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meisking01 chapter 96 . 11h
Thanks again for the installment!

Looks like Jeth'Amon chose the dragon tooth? I mean I'm sure he was in a pretty depressed way at the time but damn, suicide via dragon tooth? Holy crap he was a masochist.

On a more serious note, the phrasing and word choice in Miranda's PoV was quite confusing. I think I deciphered it but it was a challenge. There was missing punctuation, words missing, etc. For example you write "there was one question...", which you later finish with a statement that "Harbinger called them primitive." The initial statement primes the audience for a question which doesn't come, instead it is a statement. Later you say "The eldest followed Harbinger's lead... because they were relatively young.." So, are they the eldest or are they young? Next you say "...young but others, and the Human Ascended..." It looks like you forgot a word after 'others'. Others what? I won't go on, but these are a couple examples that made the end of the chapter awkward.

Anyway I personally think the idea of having a first contact scenario with the Reapers would be awesome! Probably won't happen but I can hope. For the theocratic race especially. The Reapers could paint themselves as a type of afterlife which isn't too far from the truth really.
Lord Maurya chapter 96 . 12h
it keeps getting better
tanithlipsky chapter 96 . 22h
Very good
Metalax chapter 96 . 9/18
So... What species is the blinking asteroid?
Xipotek chapter 96 . 9/17
It seams like Miranda made it through the boring part of the job as vanguard.
The next cycle will be soon and the project is closing in. One more cycle to go and then it will hit. (I am sure it will not miss...)
bluemarlin chapter 96 . 9/17
Excellent chapter. The batarian husk sure lasted a long time. Feel sorry for the Aliens that colonized Earth once Shepard finds out. Please continue.
Ralmon chapter 40 . 9/16
Uh... Shepard's experience with the cannon is a typical experience when inventing and engineering anything.

Did you know that Edison created thousands of failed light bulbs before he finally succeed? Do you know how many early inventors tried to invent flying machines/airplanes and end up dead because they failed? Even now, there are lots of airplane crashes caused by engineering error. Or how about those exploding smart phones?

Really, I can give you countless examples. Engineer doesn't equal to able to design everything without failing. There is no such thing and "Engineering Ability" like it is some sort of video game. Also, engineers have specialized areas. Some deals with building, some with electronics, some with chemicals, etc.. No engineer is actually knowledgeable in every facet of engineering. I don't think Adams would be more successful than Shepard since I don't think particle cannons are Adam's forte. And even if it was his forte, there is still a huge chance of failure since he is attaching it to a different tech which is clearly something he never done before.

This doesn't really resonate with me. I really don't understand why engineers would laugh at Shepard or doesn't want to help him. Almost all engineers would experience this. Heck some engineers even caused the deaths of hundreds of people because of their failure. This doesn't really reflect what engineers or engineering actually entails.
Ralmon chapter 37 . 9/15
Instinc and Legacy: Stuffed into the Fridge.

This story kinda becomes incredibly lazy after Part 2. There isn't even a description of what the new aliens looks like. Well, there is no description of the old aliens too but then we have the games to give the visuals.

Okay. I realized now that this story is kinda from the start.
Andy021 chapter 96 . 9/15
I would guess that the batarian husk is Jath' Amon? I remember that Shepard left him on that station with the spike and a pistol
SurplusTime chapter 96 . 9/15
Is there a reason that there is only one Vanguard? Having a few would help keep them sane and prevent problems if one were killed.
The filthy xenos dare to profane Holy Terra with their presence! Kill them all!
I like what Miranda has done. This looks to be an interesting cycle.
Ralmon chapter 35 . 9/15
There is a lack of descriptions. I would have liked to know what the new aliens looks like. That is one of the charms of Sci-Fi you know. To see different species.
general-joseph-dickson chapter 96 . 9/15
Nice chapter
Mihai88 chapter 96 . 9/15
Seeing the direction you are taking the story the next cycle is not going to be easy. Some human accended will be distroyed. The rock isn't coming fast enough!
Ase Of SpADeZ chapter 96 . 9/15
I was really excited for miranda establishing first contactI was hoping for a situation where Miranda would tell them what was coming then offer to “coordinate” the defenses of the citadel for them :P
Fokusas chapter 96 . 9/15
Nice. it looks like levatinan is using its telepathic powers to subvert and rule species by making them in to fanatic zealots. Like in computer game :D. It wouldn't surprise if those fanatic spiritualist would wage galactic war to cleans any and all synthetics. Or maybe even found covenant.
"Your destruction is the will of the Gods...and we are their instrument!"
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