Reviews for Blow Me Over: The 22nd Annual Hunger Games
Platrium chapter 75 . 5/13/2021
So this came almost 2 weeks later than planned. XD I'll start with 74 then roll to 75 on this same review.

Lord is the victor! OwO He's only got minor injuries, and he's in pretty good health, like the good boi he is. UwU Makes sense for Eris to be shocked that he came back. I'm shocked too. I think even Lord himself is shocked. XD Idk haha, but I couldn't believe this was actually happening, and now Eris' dream has been fulfilled, which... I never really thought would happen, because I thought you were going the canon route all this time, which means D12 never wins. Oh but we know BOSAS came to ruin it for all of us hahaha. Anyway, Eris didn't sleep, and then Lord thinks she's the one who needs Dr. Rubricatus, given how little his injuries were. Interesting wb that he has 1 day to himself and the following day is for his victor's interview. If there were victors who had more injuries, do they get less time for a day to themselves? Well, something I just wonder.

Miriam's bullet is an extra, is a savior, is unused on him. Indeed, she should've killed him with it, but he pulled the fast one on her. Meanwhile, Amazingus. XD What happened to him was just too funny. He was so excited for Lord's win that he drank too much and fell off the balcony. Even funnier that he survived falling 4 storeys, and now he's in the hospital recovering from his broken neck. XD Goodness...

Goucho's outfit offer was pretty funny. I already shared the meme about it, so I'll let it speak for itself, hahaha! XD Gold was indeed this year's color, given how golden the arena was. The mahogany offer was so funny that I really needed to make that meme lol. Also, he still has it in him - the charm and attractiveness. XD Way to go, Lord!

His betrayal to Miriam has to haunt him of course. I've already seen that bit in WH, and as early as now, of course it's still there. They were pretty rude to each other indeed, haha. The cabin talk being one of the most highly rated scenes of these games is interesting though! :o It was a beautiful moment to read about actually. The rifle has to be brought up. Of course. Without it, he wouldn't be here at all. It killed half of the careers, which is insane! The rifle was overpowered, but it was used so well I don't think anybody ever complained about its overpower. Indeed, the rifle was the partial or full cause of death of all the male careers. Meanwhile, Carmen and Cordelia were responsible for the one-third of the career deaths. Poisonous potato soup, hahaha! XD Then the remaining one sixth is Cordelia herself, who got rocked out with the help of Chavez. Mmmm... more like the other way around, but yeah. XD

I'm a bit disappointed Lord just looked at the corner pixel rather than look through the stuff he didn't see, but (1) it made sense why he didn't wanna look back and (2) he saw bits of everything anyway even though he did his best to avoid looking back. The chainsaw's gotta be in there. I mean, of course. XD The potato soup poisoning is also iconic. UwU At the end of it all, he gets his crown. Yay! :D Mah boi is a winner. UwU

Edna's unhappy with Lord not wanting to wear shirt or shorts. Imagine coming home in just a blanket. Oh Lord. XD Lord is gonna get Eris' job from now on, so Eris is now unemployed and just being lazy, yet she still responsibly tells him to put on a shirt pls. XD That ending with Lord wanting to say and beg for Eris to stay, and all he said was "Okay"... wow... he sad now. TwT

75 now, and ooh the epilogue title! :o I love that reference hehe.

Btw, if any of my review for 74 was inaccurate, it's because I left my notes for almost 2 weeks. XDDX

Lord is doing half-okay. I mean, of course. He's still in a lot of trauma from everything he's just been through, and he wants Eris to stay but... yeah... The gift to Aristotle, I got the reference immediately. Indeed, we get a bit of Carmen's family post-games. The baby isn't with them though. :O I wanna know where the baby went. omg this is why I submitted a very pregnant tribute to these games. XD Anyway, sad to hear that Miriam's mom also didn't make it through. Now Lord is just penpal-ing with Miriam's dad. :o Wow! I remember I put Colleen Tosse through that kind of trauma by having Meric dead from the games then her father dead from cardiac arrest not long after. Oop. X3

We learn that Goucho is now full time with the gold outfit, haha. Lord gets told that he'll have an easier time after his 1st year of victory, but the WH prologue begs to differ. I mean, there's a famine that nobody expected, so it makes sense that it was unprecedented, thus not really making it easier for him after his 1st year.

