Reviews for Leo Barning from Above: The Child of the Seer
Chipster-roo chapter 15 . 7/9
After a week, I finally get around to reading this. Real life has been really messy recently; I didn't even get to update Possibilities yesterday. Also, this review is for chapter 18, not 15, but I already reviewed chapter 18 when it was an author's note so ff dot net won't let me do it again...

The first scene in the water is really cute. It's nice to see the characters take a short break to relax and have fun.

I had forgotten who the group consisted of, so I went back to chapter 12 to check, and saw that Campion is mentioned for both the first and second groups...which is correct?

Daffodil's proposal is rather worrying, especially since Cynthia accepted it. The others don't know how far into the relationship they are already; this can't end well...
The discussion between Leo and Pipkin that follows is interesting and well-written. Pipkin would be a much better boyfriend/mate than Daffodil.

I'm not sure what the trinket Leo and Pipkin find is, but it will probably be important later on. It's nice to see the Rawfinn fugitives again after several chapters; their arrival is well-written.

I'll be looking forward to future updates.
Chipster-roo chapter 18 . 6/17
I understand that real life can be busy. I'm sure you will do great in these shows.

I saw Zootopia a while ago, but I rarely read fanfic for it because most of them put Judy and Nick in a romantic relationship, while I see them as friends. I hope to take a look at "Noah Sly" soon.
The Sapphire One chapter 18 . 6/17
Hi Fox Teen! I really enjoy your work, this story is one of my favourites! It builds on the themes and ideas in the Necklace Of Wisdom, while upping the ante and introducing new characters, to keep the story interesting and my favourite was Chestnut, he's so sweet and lovable, I just wanna take him home!

I can relate to struggling with writer's block and going to uni, my creative mind shuts down, it often feels like I've hit a brick wall and as for university, once I finish, I'll have to get a part-time job, but my real passion is to become a musician, however, my mum doesn't believe in me and I fear that I'm going nowhere, any advice?

You're in a school play? AWESOME! At my school, we're doing a musical based on one of my all-time favourite movies, An American Tail! It tells the same story, but with more songs, most of them covers of various classics, and it will also expand on the subplots in the movie, like, Fievel working in the sweatshop, Tony and Bridget's romance, the Mousekerwitz family, with the aid of Henri, look for Fievel, the revolution to stop the cats, social commentary updated for modern audiences, and Fievel's budding friendship with Tony and Bridget.

I'm in the role of Bridget, who's backstory will be shown a lot more, as she falls for Tony and his endearing charisma, she also develops a sisterly relationship with Fievel, she connects with him losing his family, as she vows to protect him and bring them back. Do you have any performance tips? I've never played a feisty, free-spirited character before, any ideas?

Don't ever give up on your dreams, wherever you go, your friends will never forget you and I hope you get your creative juices flowing!

Drewmoviefan chapter 18 . 6/11
Congratulations, hopefully they went well and breaks leg! I bet your hard work made you proud on those accomplishments. I understand how you feel about writers block, I go through this sometimes when I write. Keep up the wonderful work you do, as always.
Redwalllover28 chapter 18 . 6/11
If you need help I would like to help.
florapaw chapter 18 . 6/11
! congrats on getting the part! good luck with rehearsals. also, good luck on your next audition! fingers crossed it goes well!
Chipster-roo chapter 17 . 1/30
This is a great chapter. It is really well-written.

Most of the story so far has been told from the point of view of either Leo or Chestnut. However, neither character appears in this chapter; instead it focuses mainly on Michael and Jason. It's nice to see some character development for them.

I have to agree with Flora about Jason: he is a jerk, but I also feel sorry for him. Unfortunately, not all brothers have a relationship like as Hazel and Fiver...

I like Cherry's introduction. She seems to be a rather interesting character and I hope to see more of her later on. And unfortunately, once again siblings don't get along, as Thorn and Burdock demonstrate. Hopefully Burdock will become a better rabbit as time goes on...

It's nice to see Michael put Hawkbit in his place.

This chapter also contains several funny scenes, such as the song at the beginning, and when Butterfly talks about being distracted by a butterfly.

I'm not sure exactly what that necklace is (since it's not the necklace of wisdom), but it will probably be important later on. I'll be looking forward to future updates.
florapaw chapter 17 . 1/27
Oof I love Jason's character so much. Like, he is egotistical and rude but I also feel sorry for him? Well, I didn't before, but this chapter made me feel terrible about his whole situation with being overshadowed by his brother. I hope the two get a happy ending!
Redwalllover28 chapter 17 . 1/27
I am happy to see this update! Well done. Continue the excellent work.
Chipster-roo chapter 16 . 10/27/2017
I was finally able to read the next two chapters. Overall, I liked them. Hopefully this review makes sense, I'm rather tired at the moment...

