Reviews for Son of the Sannin
Vincent Corley chapter 6 . 7h
I have to admit I did not see that twist coming at all and I have to all honesty...I'm very pleased to say the least...while keeping the somewhat dark childhood of the manga/anime while introducing the ever bright light at the same time was nothing short of brilliant
Guest chapter 41 . 15h
This fanfic is insane! (In a good way) I can't wait until you update again! Cheers from Argentina
Shinobi111 chapter 41 . 21h
Great story so far. I liked your twists in the story, hope you keep the good work up.
dont know how i could have missed this story so far...probably cause im no big naruhina fan, dont know.

anyway, im gonna follow this story from now on.
TheWateringWizard chapter 41 . 1/18
Ohhhhhhh Hinata and Naruto are so cute !

The situation with Rin leaves a lot of questions open...
TheWateringWizard chapter 40 . 1/18
HOLY FUCKING HELL ! That was a twist I wasn’t expecting ! Obito is really bonkers...

But man you had to give Orochimaru another’s power up... well potential power up as we’re not sure he’ll be able to use them.
TheWateringWizard chapter 39 . 1/18
Oh fucking hell man, you can’t begin to imagine how anxious I was ! I was wondering how on earth you were gonna justify Naruto defecting but your solution was great ! He didn’t really defect...
TheWateringWizard chapter 38 . 1/18
I’m getting really worried about your plans for the kids and Naruto...
maxridelover chapter 41 . 1/16
wow that was cruel of shizune but i see why she did it!
Bloody Rogue dragon deity king chapter 41 . 1/16
Damn dude, this story is just screaming chaos and destruction. I mean it's a decent read but good Lord you did not skimp out on making people suffer, more sell you actually made things a lot more bizarre.
Guest chapter 41 . 1/14
Is naruto going to learn yang release or uzuamki clan Jutsu such as chakra chains
Mr. Locker chapter 41 . 1/14
Shizune finally got her a slide of revenge pie.
Guest chapter 41 . 1/13
When will the next part be available and what is it called
yourmybff chapter 41 . 1/13
Part 1 was totally awesome and I can’t wait for Part 2!:)
NHHY99 chapter 41 . 1/13
i'm really excited to know that naruto begin training with Fukasaku.
i really suspicious about rin since beginning :-/

godbless you !
TimeShifter chapter 41 . 1/12
That was an excellent end both to this arc, and Part 1. I'm guessing Rin will get some training with Tenzo and Kaede, and while two of them were experiments now Kinda has a few citizens with Mokuton. Plus I don't think I've seen a story where Rin is alive but much younger than Kakashi.

I'm enjoying the changes you've made with Obito and Zetsu; my guess is the other statis pod is Madara but it does seem like a great red herring to fool us all with. One loose thread though is that it was earlier presented that Obito and Zetsu would use this opportunity to get rid of Orochimaru, but they didn't do anything to him and he escaped with the ability to become even stronger.

Seeing Sasuke still struggling with his desire for strength and his relationship with the village was well handled, especially with the contrast against Itachi who loves the village though we never see him with any ties besides his two relatives, and Shisui who is getting married and send to have found his place in the village despite some villagers still distrusting the remaining Uchiha.

But I'm mainly reading this for Naruto, his team and his family. Excited to see him taking on Sage training at a younger age with Jiraiya; hopefully the latter will also be able to master it. And the indication that the younger Senju will also learn is a cool opportunity for the future.

The one part that jumped out as weird, and had in the past, was Kaede and Hanabi discussing dating. It was like a huge neon sign saying 'these two are going to get together.' Particularly in the Chuunin Exam, this seemed very heavy handed, between Shino and Fu, Haku and Tenten, and to a lesser extent Chouji and whats-her-name. They're still children yet you've been quick to establish all of these relationships; there's no subtlety or slow buildup (besides Chouji's but since they basically talked once that would have been unbelievable).
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