Reviews for The Catalyst For Revenge
Lazrusto chapter 95 . 10/13
love this story
eren jeager 1st chapter 11 . 9/19
I do love a good trap haha oh gosh that sounded better In my jead
eren jeager 1st chapter 8 . 9/18
they power human vengeance haha well here is more fule for the fire
eren jeager 1st chapter 3 . 9/18
I like how this whole thing is stress full and the reapers are like heck yeah R AND R BABY WOOOOOOK
Guest chapter 32 . 9/16
I read this story again, and I tell myself that this is where Intelligence made a mistake. He should have indoctrinated humans.
Flygar chapter 1 . 8/5
This is a horrifyingly depressing fic. Cool, but super sad
aurak chapter 42 . 8/1
During the establishment of the Human colony in the LMC; Was naming the city Safehold a reference to David Weber’s Safehold series?
renamered chapter 53 . 7/29
lol Blue Brothers
Guest chapter 29 . 7/1
So many chapters...
Guest chapter 162 . 6/7
Good shit, guys and gals. Good shit.
Vahn chapter 162 . 5/14
I am a huge fan kf what could be out there and how humanity and other species can evovled over time. This macro history story is amazinf. It really ticklle my sense of wonder at time while the scale and scope is just majestic. The reapers and by extension shepard are still evil and clearly stagnation have set in. But it works. It does seem over kill to me that they could build so many unique things like topopolis and dyson spheres.

If you think about it, the reapers started off with advance leviathan tech. Since the. Every species they cull is pretty much dumb down weak and follow the same tech tree as harbinger. So if harbinger and leviathan had current day military tech and sicence, they use that to cull people who gunpower tech is in the 1700. And all they do is keep on harvesting at the 1700 and 1800 level. There would be no new technology to enable dysons spheres and what not. Their best tech seem to be the citadel itself and their mass relay net work.

Anywho. I love the fic. I hope we meet the original mass effect races in andromeda. Ryder descendants and what not. Thanks for writing this.

My only one regret is we never knew what most of the species look like. I dont know what an fecho or ullqotorlook like.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/7
Only reached Chapter 21 so far.

A true epic in every sense of the word (except poetry). You sir, have a knack for creating whole new worlds with just a few games' worth of material.
The way you flesh out some scenes, only to brutally kill off the focused characters... GRRM-esque style. I'll miss Oana.

Thank you for writing this. It is such a pleasure to read.
Foxy-Floof chapter 162 . 5/7

This fic took me a whole-ass week to plow thru, with brief periodic breaks for the bathroom, food, and to cold-compress my poor eyes.
Leinad Yllek chapter 96 . 4/18
Rereading this again, still amazing, however I would have loved to have seen a chapter on the Extra story, where Harper joined the military. I can only imagine it lasting like 20 words.
Military officer: "Private Harper, give me 20!
Harper: "Yeah not following that, Legacy, orbital bombardment now".
NonSolus chapter 162 . 3/22
True Science Fiction At Last.
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