Now Eris brings up the government wanting him to give up his house. He has to sell it, or they'll take it away from him forcefully. Practically, he doesn't need it anymore with his current house in the victor's village, but it holds some memories. I like the creative liberty you added into the backstory of that house and all the memories he had when he was younger. :o :D He visits one of his mom's deathbed, and there's an unopened letter. :o He reads it and understands it years later. TwT

This story... It just BLEW ME OVER. Having been one of the first few to have started from Oceanside and go all the way to WH, just seeing your writing growth from Oceanside to BMO was already fantastic. BMO in itself is legendary with the massive support you've gotten. For the people who've read Oceanside as well, that improvement was pretty incredible. It's probably the biggest improvement I've ever seen around here. I'm amazed. At the beginning of this story, or even near the end of it, I wasn't expecting to have a victor by the end of it. XD I already shared my sentiments about it last time. I guess what I really love the most about this story, and what made it objectively really good, is how you've given the tribute SO MUCH screentime. Back in the day, it was rare to see this. Some authors would give 0 to 1 pre-games POV, so by the time they go in the bloodbath, they're just forgotten. But no it's not just that. Some authors can do 1 POV and still make it work. Some can do 3 and it won't work. There's so much creative liberty I can tell, and it was done correctly, as in it didn't really conflict with the characters, I guess. You just added whatever was fitting, and made it flow well with the rest of their character. The amount of screentime everybody had during the pre-games and the way you executed it is what made this story rightfully earn its 1kplus reviews. (Idk if the plus [] sign is blacklisted in reviews by our ugly blue site, so I wrote the whole word instead lol.) This story deserved that much love for the amount of effort you put into those pre-games. It's rare to have a bloodbath tribute become memorable, especially back in the day, and what I'd consider to be a very good story is when all 24 tributes, especially the bloodbaths, are all memorable and distinguishable. This story passed that standard a long time ago. That's what makes this story amazing! OwO

I can keep rambling about the same things over and over why this story deserves so much love and support, so I'll stop here. XD I'll still do that when I recommend this story from time to time. I think you've seen my footprints on Discord as well, haha!

Also, thanks for writing Carmen and Gaylord BEYOND my expectations. I submitted these 2 with the knowledge of your Oceanside writing, so I wasn't expecting them to be taken this far, especially my first male victor. Wow... I still can't believe I won BMO. XD I submitted one for the plot and one for the laughs, and they both went beyond. Words won't be enough to describe it. XD :D

rnp. See you on the Withered side! Here you've successfully Blown Me Over, and Over, and Over. XD Congratulations!

Playing it cool,
Platrium chapter 74 . 5/2/2021
I have returned!

First off, you’re gonna have to forgive me for the previous review I left. It was the longest SYOT chapter I’ve encountered in my 5 years here, and with a tribute in the finale, I had to speed up, which means I didn’t take notes or an outline to review the chapter. On top of that, Lord won, so I absolutely lost any bit of sanity I had. I had to borrow sanity from the aliens, and I still owe them. That’s right! My sanity value was at a negative.

That said, it’s worth it though. I guess this review will still make up for it. XD

Call this a Sprintathon cop out, but here’s a too long didn’t read version of the Chapter 73 review:
“BMO: I forgot stuff all the details, rip Fender, Miriam 1 bullet, didn't shoot Lord, another bullet in pocket somehow, got Chavez, Miriam whacked dead, Chavez survived, Lord uh-oh, Lord found extra bullet, finished Chavez, rip Miriam, rip Chavez, sappy victory stuff”

So yeah, that gives me extra words I’ve written at another time, but still part of the content for this review. UwU So yes, I forgot all the details, haha! I scanned the chapter again weeks after it was released, just to compose this half a$$ed outline. (Don’t think I ever mentioned it, but if I censor stuff, it’s because I don’t trust the ugly blue website and they might censor it worse for me lol.)

