Reviews for Son of the Sannin
EclipStorm chapter 133 . 3/24
Pog. An amazing work. Thank you for your dedication to this work.
Lord Vaserious chapter 126 . 3/24
Excellent chapter! Fantastic work!
nirmtheworm14 chapter 133 . 3/24
Thank for your commitment! Great story and I’m excited to see what you do going forward. And yes Amourshipping FTW!
MojoBlack chapter 133 . 3/24
Bravo Bravo Bravo! For the longest time when I first read this story I had wondered if it was ever going to be finished or left abandoned like many other great stories. I'm very much happy that you decided to choose the former!
Now first and formost I like what you did with the slice of life elements in this epilogue. You truly did do it justice.
So much juicyness I don't know where to begin!
I don't blame you for not writing Boruto because as much as I respect Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki.
My problem with the show is that they are literally *NERFING* the old generation to utter uselessness in order to make the new generation stand out which is something I find unforgivable *sniff sniff* R.I.P KURAMA (In case you didn't already know this last part).
Im glad that you kept Hinata as powerful presence even in the most subtle way possible in this ending.
Anyways here are some of the best things I loved about this fic that will always make this one of my all time favorites bar none.
1. Naruto growing up calling Tsunade and Jiraiya, Mom and Dad. - Seriously they are the MVPs of this story as shown evidently in this well done epilogue.
2. The Sannin s presence changing the course of history for the better.
3. Making Shizune an actual Jonin Sensei. - Haven't seen a fic where it has been done before.
4. Giving Naruto siblings - The best OCs in the entire story. Plus it helps that they are Senju. I found them very likeable.
5. Developing NaruHina and making it essential to the story. - The war arc simply speaks for itself honestly.
6. Making the Akatsuki so menacing. - You had me literally feeling upset everytime them bastards won. Lol.
7. Giving Hinata-Chan the Tenseigan and making her uber tier. - I can't thank you enough for this many times over. Seeing her character nuked into the ground in Boruto has made your story that much more of a National Treasure lol. Chapter 113 was the best Hinata chapter I've ever read where she kicks ass.
8. Having Itachi survive and have a family. Seriously man. Older bro is way cooler than emo bro and I'm glad he's around to silently reinforce that lol.
9. The Chunin Exams. - Yo when you had Tenten open one of the gates of life against Gaara I had literally lost it. You took creativity to the luxury max at that time and it was then I knew that I would read this story all the way to the end lol. Best Chunnin Exams I've read in which I cared about every match.
10. Fu. - Thank you for what you did with her character man. She's was soooooo sooooo likeable it's not even funny.
11. Giving many fighters Sage Mode. - At first I hated your idea. But as the story went on I loved your idea! Lol. A justified powerup that helped even out the scales. In Hinata s and Hanabi s case it was freakin gold.
12. Last but not least making team work an essential theme to the stoey from beginning to end. - You did the absolute best as far as I can tell with utilizing as many side characters as possible to the best of their abilities so that they won't be forgotten while their OP brethren DBZ thier enwmies away. You made them interesting forreal.

There's so much more but I won't trouble your eyeballs or lids any further. From the bottom of my heart thank you very much Author-San for this Stupendous, Magnificent, Fabulous, and Outstanding story. Worth every re-read that should come in the future.
Take Care Mate and Best Wishes to you.
liger09 chapter 133 . 3/24
It was a long road and I'm happy to have read it from the start.
Xurofall chapter 133 . 3/24
Its been a wild ride my guy
Thank you for the hours of entertainment you provided with this absolutely amazing story. *salutes*
timchar chapter 133 . 3/24
brovo on completing this masterpiece.
Destructonite chapter 133 . 3/24
This was an incredible story and I'm glad to have found it when I did, and was able to follow it to its conclusion. If it were possible to have fanfics be turned into official manga, this one would make the cut without a doubt.
goofboy96 chapter 133 . 3/24
I started this story in July 2019 and have finished it in March 2021. This by far is my favorite Naruto fanfic I have ever read and I’m so happy to have continued watching and reading this story to the end! You did such an amazing job and it makes me so happy being able to finish reading this. Thank you for your hard work it means so much to me!
Lord Vaserious chapter 125 . 3/24
Finally, Orochi-pedo is dead! Excellent battle!
Cyburst chapter 133 . 3/24
Great story. Loved it
Lord Vaserious chapter 124 . 3/24
Excellent chapter! Extraordinary battles!
Scythal chapter 47 . 3/24
Hi, thank you for the story so far but could please change the ‘asked’ part of kumori’s answer to mei?
fadhielmq.fb chapter 133 . 3/24
congrats for your hard work, keep fighting!
Anasazi Darkmoon chapter 25 . 3/24
To be fair, that is EXACTLY how I'd imagine Tsunade soliciting sex. XD
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