Reviews for Son of the Sannin
liger09 chapter 133 . 3/24
It was a long road and I'm happy to have read it from the start.
Xurofall chapter 133 . 3/24
Its been a wild ride my guy
Thank you for the hours of entertainment you provided with this absolutely amazing story. *salutes*
timchar chapter 133 . 3/24
brovo on completing this masterpiece.
Destructonite chapter 133 . 3/24
This was an incredible story and I'm glad to have found it when I did, and was able to follow it to its conclusion. If it were possible to have fanfics be turned into official manga, this one would make the cut without a doubt.
goofboy96 chapter 133 . 3/24
I started this story in July 2019 and have finished it in March 2021. This by far is my favorite Naruto fanfic I have ever read and I’m so happy to have continued watching and reading this story to the end! You did such an amazing job and it makes me so happy being able to finish reading this. Thank you for your hard work it means so much to me!
Lord Vaserious chapter 125 . 3/24
Finally, Orochi-pedo is dead! Excellent battle!
Cyburst chapter 133 . 3/24
Great story. Loved it
Lord Vaserious chapter 124 . 3/24
Excellent chapter! Extraordinary battles!
Scythal chapter 47 . 3/24
Hi, thank you for the story so far but could please change the ‘asked’ part of kumori’s answer to mei?
fadhielmq.fb chapter 133 . 3/24
congrats for your hard work, keep fighting!
Anasazi Darkmoon chapter 25 . 3/24
To be fair, that is EXACTLY how I'd imagine Tsunade soliciting sex. XD
Son Kenshin chapter 133 . 3/24
A worthy ending to an amazing story, Ander Arias. As a fellow Naruto writer who wrote such a long-running fic I can say tat I know the...fatigue of staying in the same series after writing a fic this big for literal years. Love this ending man, really do. Maybe we can at least collab in the future on some ficlets?
MichaelJCaboose007 chapter 133 . 3/24
A most YOUTHFUL story friend Ander Arias, I truly thank you for give me the opportunity to read such a YOUTHFUL story. I patiently await your next story hungry for more
tzionsinned chapter 133 . 3/24
It was a fun ride while it lasted. something to look forward to every other wednesday. I enjoyed seeing the progression of each character and diversion that made me appreciate what fanfiction is to give a breath of fresh air into the source material. hope to see more of your visions in new stories, happy trails!
Guest chapter 133 . 3/24
Very well done! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fantastic adaptation of Naruto! I liked your tribute to Guy; may he never be forgotten. I also liked the Kingdom Hearts shout-out with Riku and Sora. While I am sad you won't be making a Boruto era story, I am grateful for the effort you put into writing this story. I wish you good luck in your future stories and I hope you are staying safe from the coronavirus!
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