RIP Fender. He wasn’t gonna win a fight against any of the other 3 with a leg dripping down his leg, courtesy of Omri and the chainsaw. The tornado ride must have been fun at least. Gaia had the same experience. They should bond over it in the afterlife reunion show or something.

Miriam had 1 bullet from the feast. Ah well, she used everything up on Tyberios, but she panicked so it made sense. She didn’t shoot Lord with it, but then she realizes that she had an extra bullet in her pocket, for some reason. :o Okay so Chavez arrives. Miriam shoots Chavez. Lord whacks Miriam dead. :o This must be in the list for top 10 SYOT betrayals of all time, or top 10 SYOT blindsides of all time, because that was quick as heck, and even Lord would admit it was dirty. He has been haunted by it in the future, based on epilogues and WH prologues.

Okay but wait! Chavez survived. :o Lord wasn’t expecting that. Shouldn’t have killed Miriam then. And then… I forgot how it happened, but he found an extra bullet from Miriams’ jacket. It dropped, and now he does his best to retrieve it, and so he does, going off on Chavez with another shot, followed by… I forgot, but he did something else for the killing blow. The bullet didn’t kill Chavez, but it aided Lord in winning, which… :O

RIP Miriam. Miriam was the hero we all loved. It was amazing to see her go this far, with a gun too! :o Her alliance with Jayce was wholesome. Her alliance with Lord has been a roller coaster, and unfortunately for her, she was blindsided with Lord pulling a faster one on her. Oof. Miriam is probably one of those tributes you can add to a poll for a second chances story, and she’d make it to the quota for a second chance, but that’s not happening, haha. It’s just wishful thinking, because Miriam is awesome! From intro to her death, she was awesome. I wanted her to win, but alas, she becomes a heroine who just comes short from the win.

Chavez is a big bad buwwy. UwU Okay, so I really thought he was gonna win, because the way you world built intros and pre-games, it’s like everything is in the careers’ favor, which of course makes sense, but this arena is in the careers’ favor as well. I didn’t peg him as a victor from the very beginning. It might’ve just been after Tyberios was eliminated, but the other thing that came to mind is that Chavez was such an incredible villain. He was hatable as a person, but he’s complex as a character too. It’s rare to see villains win in SYOTs, and I thought he was gonna, to become one of the best but most hated victors ever in SYOT history. The editors probably had an arc all planned out for him, and his edit to the Capitol audience must be very convincing for him to win. Alas for him, Lord had the upper hand.

Btw, I was on the edge when it was just between Lord and Chavez. XD 4 years ago, you told me you’re never giving me 2nd place again after Caitlin, and when Lord was in the top 2, I was so nervous. Trace could either stick to their word, or forget about it and apologies to me again. XD I’m glad it was the first, hahaha! In a way, it’s like spoiling it to me at this point, but I didn’t buy it right away. Okay, so, sappy victor stuff, according to my outline. Let’s start with how I even submitted him. First off, he was a 2nd sub, much like 2 of my other 3 victors. Doesn’t mean I see him as any less, but sometimes it could just mean that I might not have submitted a 2nd sub, and everything would play out differently. Carmen was my main. I submitted her for plot purposes and I got more than one plot out of it! OwO

I submitted Lord to D12 with the knowledge that he might not win because he’s from D12, and there’s canon that would pretty much doom him, or so I thought. Other than that, you led me to that direction, haha! I didn’t really mind. I submitted a fckboi het named Gaylord, and then gave him the last name Parthenia which means virgin in Greek, and he’s not! XD I submitted him as a joke. I have a few tributes like that, and they’re fun to do. He’s not the type of joke that would have him bloodbathed immediately. That’s not how I usually make tributes. Only times I’ve submitted an actual bloodbath was Darren and Carmen, and look how far Carmen went! OwO

