Reviews for The Catalyst For Revenge
Dr.Menma chapter 54 . 1h
The new aliens kinda make me remember the asari (long lived), the batarians(slaving other races), and the protheans(conquering the galaxy for the "good" of the primitives) it will be nice to see the humans teaching them a leson.
I wonder if a war betwen them and humanity will end in their ascencion.
karloss999 chapter 54 . 6h
Oh boy... Resurrection of their fallen kin, Attori leadership now know about the project (well... they know that it exists) and a glory-seeking race of conquerors for a second contact.
I suppose the two big questions here are just how does Human tech matches up to the new new guys and how will their leaders react to the incoming 'border incident'.
Also I liked the unspoken I know that you know that I know that you know everything about us between the Attori and Harper.
Emberframe chapter 54 . 7h
awesome stuff
keel keel chapter 54 . 11h
idiots, idiots always existing everywhere so story can contunue well usually.
by the way, i agree with harper
catalyst should preserving organic by vicious manipulatuon like religion, not by bloodbath force.
did levie progammed catayst sucks? like Wheatley on portal?
TheBronzeLine chapter 26 . 18h
I still think talking to them weekly is a bad idea.
TheBronzeLine chapter 24 . 21h
Hehehehe I'm enjoying these weekly meetings more and more.
TheBronzeLine chapter 20 . 22h
DIP Palaven.

Die in pieces.
Worinberg chapter 54 . 3/18
It is very good chapter. It resembles me many hours of Stellaris playthrough.
Tjuparulla chapter 54 . 3/17
Nice chapter I was hoping for a hostile first contact! I like that the race isn’t simply dumb brutes to be a target. I’m interested to see what exactly makes a Phoenix empire dreadnought, after all the sensible limitations to engine capacity don’t apply to weapons or defenses. I imagine Harper and Williams wouldn’t allow their dreadnoughts to be near as strong as a Reaper but also not weaker than the best Turian ship. That leaves lots of room :D...
keel keel chapter 54 . 3/17
idiots, idiots always existing everywhere. even on LMC.
otherwise i agree with harper's opinion.
i think catalyst should have preserve organic by vicious guiding, not by bloodbath violance.
Captiosus chapter 53 . 3/17
In otherwords, Shepard is a Troll.
mrazab1994 chapter 54 . 3/17
A hundred year plus in this chapter. Great to finally see a ship battle incoming
Guest chapter 54 . 3/17
I doubt the Fedochi will be exterminated by humans, the Reaper exist for conservation.
But in case of war, I have many doubts that Harper will use moderation ... at least, he will completely destroy the Fedochi armies and exile them to their home planet ... using the Fedochi as an example for all races that intend to threaten humanity and completion of the project, in Tywin Lannister style.
Chris Adair chapter 54 . 3/17
Hurray! Interstellar Punch Up! Always good in fiction.
Geasszero chapter 54 . 3/17
next chapter please
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