Reviews for The Catalyst For Revenge
bluemarlin chapter 80 . 12h
Outstanding chapter. So the Nur are starting to realize the hopelessness of their situation. Please continue.
Guest chapter 23 . 16h
Oh interesting
Bigguestinboots chapter 80 . 7/21
Not being negative at all, but I've grown bored with the Cerberus arc. It's grown repetitive. I still love the story but it's losing my sending Love though
5 Coloured Walker chapter 80 . 7/21
A great chapter, I eagerly await more.
Xipotek chapter 80 . 7/21
The nur are starting to falter and the full ascended fleet isn’t even participating.
It will still take quite some time to smoke them out of every system but it will be done.

And about the milestone...
There are multiple possibilities. I wonder which one it is.
Hero of the Multiverse chapter 80 . 7/21
The Phoenix Empire really seems to love outsmarting the other enemy races, don't they?

Also, I was wondering if you'd be willing to provide any info for the OC races that have appeared both in the Milky Way and in this current system (names of the races, and descriptions for how they appear)? I only ask because it would help with visualizing them better.
Bashful1 chapter 80 . 7/21
This is the 39th chapter of the P4 of the story. P1 thru P3 were a total of 39 chapters.

Basically, the Milestone is that Harper's story is now half of the total story...
Guest chapter 80 . 7/20
Tjuparulla chapter 80 . 7/20
Awesome chapter! I like the more realistic considerations to space combat.
OBSERVER01 chapter 80 . 7/20
A nice pov from centurion jernigan :) and love the trolling of those nur trying to attack the PE eezo production facilities.
general-joseph-dickson chapter 80 . 7/20
Humans have created quite abstir
SurplusTime chapter 80 . 7/20
I have never heard the phrase "Going spare" before.
The milestone is the half way point, right? or the 1/4th point? please tell me it is the 1/10th point.
Do the Ascended ever get upgraded? I feel like at a certain point the organic ships would advance enough to have stronger shields and weapons making the Ascended outdated.
vladimr1996 chapter 80 . 7/20
Three questions.
1)What exactly do the normal Humans know about immortalizing ?
2)And what is the minimum and maximum Humans that can form one Ascended? How does the number impact them? Maybe differing processing power or homogenizing speed rate?
3)How would you explain the space magic that is biotics in your own interpretation? Could machines replicate the effects of biotics? I personally think there is nothing stoping them but a complex management system would probably be needed to replicate the effect of the semi-chaotic nerve firing of biological forms.
BrokenLifeCycle chapter 80 . 7/20
So, are they not allowed to glass worlds in general, or they can’t glass the ones with a working or potential biosphere?

I mean, if there’s a problem with burrowed buggers, just send out extreme intensity pressure waves into the ground and rupture their organs. Same could be applied to those above. Violent pressure waves are highly lethal, especially to heavily armored opponents where the wave can bounce around and amplify itself. That’s how thermobaric bombs work against bunkers deep in a mountain. It’s like dynamite fishing. But on land. Bonus points if the artificial earthquake turns their hideyhole into a meat-grinding grave.
The only problem I see is that it might make the planet more tectonically active from cracking the crust a bit more.

Another option is to bombard the planet with protons, so that a finely tuned beam would harm only things at a certain depth. Sure, it’ll kill the subterranean ecosystem, but it certainly won’t leave the planet glassed... much.

A funny option would be a planetary scale, species specific pesticide. It’s like the Genophage, but it kills rather than neuters.

A gruesome option would be cordycep fungi like the ones that zombify ants. Except these are real zombies. Use it to help other Ascendeds practice controlling husks in preparation in fighting the Milky Way Ascendeds. Countering hordes with another horde, no?
meisking01 chapter 80 . 7/20
Well the Nur are screwed. The moment they decided to focus on ground combat they lost the fight. Space Orbital Air Ground command. If you control the upper layers then the lower layers are at severe disadvantages.

Now that the cracks have started to appear in the Nur monolith capitulation is just a breath away. Not really sure how they would hope to even get out of this way if the coup works. "sorry we attacked you unprovoked, we managed to incite a civil war and deposed our empress, would you mind going home now? Leave our planets at the door, kthxbye." Yeah, not working.
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