So yeah, we have Lord introduced, and he’s pretty funny with being horny and being booed by his exes. XD That was 2016, and so I didn’t have a sense of uhhh… “Let’s be careful submitting tributes who are not safe for work to younger authors.” Well, one, I didn’t know your age that time. Two, I didn’t have any sense of that back in 2016. Three, I thought the idea was funny. Anyway, Gaylord vibed hard! XD Those were fun intros. Then we have the pre-games! He stripped in his private sessions in front of all the gamemakers, which led to that funny comment by the head saying, “I knew he wasn’t straight!” or something along those lines. He was also deep into Soya, and I remember asking Ivy for an alliance because I thought it’d be interesting but it made sense from Ivy’s perspective how she wouldn’t wanna be a pawn. XD

Lord was all fun and funny vibes. He was the kind of joke tribute that wasn’t 100% a joke. The moment the bloodbath was released, he was the first one who left the bloodbath, and I’m like: Oh! So he’s the first one safe, and you decided to develop Lord over Soya, okay. That time, I was *blown over* by Carmen not being a bloodbath, but it never crossed my mind that Lord was on his road to winning at that point. I just thought he’d die too at some point.

His interaction with Miriam was really interesting. They were pretty blunt and threatening to each other, which makes sense given how they just allied in the arena. Even at that point, their alliance was full of grains and grains of salt, haha! They don’t trust each other at all, but eventually they found their game changer, and they stuck it out. Miriam got Zircon with it. They told stories about home, which was an amazing moment, because it reminded me of what I put into Lord’s backstory. Like I said, he was a joke without purely being a joke, so his backstory reminder was just soft and wholesome. O٨O It was amazing. Then Miriam left him, obliterated Tyberios, and then the duo reunited in the feast, with Miriam shooting Chavez, then Lord getting his first and last kill right then and there, with him betraying Miriam first then finishing off Chavez for good, and now… he’s actually the victor!? :O

See, I made him to be a joke, which is why it was so hard to be convinced that he was actually gonna win. He was so funny! I thought funny would only be a nice sugar to the story. I knew what his form is like, so I knew he had no shot at winning, adding the D12 canon about victors to it. The way you developed him though, despite his memey-ness, was epic! That’s how a lot of people bought the likely event that he’d win, and I didn’t, because I knew what his form is like. XD I guess form is not everything, you know? You’ve grown so much as a writer from Oceanside, and the way you took him from hahaha to huhuhu and now he’s the victor! :o It’s amazing. Looking back at his overall journey, there were too many hahahas that I really didn’t think he was gonna win, like… at all. His development may be there, but I knew what the form was like so it was hard for me to see it directly. XD

So yes, all that was amazing. I didn’t expect him to win at all. That’s all I’ve been rambling about (but also to fill up my word count for Sprintathon hehehe). This story is probably one of the most popular on the community. People have read it even though they never submitted to it, even though they’re years late into it. It’s that good. It’s such a masterpiece. The thousand plus reviews you got are all well deserved, and then… and then to say I’ve won BMO!? OAO That’s quite the epic cherry on top on a really wonderful journey of BMO. It’s crazy! I can’t believe it took 4.5 years to get this story a victor, and I can’t believe it’s my fckboi who wins this whole thing! I was in disbelief and in disorientation that I couldn’t even review, for almost 2 months! XD I’m this late to properly reviewing the finale, because it was so good but mainly because I can’t believe I won. It took so long to sink in. I love the fact that Lord won BMO, but the way I made him, and the way you took him, and then he won!? HE WON!? WOW! I really couldn’t believe it. This says it all. My lateness says it all. You’ve seen my go crazy over this story. XD

Okay so I’ll save more sappy stuff and repeat some of the things I said for the review… a bit later, for the last chapter. This is all I have for the finale. XD

(rnp, haha)

Okay, 74!

