Reviews for Stargaryan Ring
HunterQwon chapter 23 . 9/21
Please update this. It's been a great read!
gonnadiesoon69420 chapter 1 . 8/18
"for he knows nothing" hahaha omfg
Firefly9202002 chapter 8 . 8/12
The story was amazing until this chapter where you. apparently tried to. drive all your readers away with the repetition of "You know nothing Jon Snow." Seriously I was so close to giving up on this story because of it.
Aredianx chapter 5 . 7/26
I don't know but the story has a weird air to it. It's like an actual game RPG game where the dialogues are written as if two robots are exchanging data with each other. It would've been much better if the interactions were natural. Also, what is up with the Wildlings? Why are they here? I thought at first that they were planning on kidnapping Bran or Rickon to force the Northern houses to peace. But they're not even trying to hide their true identities. Why else would Ygritte keep talking about being one of the Free Folk?
kageknuser2710 chapter 2 . 6/17
This is great work!
Mastersgtjames chapter 21 . 6/16
honestly kinda feels like MC's skills are leveling too slowly... even if not too much time has passed.
Also, is MC now able to transmute metals to gold?
Mastersgtjames chapter 20 . 6/16
So... is this an illusion? or is he actually changing her? Because Transfiguration would be actually changing her. Though, Transfiguration is temporary, Transmutation is permanent.
Mastersgtjames chapter 16 . 6/16
Hmm... not sure what this story would do for Romance... Is MC going to be Monogamous? Stay with Ygritte? Meet someone else? Maybe go the Harem route?
Mastersgtjames chapter 13 . 6/16
Proved wrong again! I love being proved wrong.

I guess the next hope I should mention is that the MC will gain some skills for use in intimacy/seduction/sex. Maybe even figure out sex magic.
Also, I ALWAYS hope that a MC, with the ability for magic, figures out some means of immortality.
Mastersgtjames chapter 12 . 6/16
heh, it would seem I commented too soon.

Personally, I prefer it when, at least in stories/fanfics, that the MC gains a Magic Manipulation Skill. That way the MC is not just learning a series of set abilities. Like, Fireball, Ice Spike, etc... But actually learning the magic, how it is shaped/formed. Then the MC could start making their own spells, enchantments, wards, etc...
Mastersgtjames chapter 10 . 6/16
bummed MC is doing nothing for his magic.
Mastersgtjames chapter 1 . 6/16
Sigh... always disappointing when the MC does not max out Intelligence, as doing so makes raising the rest of the stats MUCH easier.
Tenjo chapter 13 . 6/10
You lost me here. Putting aside how ridiculously devoid of logic his decision unlocking the magic of others is, I highly doubt you’ve even taken into account the fallout that such an action would cause. My interest in this story was seeing how Jon with the gamer skill would interact with the canon world. You already fucked that by having Mance and Ygritte show up in Winterfell as a goddamn circus act BEFORE the series actually starts. You fucked it up even further by putting TES lore and creatures into the world, that are there even without Jon’s apparent awakening.

Those were easy enough to ignore though.

Now… canon is no longer applicable. If you even try to keep other things progressing like canon, why bother making this change in the first place? Because then you are trying to keep the cake while eating it.

Ghost suddenly ageing is also nonsensical. How the flying fuck do you explain that? Hell, forget you trying to explain it to your readers, how is Jon going to explain it to other characters?
Tenjo chapter 11 . 6/10
There seems to be whole paragraphs missing from this chapter.
edoabb chapter 2 . 6/10
Well liked all about it except the content of it, I mean for Jon while being so disadvantaged in so many aspects like speed, endurance and strength, to win against so many opponents on his first day receiving the system is a bit much. He should experience failures now in a safe environment instead of later on.
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