Reviews for Son of the Sannin
Yifan Bao chapter 15 . 4/2
After reading this story many times, I had realized that Sasuke's team was the only team where the female is the majority and I must admit that it is nice that you added two new females to the Konoha 11, since at least Ino, Sakura, Hinata and TenTen has another two female friends that they can relate to more.
Butter-bluetack chapter 11 . 4/2
I love this fic so much! ️️️️
Yifan Bao chapter 15 . 4/1
I understand why you made Kakashi the Jonin sensei of Kiba, Shino and Tamaki and Kurenai the Jonin sensei of Naruto, Hinata and Haku, but that's a little too bad since I still feel that Kakashi should be the sensei of Naruto, since the latter's biological father is his sensei, so I thought that Kakashi might want to be put as Naruto's sensei, but whatever I guess. Still using Jurenai is nice idea since I also feel that she is underutilized in canon
Zeke chapter 14 . 4/1
I am really enjoying this story. I do like how you made the Uchiha have the scorn that Naruto has also. Good character development also.
SarcasmRocks chapter 12 . 4/1
OOKKAAYY. Please ignore my previous question as well. I really need to read ahead before asking questions. But now I have another question- no bad brain. No question until I read the entire story.
BTW, this story is amazing!
SarcasmRocks chapter 11 . 4/1
Ok. Please ignore my previous question. I really really like this story. But I have another question- doesn't byakugan of branch members stop working/ get destroyed after they die?
Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime chapter 133 . 3/31
and another one of my favorite stories finished... man... I really need suggestions right now...
SarcasmRocks chapter 10 . 3/31
I really liked this origunal Uchiha coup. Just one question- why didn't Tsunade use 100 healings to heal herself and fight against Obito?
AdrianVnz chapter 133 . 3/31
Wow, its great you managed to finish the story and end it well, honestly this feels weird, is like when bleacj and Naruto ended knowing something that was part of our routine won't be anymore.

Will keep an eye out for any posible future fanfics you decide to write!

PS:psttt, have you read Psyren? Or Nurarihyon Nomago? both are great mangas that deserve good fanfics, specially Psyren that good axed and cut a lot of its potential T_T
mvfclmac chapter 133 . 3/31
Strong end to an enjoyable series. Well done.
xxXMr. DarknessXxx chapter 130 . 3/31
You are really good at mocking the original series...
Ghost chapter 6 . 3/30
Bro seeing kakashi scream with all seriousness “Thundering Penetration Thrust!” Would be fucking hilarious
Snaketh chapter 133 . 3/30
Sad to see this end but I'm glad your ending it decently and while I'm sad you won't be going forward with a boruto arc especially after your chapter with kaguya. But hey if you have no love for boruto it's better to let it end here.

Man I been following this and another story to the future. This is now over and to the future is wrapping up. Going to have to find some great stories to fill the gap.

Again thanks for the great story I look forward to rereading this story in a year or so like I do with most stories.
Yifan Bao chapter 44 . 3/28
I understand Rin's statement, since we don't know what happens after our death and the dead can't come back to tell us for sure what happens after everybody dies.
Shad of the Mist chapter 133 . 3/28
Great story I’ve been following for years now and I loved how you ended it. Keep up the great work and we would enjoy a sequel if you ever decided to go with a grandson of the Sannin
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