Hold on, let me check in for Sprintathon first. XD Can’t believe I just spent the past 45 minutes rambling about the finale, and Lord! Oh Lord… XD

Okay wait, lemme ramble a bit more to reach 2000 words. Like, I’m very close to it. I just gotta say how awesome this story has been for four point five years. Even in its absence, people have read it. It’s that epic of a story! I’m glad you came back to complete this, because I can recommend it even more to others! OwO

(insert time gap for washing dishes)

Okay wait, change of plans. I’ll post my review for the finale now, under 74, because I used up 73 for uhhh speechless reaction. XD I’ll have a separate review for 74 and 75, which I’ll post on 75! OwO
Nemris chapter 75 . 4/12/2021
Well. Here we are. The end of Blow Me Over. It has been years. What a wild ride it has been.
As I may have expressed, this is my favorite SYOT story ever. The effort, skill, commitment and passion put into this just lift this story to the highest level. You might remember that I had some parts I did not like, but even those you fixed in a spectacular way. Can't believe you were that young when you started this, I was sure you were older than me, and I was an adult when this started.
I kinda wish I could say more, say something I have not said during these years. The characters of this story were so well written and woven into a brilliant whole. The dynamics were amazing. The flow was amazing. The interesting things in individual chapters were amazing. The perspectives given were amazing. The world-building was amazing. The Soap Opera was amazing~. And most of all, the Games were amazing.
The field of golden grass, the lone cabin, the gun, the chainsaw, the poison, the wind hazards, the bloodbath, the animals, the spectacle. All such a fine show for the 22nd year.
I feel kinda sorry that so many people guessed the victor before the end, I know you would have loved to completely surprise us in the finale. The arc of some characters was just so strong that it was able to be seen between the lines. Perhaps next time, the few chosen tributes in the final all have such strong arcs that we have more trouble guessing; oh what heroes and villains and everything in between they could be.
But this is not the end, Withered Hope is just beginning to take its place. I have high hopes for it and am sure it can live up to Blow Me Over.
Thank you for allowing us all to be something this amazing.
A work well done. But keep up the good work.
DarkChocolateLord chapter 75 . 4/11/2021
This ending fits perfectly. Lord and Mr. Park exchanging letters, and Eris and Lord's friendship, really makes me smile. The last letter was freaking heartbreaking, and the closure here is wonderful. It shows how much Lord has grown.
Amazing job!
Sparky She-Demon chapter 75 . 4/10/2021
Excellent ending!
darthnell chapter 75 . 4/10/2021
A w Lord trying to hide how bad it is from Eris.. ;_; Like I get it (I probably would too) but Oof.. And the bugs, rip.. always Watchin.

O h shit.. ok bye I'm crying, helping out Carmen's family... ;_; That's so Good.. (and oh shit do they not get to raise her last baby? Bruhhhh.. ;_; ) o h my fucking god the letters I am so emotional right now that's. I don't even know what to say but that's so Good like. I would've not expected Mr. Park to be able to handle that? (And his poor wife ;-; ).. O h the house.. ;-;

O h my god I was not emotionally prepared for that letter. I know you said it was a Lot but jesus heck. That just all hurts like hell.

