Reviews for A Girl Walked Into a Bar
randomaok chapter 52 . 9/9
Thanks so much for all the hard work (on the story and in your real life.) Looking forward to more chapters!
FanFicGirl5000 chapter 52 . 8/31
I'm really glad I've read all 52 chapters now. Thank you for what you've written. I can't imagine all the work involved in writing something like this. I've followed and favourited the story for whenever there's more. Take care of yourself. Being an essential worker must be so hard. I think I can understand what you mean about needing an escape, it's one of the reasons I read so much.
FanFicGirl5000 chapter 34 . 8/31
I feel like I'm supposed to be wondering whether or not Jake is the traitor, and while he's so sweet and I really hope it's not him, he just doesn't seem like he'd betray Sookie. What I'm praying for is that it isn't Thalia. All the betrayals have hurt so far, and Thalia just fits into Mr. C's warning so well. Afterall, she isn't exactly known for being friends with anyone else. Is Sookie really that special? Maybe she is. I don't know. The point is, you have me really invested. I've been reading this all night and I'm absolutely enchanted by this story. It's so good!
virgomrs chapter 12 . 8/28
FYI Corvettes don’t have back seats...
kleannhouse chapter 52 . 8/16
well Sookie needs to be patient and let Eric and his crew help her out, like Jake implied she will get into too much crazy on her own... as for Claudine, i hope she is not lying and they become friends. KY
faerieluv13 chapter 52 . 8/14
So happy for an update. Cant wait for another one! It was too long... I know. I know. #quarantine
bttrflybelle chapter 52 . 7/29
I'm thinking wolf in sheep's clothing..still cant wait for your next chapter no matter how long it takes.
jackie69 chapter 52 . 7/29
Great to see Sookie not trusting Claudine...she really must earn it!
drhilde chapter 52 . 7/26
Sorry for not reviewing every chapter. This story is amazing! Thanks for writing. I love the characters and your plot twists :)
msbuffi chapter 52 . 7/26
Great chapter, however; I'm with Sook on this one. Claudine has to earn that trust, and she would have to be proving herself to me for a looonnnnggg time! Also, just how did she expect Sookie to take her news of being Fae-baby machine? I truly laughed out loud, and so hard that I almost spit water at my screen! Sookie's responses are perfect as always. I love this story!

I'm so sorry to read of your losses due to Covid. Not knowing anyone personally who has lost someone, I can't imagine the helplessness and desperation you must feel, especially knowing you cannot be there with your loved one. My heart goes out to you. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight soon for this terrible pandemic, so it seems all we can do is follow the CDC guidelines to keep ourselves as safe as possible. You have my gratitude for all you have done and continue to do as an essential worker, for putting yourself in harm's way to help others in this time of great need. Please don't forget to take care of yourself and be safe! Until the next chapter.
magnus374 chapter 52 . 7/26
Good to see that Sookie us careful about who to trust.
Perfecta999 chapter 52 . 7/26
What a good read!
Midwestmom chapter 52 . 7/25
I need to re-read a bit before I get to the new chapter but I’m super excited! I’m an essential worker myself, but not front lines by any means, and reading is my escape. Thanks for writing and please stay safe!
tleel chapter 52 . 7/25
Thank you for the chapter.
ljhjelm49 chapter 52 . 7/25
I love the update and you are back.
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