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yeaaaahhhh I read chapter 121 . 3/25
I love that running Gag
yeaaaahhhh I read chapter 121 . 3/25
that means Fu can suplex just about anything at this point
diegoossorio1 chapter 133 . 3/25
Comenze a seguir esta historia a finales del 2017, cuando recien empeze a leer fanfics en ingles y lo unico que puedo decir es BRAVO!
Realmente la historia me engancho desde que inicie a leerla, me parece que tu desarrollo de personajes fue muy bueno y supiste hacer cambios en la historia original que en mi opinion no se sintieron forzados y mantuviste mi interes desde el inicio
Te doy las gracias, porque es muy dificil encontrar a un escritor que sea tan diligente como lo fuiste y actualice de forma regular su historia, y que siga con ella hasta terminarla.
Por eso muchas gracias por el tiempo invertido al darnos una gran historia
Lord Vaserious chapter 129 . 3/25
This is quite the chapter! So many revelations and so many great battles!
W8W chapter 133 . 3/25
Great ending to great story.

Man I am biased against Boruto. He didn't do anything wrong here and his presence still annoy me. Urara is really nice addition. Honestly your OC children are generally better than what we got in canon. While I have warm up to Himawari after her personality was flash out when I saw NaruHina kids in last chapter I was utterly disappointed. With how popular this parring was/is there was bajillion of fan designs of potential children and most were more imaginative and better than what we got in canon. Nice composition of Naruto team.

I really like warmth and friendly bickering in Uchiha home. Naoki look like fun character (and have canonical way of dojutsu mix)

I am little confused about number of Karin and Neji children. Why they have so many.

Jokes about Haku look don't get old.

Lee and Kurama romance wasn't that bad and I understand that there was no place to show development.

Tamiko getting both cat and dog is sweet. Fan fuct one of reason that cats and dogs fight are they sign language, similar "gesture" have different meaning for them so miscommunication worsen things but they can learn each other behaviors and avoid this.

Chocho, you may question her personality but in term of design she is one of best canon kids. I don't understand questioning Akimichi having fat. They clan special jutsu burn it up in super fast rate to become stronger. For them overweight is not problem but tactical reserve.

I really like Maito Gai park idea, his sacrifice saved the world. It also is nice callback to Karui mentioning his father and how he massacred mist swordsman. Nice to see Kakashi and Rin being able to deal with issues.

Team compositions are nice.

Portal network was nifty idea. It was good way to show other villages residents. Ambassadors are also very good idea, it justify change of residence and make sense. Including small villages in political meeting is good idea.

Fact that we didn't see Fu and Shino kids before academi make me think that he did not survive wedding night. Fact that they are living in Takigakure didn't come to my mind, great story around this.

Are Amegakure guest canon or your creation because I don't remember them.

Push for Mei to have children and her response was funny. Also so many pregnancies would make her canon change of look more believable. I also like Haku being honorary uncle.

Nice way to preserve Mitsuki and it even explain his access to sage mod.

So in your story sand brothers have wives. Do Gaara daughters have magnet release?

It is great that this story started with Tsunade and Jiraiya scene and end with it.

Thank you for this story it was great and lots of fun. Story isn't perfect but good drastically overweight any bad in it.
I don't feel sad that it have ended only satisfaction. Probably because my dislike for Boruto and opinion that series is trash.
You have my thanks that you found in yourself to finish Son of the Sannin. It is always tragedy when great story is dropped. Unfortunately some I read meet such fate but in many cases I don't regret reading them because even if there is no ending what there is was lots of fun. (you even know one of them but officially it is on hiatus)
DryBonesKing chapter 133 . 3/25
Goddamn, what a wholesome ending!

I thought this was just a super, super sweet way to end everything. All of the family dynamics presented here... everything either made me super happy, laugh a lot, or both! XD I'll try and summarize the moments I liked the most, otherwise I'll gush too long :P
Naruto and Hinata having a third red-headed child is also my headcanon, so I really liked seeing it! Seeing Boruto and Himawari was also nice. May not be a fan of his character, but I do like the whole NaruHina family, and Himawari is adorable and always a joy to see!
Itachi's and Natsu's daughter! Naoki having both Byakugan and Sharingan... every 'god' Naruto just sneezed. Broken ass shit, she's destined to be broken! But it was really nice to see Uchiha cousins dynamic! It was super cute! And it's also really nice to see the birth of a new Uchiha Clan slowly. It was also good to see Sasuke actually in Konoha, and not being an annoying vagabond like he is in canon and, you know, actually being a father/husband _
XD at Neji/Karin having so many fucking kids, what the shit XD I laughed so hard!
Later laughed just as much with the Mei/Zabuza kids, and laughed even more when I noticed 'Satoshi', 'Haruka', and 'Kasumi'. I imagine that their other three kids are 'Takeshi', 'Hikari', and... the last is probably either 'Kenji' (for Tracey), 'Iris' (for... well, duh), and 'Serena' (for... well, duh again). And then Kasumi referring to Haku as 'Uncle Haku', AWHHHH!
The Yakumo/Lee scene was adorable, and it's not the first time I've seen that ship dynamic, but I really, really like it! I do sorta wish we could have seen more of it in your story, but I understand the limitations in regards to her late-entrance and what little we saw was cute!
Kiba/Tamaki's kid naming her animal partners after 'Sora' and 'Riku'! XD Goddamn, all these references are great!
That Rin/Kakashi scene was great. It's amazing to see Rin has finally started to age again and can live, well, life like a normal person! Kakashi trolling her about being a sensei was lovely, and I think Rin's going to make a lovely jonin-sensei. Also, they were in "Might Guy" park? Goddammit, I didn't need tears dammit!
I don't have a ton of insight into Boruto-era teams, but I did like the ideas of the four jonin-sensei being Kaida, Hagane, Rin, and Sasuke. Boruto, Sumire, and Miyuki being a team sounds perfect and a natural continuation of the original Assault Team!
Shino and Fu creating another bloodline limit with their kids is adorable and also very fitting for them! I laughed way too hard at that "Shino survived the honeymoon" comment, and awhhhh, they just seemed way too cute!
I don't have much to say about the Amegakure appearance, but it was nice to see Konan was living somewhat peacefully.
Ending the chapter with Jiraiya and Tsunade reminiscing about everything is honestly the perfect ending. It's where the heart of the story started and it's fitting for it to have it be the end. It was just really nice seeing them reflect on everything and all of the progress!

