Reviews for The Catalyst For Revenge
Mysts of Time chapter 41 . 11/21
I'm sorry, but hit it kills me XD who knew Harper was a trekkie
Mondrial chapter 10 . 11/15
I find it funny that turians have a Dreadnaught named like a human city. Astrakhan.
NEETsoc chapter 2 . 8/16
This is one evil humanity. Analogous to the vaccine zombies of today
James chapter 162 . 8/12
This is my second attempt at getting through this story. I don’t know what happened the last time around but I guess I got a bit lost between everything. This is a phenomenal story though it was a bit sad the humans turned out to be so evil, I guess that’s what happens when you put the illusive man in charge of remaking humanity, though I was disappointed that Shepard followed suit, I guess it could be a renegade Shepard. Regardless I digress, it was a brilliantly written story, I believe as far as empire building stories go this may be the only format that works, I would have liked a little bit faster plot progression and narrowing the number of perspectives down a bit more but thats honestly nitpicking at this point. I liked the empire building genre and despite the evilish empire this story still kept my interest to the end. I hope to see more :).

Oh a few quibbles, I know you’re probably trying to keep with mass effects you cannot understand ascension but it came off as a bit lazy from the ascended side, I felt I was able to understand most of it and that kindof made them refusing to explain rather infuriating. I found the casual throwing around of killing avatars and humans a bit weird, I think there was mentions of people being executed for suggestions and the proposal of a democracy early on? It felt a bit jarring considering Ashley was also present and also the killing Harper feels like it just slows or risks the project further. There’s a few more but it’s late here, I can’t remember them off the top of my head, and this review is already far too long :P.

TLDR: slow pacing but otherwise great story and hope to read more from you.
eren jeager 1st chapter 17 . 7/16
ooooo the star death project let's goo
JollieHotDog chapter 80 . 7/1
They're not a type 1 civilisation yet?
Verdauga chapter 37 . 6/20
Sad now.
Verdauga chapter 33 . 6/16
Ah, that's what those were.
WillItWork chapter 21 . 6/10
Well, I wanted indoctrination and I finally saw it. Shiala was a surprise, but I look forward to seeing how this changes things.

Thanks for sharing!
That lone knight chapter 162 . 6/10
NOOOO, why must you end! :(

Oh well, there is the next story to read a guess :)

Thanks for the time you spent working on this story, and I mean that for everyone from you Jade to all the betas who helped you! It truly was a blast reading it all!
That lone knight chapter 154 . 6/10
OH you foolish immortal, the very fact that he isn't important and haven't disobeyed is what will draw sheps attention. He presents a flaw within the immortals thought process and that alone would be enough.
WillItWork chapter 16 . 6/9
So this has been an interesting read so far. If you accept the initial conceit of giving into the card-carrying bad guys, then you have maintain verisimilitude, and manage to make this entire enterprise seem in keeping an in character.

One thing that hasn't yet appeared, is the mental effects. They are now artificial intelligences; I would expect that should change the patterns of thought, especially in a gestalt mind. Also, indoctrination has not really appeared, and should be a very important factor both within the ascended fleets, and against their enemies.

As always, thank you for sharing.
WillItWork chapter 2 . 6/9
Reading this in the light of Legendary is one hell of a thing. It's very Human to pull one's enemy down into damnation, but so far what you're outlining is Worst Timeline stuff. Nihilism.

Thanks for sharing? There are 160 chapters to go!
JollieHotDog chapter 66 . 6/9
The empire is no more than a b*tch of the xenos at this point
That lone knight chapter 139 . 6/7
I wonder why if they could fully remake themselves? I know the humans MW humans aren't to spec but could they be or would that destroy them? what happens to a fully homogenized mind that gets ascended? what would happen to 1 billion homogenized minds...
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