Reviews for Son of the Sannin
Guest chapter 60 . 10/14
Finally some Kakashi ;).
Taygon55 chapter 60 . 10/13
I finally caught up! This is such an interesting divergent AU and I like how such a difference caused such beneficial yet believable outcomes. Youre now finally in your own territory now with all of the previous scenarios behind us.
Guest chapter 14 . 10/10
Could you please at least discribe what the main character are wearing? How much has changed? Like Haku hunter nin clothes and Naruto jumpsuit.
cenetuarioneon chapter 60 . 10/10
Nice chapter Update soon
maxridelover chapter 60 . 10/5
i'm glad that you aren't making it really easy for the Akatsuki to accomplish their goal, i feel like they did it far to easily in canon
Leaning Leon chapter 60 . 10/4
Fu is definitely gonna die in this arc. I can feel it
Dragon Man 180 chapter 60 . 10/3
I really hope that Konoha and Sona hit back hard. Plus, I want to see how many of Kakuzu's hearts Hinata can manage to kill with a poke. The fact Hidan has something that should power him up, like maybe say a certain Hero Water, might actually bite him in the butt if he pushes himself too far after using it.
Son Kenshin chapter 60 . 10/3
So I guess, even if Fu doesn't get captured, the biju chakra in the wings that Kakuzu tore off her will be the 'substitute' which was used like Bee's tentacle? Anyway, great chapter.
Wolvmbm chapter 60 . 10/3
Great update and nice promotion to Hannabi, Kaida and Hagane team.

Nice to see Jiraiya preparing the other allied hidden village for the upcoming war to take back Takigakure. Not even the Akatsuki could be prepared for that, right ?

Fu as a teacher is going to be an interesting one for the Hyuga sisters.

Keep up the good work upon such a wonderful engaging tale.
narustar93 chapter 60 . 10/3
Pretty good I’m surprised the dormant six paths chakra that naruto has via Asura haven’t been awakened yet but naruto had to befriend kurama to do that and kuramas other half is reforming in the konoha forest where Jiraiya fought the fourth. Interesting moves good sir I wonder if kurama will open up and let naruto get full biuju cloak earlier than during the war. I also wonder if kurama will sense his other half’s reincarnation and ask naruto to absorb his other half.
NHHY99 chapter 60 . 10/3
And naruto can fly floating around in the first try :v
Well.. kyuubi in the myth is known can fly or floating around though.
W8W chapter 60 . 10/3
You can always count on Fu to bring smile to your face. Hinata with one glance discovered a lot about opponent, it will definitely be useful in the future. Kakuzu know when to cut losses and retreats. Wings are made from bijuu chakra, in canon one tentacle was enough, so situation may be similar here. I could contribute question about more money usefulness to Hidan stupidity but can we blame him knowing Kakuzu world view.

I don't see Konoha giving situation proper importance with how long it took to start discussing it. Other Kage acknowledge logical arguments and will help. Hyuga sisters discover another power, flight. Hyuga sisters discover another power, flight. It would be more useful for long range specialist but girls will be able to reach any enemy now. I am not sure how good teacher she will be and I am not talking about personality. Because method of achieving lift is different her tricks may not fit, at least she will teach to think about three dimensional movement.

I am surprised how well Akatsuki pair work together, in canon they couldn't stand each other and were open about this, here they are professional and don't allow feelings to affect the effectiveness. Plan isn't bad but "no plan survives contact with the enemy". Why are you hiding what was given to Hidan, I can't imagine it to be anything else than hero water. Naruto can take immortal down with FRS, we saw what it did to Human Path. Another possibility is to throwing him into special oil, petrifaction is not death.
zigmas chapter 60 . 10/3
Too short.
Too long to wait for anything further.
Too little is expected to happen in the next chapter as well.
You are still great, though.
Bloody Rogue dragon deity king chapter 60 . 10/3
This was interesting and holds a decent plot
Dragon and Sword Master chapter 60 . 10/3
I had a feeling you were going to keep her alive somehow but not scratch free. Still have to admit I like the plan that Kakuzu has for this...
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