to authenticate unless they have rock-solid proof. One thing's for sure: we absolutely need to keep an eye on Dawn and her flock. They seem TOO perfect, and her responses to Judy's attempts at appearing prejudiced appeared TOO compassionate, as if they were rehearsed. What would it take to show her true colors and reveal how much of a hypocrite she was being with some of her statements?

Lots to think and speculate about! Highly invested in the story and seeing where you'll take it from here with this huge development. For next time, I would definitely like to hear what Nick thinks of the High Prioress and her operation of things in the cathedral. And in regards to the investigation, here's hoping another big break is on the horizon for them!

Wonderful work on the update, CC. Excited to be caught up again and see where the tale takes us next. :D
Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps chapter 9 . 5/20
This is such a fun story to edit, and the banter between Nick and Judy, as well as the awe shown in Judy's conversation with Dawn were equally well done and impressive. The world building in this story is phenomenal and I love seeing how the city becomes grander and grander with the history within it. That and the nods to other cultures with the different shrines here. All of this was incredibly well done! :) Loved it!
Maxren chapter 9 . 5/15
I can hardly put into words how pleased I was to receive the update warning for 'The Tale'. I had given up on you to be honest, thinking yours would go with a pletora of other well-written, wel-crafted worlds whose author got bored/exhausted with.

It's not often I am right, but damn am I happy to be wrong.

Even more enthusiasming is the fact that your characters are still as believable, your dialogues still as well-written, and the immersion you spin still as deep as before your forced break. It's great. All of it.
Damn does it feel good to be back on board. Thank you for uploading.
HawkTooth chapter 9 . 5/14
Been so long since we saw an update on this, glad to see it's back!
Dawn's pretty good at holding a mask herself clearly, and looks like the do-good side we all know in Nick is finally starting to come out in earnest.
Combat Engineer chapter 9 . 5/13
What a chapter. Monstrous in size, events, and lateness. Dawn seems like the perfect nun, too bad we all know just how evil she really is. Though I still can't imagine what purpose she has in kidnapping predators. They're barely above slaves in the city and hated plus killed far more as well.
Fox chapter 8 . 4/17
This is so unbelievably cool! I’ve read this fic once and I remembered it a few days ago so I read it again... IT IS AWESOME! And I hope you continue!
Maxren chapter 6 . 9/25/2017
Hi again !
So I just finished all eight chapters (and have thoroughly enjoyed them, as expected), and am just coming back here to mention you might have a typo in this chapter: at one point it says "cards and wagons", when I think you meant "carts and wagons".

Anyway, best of luck with whatever has you worried/occupied IRL.
Cheers !
Maxren chapter 4 . 9/21/2017
I stumbled on this piece of art a couple of weeks back, I don't even remember how. I remember thinking "sounds 'Meh', but let's bookmark it anyhow, you never know..."
I've not been this wrong in a long, long time.

So far the only thing that I could possibly nitpick at (and I'm a pain in the ass, as far is nitpicking goes) is how quickly our Lieutenant seems to get over the Garden debacle. In a so far ~50000 words-long text. This is very impressive.

Basically I'm hooked. Is what I'm trying to convey.

Anyway, just writing this at work, thanks for uploading it all, and have a good day.
Discord1 chapter 7 . 7/19/2017
Ha! I loved the description of Finnick's 'hustle face', and how you decided to make books rare and precious in this world you've created. What a great way to speak on Nick's character :). The whole scene with Leodore was a lot of fun, as well as Nick and Judy's exchange in the inn near the end - I admit, I'm envious how you incorporate so much character thought/expression into your dialogue - it's done very naturally and makes your exchanges so... authentic. I know we have very different writing styles, but feel free to give me a few pointers in that same direction during our next beta session - I would love to grow in that area.

Also, there's only one more chapter left for me, but I notice it's another 'part 1'. Does this mean 'part 2' is already written, and possibly on its way to my inbox soon?
Discord1 chapter 6 . 7/17/2017
I loved your descriptions of the gypsies Judy met down by the river, and the scene between her, Ben and Finnick ). Wonderful banter, lots of subtle humor, and great characterizations! I will say (only because I adore you and want you to know), there are several times in this chapter (more so than I've noticed in others) where you use the word 'to' instead of 'at', and the frequency gets a bit distracting. Otherwise, a satisfying installment (as always).
Discord1 chapter 5 . 7/15/2017
Oh, this was so... oh! The whole brothel scene was great - how you wrote Nick transforming himself to be inconspicuous, how uncomfortable Judy was, and then their great banter after. I see the seeds of WildeHopps beginning to germinate, yes? You have Nick's character so well defined in this - when he was questioning Ethan, again transforming himself, I was transported to the world you've created. Completely captivated. Your prose is so rich and vibrant, I truly had to savor this read. Thank you :)
Discord1 chapter 4 . 7/3/2017
Very exciting chapter here Cas! Lots of action! That alley scene was terrifying (and wonderfully described). I've also got super feels for your dialogue between Nick and Judy, great exchange. I loved how he kept asking himself if it was a good thing she was rousing :)
SW chapter 8 . 6/21/2017
Love your work.
HawkTooth chapter 8 . 6/21/2017
Well, finally caught up on this monster of a story (only 8 installments and already over 130,000 words? Color me impressed), and certainly there're more than a few details of interest to keep me awaiting the next chapter (whenever it comes, I doubt I'll have issue waiting a while; quite the chunk of reading for any one installment). As I noticed others have commented on this chapter, quite amused by the description of Nick snuffling around the room as he was, and I may have to adapt bits of that behavior to some scenes of my own; far too entertaining to leave be.
Also, I'd say I'm almost positive Nick's at least distantly acquainted with the Savage fellow (gee, wonder who that could be? Another rabbit making waves, bet he's got stripes on his face), and if that fleshes out in truth it ought to be quite interesting how Judy copes with it. Considering all she's been thrown through this tale already I have little doubt she might be starting to question the workings of the country she's sworn to defend, and she's the kind of character as proven already who will push the boundaries to do what's ultimately right even if others frown upon her for such.
That brings me somewhat to my last comment for now: not quite sure how I feel about Gazelle's portrayal here. Overall still similar to the original character, big heart if a little more brash with her background that we've been told now here, but she's committed the same act toward Judy that she hated other prey for: judgement based on a stereotype. She may have tried to be kind about telling Judy off, but would that really be the best way to treat someone trying to set at least what little she could straight? Judy has her faults, but I think she's demonstrated well enough that she's not like the other rangers in Zootopia...
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