This was a good chapter. The scenes between Chestnut and Walnut are nice, especially when Chestnut talks about Fiver adopting Walnut. The dream with Fiver was especially great. The last part, with the stars, was rather confusing, but I suppose it will get explained later on.

This chapter provides answers to a few of my questions. The Path is an interesting concept. Forget-Me-Not has an interesting name, and it's interesting how Periwinkle was reused from the lost kitten of season 2. Unfortunately, it seems that so far, they had very little individual character development apart from Elderberry, Oaknut and River; hopefully we will learn more about everyone later on. I have a bad feeling about River, though, especially with the way he snapped at Oaknut...

The part with Oaknut and Chestnut was nice, along with that with Wallie and Chessie at the end. I really like the way Chestnut is portrayed throughout the chapter.

I'll be looking forward to future updates to this story and the first one of the series.
Chipster-roo chapter 14 . 10/22/2017
I'm busy in real life at the moment, so it may take a few days before I can read all three new chapters. However, I was able to read this one, and overall I liked it. I hope to read the other two as soon as possible.

It's interesting how Jason seems to be reverting back to his old nasty attitudes. Although, since he and Leo are not part of the same group, Leo won't have to suffer because of it.

I especially liked the scene with Blackberry. Unfortunately, she's staying behind at Watership Down, so it will probably be a while before she will be seen again...

There are also a few funny parts, such as Jason's reaction to the dangers of Pokémon Go, and Fiver confusing Leo and Silverweed.

The ending reminds me of The Market and Around the World. It's going to be interesting to see where the hrududil take everyone. Hopefully the missions will be successful.
X chapter 1 . 6/27/2017
To Faith...
You lost your parents?
I'm sorry about your loss.
I must know. I lost my dad at the age of 7.
On the bright side, just like your parents, my dad's in a better place.
Once again, my condolences.
Hang in there.
Chipster-roo chapter 13 . 6/4/2017
Real life can get annoying sometimes...sorry for the late review.

This is perhaps the darkest chapter so far in this story. I'm glad you still put a few jokes here and there.

All characters who appear in this chapter are your OCs. The way most of the new OCs are developed is interesting. It makes sense for Hawthorn, Iris and Tubular to look like Hazel, and Nettle like Bigwig, considering they are siblings.

The place of Rawfinn is described well, and sounds scary. The attitude of Larkspur and the others is a tragic reminder of the disastrous consequences false beliefs can have.

The new characters in the burrow where Chestnut and and Walnut are imprisoned seem interesting, especially Tiger-Lily and Zinnia (they don't get much character development yet though...) Unfortunately, many real life rabbits share Thumper's sad backstory. Also Cornstalk seems really nasty; I have a bad feeling about him.

The escape scene is well-written, and it's nice to see Chestnut is a good digger. I wonder what happened to all the others, besides Chestnut and Walnut. I hope the Rawfinn owsla won't eat them and drink their blood...

I'll be looking forward to the next chapters.
Chipster-roo chapter 12 . 4/20/2017
I really liked this chapter.

I like the first scene with Bark, it's nice to see her briefly appear. Although what she saw with Larkspur chasing Chestnut, is rather worrying...

I rather like the rabbits you put for each group. It's probably going to be very interesting to read about their journey, especially for the first two groups.

The scene with Fiver and Hawkbit is great. Hawkbit has been a jerk so many times in the series, it's nice to see him getting criticized for it. While Fiver's outburst is totally justified, it's understandable that he feels bad about it afterwards, considering his sweet and kind nature. The next scene, with Hazel comforting him, is well-written.

I liked the scene with Silverweed, and Rosie's speech was thought-provoking.

The final scene, with Fiver and Snowflake, is really nice, and I'm glad to see Snowflake again. Hopefully there will be some occasional scenes set at the Down, showing how Snowflake, Blackberry and the others who stayed behind are doing.

I'll be looking forward to future chapters.
X chapter 12 . 4/20/2017
That good-for-nothing Larkspur.
She really had some nerve kidnapping Chestnut with her.
Let's hope she gets her just desserts.
That, and I really wish that Leo takes his brother Jason along with him.
I mean, Leo is responsible for Jason after all, since Leo's bigger brother.
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