Huge fucking congratulations for finishing this absolute behemoth (word-count-wise and emotions-wise hjghj). I'm so glad to have sped through reading this story recently so I can watch the conclusion of this journey; it really is quite incredible. I know that this story and these characters will stick with me for a while (I probably think about them more than I should honestly), everything about it is just so good. Yeah.. this story is just so awesome, and I'm super excited to see where you'll end up taking things in Withered Hope too ! ;-; I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Lord in there 3 I just love him a lot. Congrats again Tracee ! :D 3
CelticGames4 chapter 75 . 4/10/2021
Congratulations on finishing up this amazing story.
I'm proud of you for seeing it through to the end, even after so long. It is nice to finally be able to put this story and the characters in it to rest. I agree that this needed to be its own chapter despite being shorter, and that letter from his mother really brought about an end, seeing Lord understand now what she was feeling and now be on the road to forgive her, it shows how much he has changed for better and worse and grown through the story. This was a perfect ending and through this story I wouldn't have changed a thing. It's wild to think how fucking young all of us were when this story started and where all of us are now. And it brings a beautiful close to what this community once was, in my opinion, and ushers in the new, for better or worse.
Congrats to Plat again, and another congrats to you for this amazing story for which a beautiful quote will remain on my profile as long as I'm active on FF. Wishing you the best in your real-life endeavors as well as your writing journey. It's hard to say goodbye, but also, it's time. This story was beautiful and I will always cherish the memories that I have of it.
CelticGames4 chapter 74 . 4/10/2021
Aw, a sweet first epilogue! Well, sweet and also haunting, and sad as well. Such is the life of a Victor, and such would be the life of a Victor.
The relationship between Eris and Lord is so cute. She is finally going to stay and be what he needs T.T And will find a way to visit as well... That is so cute and it makes me emo.
I like the heavy descriptions, the details like the lamp against his eyelids and that broken pixel.
Also, just the fact that Amazingus got drunk and fell down the stairs made me laugh XD Hopefully Lord can now have a stylist that he doesn't despise.
The fact that he's still haunted by his Games and Miriam is so heartbreakingly real and something he'll probably never let go of. But I think he will be a good Victor, he deserves to live his life out to the fullest.
one more chapter.. I can't believe it's almost over! I'm not ready for that at all, after so long... But here we go!
darthnell chapter 74 . 4/10/2021
Ahhh this imagery is so good.. Lord not being afraid of the Capitol people, I love that for him jgf. I've missed him omg ;-; ..the Miriam memories.. ;_; O h you have no idea how glad I am to see his little flirting come out too.. makes me think he's (hopefully) gonna be somewhat okay. Him looking forward to freedom.. would be nice if he could actually. Get it ;-;

A w Eris.. ;-; Eris needs a Nap, man. "I tried my best" LORD PLEASE JFFJ.. ok the panic attack though, I'm crying, that's fucking. O u c h.

AMAZINGUS BYEE HJFH that's so fucking funny wheeze.. the gold.. ;-; Man the recap is definitely one of the most brutal parts of the whole affair (excluding the Games themselves). That was a smart way for him to keep it together ;-;

Eris staying to help him a bit ! I love that ;_; He just needs. Someone. (And I don't know if he'll find them in Twelve). I'm curious but also scared of what it's going to be like for him when he returns..
Nemris chapter 74 . 4/9/2021
This was a very neat insight into Lord's postgame head, he reads like he is very shambled and unsure here. The experimental writing of yours fits here well, makes him feel so mixed inside his head. He is out, the danger has passed, and now he is in a state where he is kinda just going along while he reorients himself into the life this side of the games. It was the defining moment of his life, pregame Lord and postgame Lord are two different lives.
I guess I will leave my final ramblings to the final chapter as well.
Keep up the good work
DarkChocolateLord chapter 74 . 4/9/2021
The emotion here was incredible, and I loved Lord's inner monologue and start towards recovery (even if I still wish that Miriam had won). He's grown so much since the start of this fic.

Also, I can't wait for the Withered Hope cast list - I've been checking your page every hour or so since this morning!
Firedawn'd chapter 74 . 4/9/2021
hi i have no idea why i'm here and why i've skipped to the epilogue, but please your writing is too gorgeousssss i adore it so much. like? everything about this... the internal monologue and the colours (green lavender) and just the atmosphere is wonderfully crafted and wonderfully made. so many props to you for your dedication and for nearly finishing bmo, you're awesome trace! hyped for everything you'll do next (:

dawn xx
Sparky She-Demon chapter 74 . 4/9/2021
Nice work! Love this! Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
adoxographyy chapter 73 . 4/9/2021
sorry linds i messed up the even 1150 reviews :/
ladyqueerfoot chapter 6 . 3/31/2021
1150... goodnight den
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