So yeah. The story's over. What a great story. Finished in four and a half years, with almost clockwork consistent updating schedule. I'm legit jealous and so impressed of your dedication. You produced one of the most high-quality stories I've read on this website and finished it to completion, covering almost all key aspects of Naruto/Shippuden with really interesting and amazing portrayals of different events with believable cases of the butterfly effect, as well as covering up many of the plotholes in the source material, and with no bashing to boot!

Along with some of my favorite character portrayals I think I've ever seen in fanfiction! If I were to rank your top five best character portrayals...
1: Obito (god, you got into his head as a tragic, but absolutely sadistic and fucked-up villain. I loved everything about him)
2: Ino (I gushed so hardcore over her in Part 1, and the ROOT/Danzo arc is a great crowning moment from her. Got a little quiet on her as she lost a little importance comparatively, but god, her portrayal early on with Inoichi's early death was SO FUCKING GOOD)
3: Rin (Actually doing a ton with her; the decision to bring her back to life was capitalized in SPADES and god, I loved everything about her growing story arc and all of her conflicted emotions, from the situation with Obito to her relationship with Kakashi to her not aging to GOD EVERYTHING)
4: Hinata (You believably wrote her getting stronger-and-stronger, to the point where there was a period where Hinata was the strongest character in this whole story. You gave her the attention and love that Kishimoto failed to give her, but not in a way that twisted her character. I loved all of her character arc, especially later in Shippuden with the Tenseigan/her relationship with Hanabi/Toneri. Just... bravo with her)
5: Shizune (You gave her a justice that not only canon, but like 90% of most fanfics, including mine, don't give her. Props to making her one of the most badass jonin in this universe)

I capped it on five to prevent myself from rambling, but god, I could gush on your portrayals of Fu, Zabuza and Haku, of the Animal Squad, of the Sand Siblings (and giving Temari and Kankuro the ability to almost stand on equal-ish ground to Gaara), of Jiraiya and Tsunade (their relationship in this story was done so well and was so wholesome!), to Orochimaru (allowing him to be the fucked up villain he was always meant to be, with a fitting end for such a man), to your believable OCs (I thought Kaida/Hagane merged well with the story and formed a good trio with Hanabi, and then Hebimaru/Hebiko also delivered in worth)... god this story was so good.

It feels like a genuine ending to one of the best stories on this website. I cannot wait to reread it and I cannot wait to follow your Amourshippipng story in Pokemon! Job well done as always! I'm so excited to see your next project! But first... take a break! You well earned it, man :)
Goose chapter 133 . 3/25
Damn good story. Not going to go into any long-winded nonsense, just letting you know I thoroughly enjoyed the ride from start to finish.
Lord Vaserious chapter 128 . 3/25
Those Ten Tail clones are disturbing. Great chapter and love the return of the Jinchirukis.
Guest chapter 133 . 3/25
This needs to be adapted into an anime. I don't care if you don't own Naruto we will personally make it where you do so this can get an anime. This was better than the real thing!
Rotro98 chapter 133 . 3/24
*massive applause* BRAVO! BRAVO!

This is THE best story of Naruto I’ve read so far! The arrival of the Sannins, the changes to Naruto team (which I highly appreciate btw, cause I can’t stand how it was), the romance, the tragedies, the reunions, the sacrifices of great heroes (even though he’s no longer here, his flames of youth will always shines bright and never fades through time) the epic final battle, and finally... the ending. Wow... just wow...

Now for me about people updating stories. I don’t mind the wait. I understand if they’re any planning and checking to make sure the stories are good. I can wait for updates, so don’t worry about me.
Guest chapter 133 . 3/24
Thanks for the fic Lots of love
Guest chapter 133 . 3/24
Thank you for this story. I can't believe its over.. I really want some one to do a one-shot or spin off of this story for boruto please! But even if there's not, this story is perfect as is. Thank you. You have gained a big fan and supporters from this story!
Power of Magic chapter 133 . 3/24
That was a very good chapter, and I really liked the way that it ended. I also liked how you had both Naruto and Hinata, along with Sasuke and Sakura, have another kid instead of what they just had in the anime (then again with Sasuke travelling like he did in the anime, it made sense that he never had time to get Sakura pregnant again). Also liked how the minor villages were included in the Summit, and I should think Mitsuki has the same abilities as his father. The teams were good options, along with who was the sensei for said team

I also agree about Tenten being a teacher, as she really had a useless job after the Fourth Shinobi War (and with Scientific Ninja Tools being made) and Lee and Yakumo having a second kid was a good idea. Hanabi being the Hyuga Clan Head was quite a surprise, but at least she'll have plenty of people to help her. The portals to the other villages was quite a surprise indeed, and Naruto being a sensei made sense as I agree with your reasoning to it
Lord Vaserious chapter 127 . 3/24
Excellent chapter! The stakes are excellent!
EclipStorm chapter 133 . 3/24
Pog. An amazing work. Thank you for your dedication to this work.
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