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tzionsinned chapter 133 . 3/24
It was a fun ride while it lasted. something to look forward to every other wednesday. I enjoyed seeing the progression of each character and diversion that made me appreciate what fanfiction is to give a breath of fresh air into the source material. hope to see more of your visions in new stories, happy trails!
Guest chapter 133 . 3/24
Very well done! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fantastic adaptation of Naruto! I liked your tribute to Guy; may he never be forgotten. I also liked the Kingdom Hearts shout-out with Riku and Sora. While I am sad you won't be making a Boruto era story, I am grateful for the effort you put into writing this story. I wish you good luck in your future stories and I hope you are staying safe from the coronavirus!
Alexmalx chapter 133 . 3/24
Before I even read I want to say thank you and congratulations you’ve accomplished something very people have. A completed regularly updated well written FanFiction. Can’t wait to see what you do next.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 133 . 3/24
While I guess I could say I'm disappointed that you're not going to cover the battle with Momoshiki and Kinshiki since the scene with Kaguya did foreshadow it, I don't particularly mind this ending right here. Part of this is mostly because I'm not really much of a fan of the Boruto series since it overrides Naruto's happy ending with the first few pages of the Manga. I might have been more invested in Boruto's story if that particular scene was built up to rather than just shown right off the back with the rest of the series up to that point essentially being one big flashback. Really, starting off a sequel series with a big fat Happy Ending Override that is implied to have killed off the main hero of the previous series for shock value is a terrible writing decision and a quick way to lose fans, which is what happened with me because I just couldn't get into it after that since that opening just loomed over the entire series like a giant albatross.
In short, ending the story right here was probably the right move.
YamiChaos27 chapter 133 . 3/24
Well it was quite the wild ride! Overall I'd say you did an excellent job with this story!

By the way, extra points for using the names Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Huge KH fan!

I had tried writing Naruto fic twice. The first one I deleted because I was just not happy with it. The second is still up, but I quit after a few chapters due to a lack of motivation. My interest in the Naruto franchise had waned after the original manga finished and as a result I was just no longer confident that I could do a full Naruto story justice. And honestly I'm far more invested in my Kingdom Hearts fics, even if I'm a slowpoke at writing. You have my full respect for sticking to this til the end.
OceanLord2017 chapter 133 . 3/24
I've got one word for this whole chapter..."D'AWWW!" So many beautiful families! Hinata and her girls still as precious as ever!'s so surreal to see an actual Uchiha 'Clan' in the post-war years! And can I just really did do all of them justice in this story! Lord...Naoki is gonna be SO OP! A Sharingan and a Byakugan! I can hear Madara ROLLING in his grave!

I was LAUGHING when I saw just how many kids Neji/Karin and Mei/Zabuza had! HOLY SHIT! I would DIE with that many kids running around! LOL!

With Haku and Tenten and their two girls...I gotta say...they're such a 'cool' bunch! LOL! But seriously, I do really enjoy the visual of Tenten being a school-teacher...and not just because it's what I'll do when I can. It fits surprisingly well.

Aww...honestly, the little bit you did with Yakumo and Lee was more than enough! They're sweet.

HA! Because of course little Tamiko is a Kingdom Hearts fan! JK! LOL!

Ino-Shika-Cho are all sweet as usual! And I laughed at Kurenai's "Women don't get old, they mature." I swear I should use that one later when I need to sweet-talk! LOL!

AWWW! Such a youthful place for Guy! I know he'd love it! And neat to see how Rin is going the 'Sensei' route! And Hagane and Kaida as well! Sasuke as a Jonin-Sensei...that honestly sounds great here!

HAHAHA! Once again, Gyuki and Chomei get a chuckle out of me! And Kurama being so typically grumpy!

HA! Of course Shino and Fu took over Takigakure! Although...Shino really is my hero for managing that honeymoon with 0 Injuries! He is the man I aspire to be! LOL!

And I really do appreciate you giving that time for the minor villages. Always great to see Konan doing well. And nice that Hebimaru and Hebiko turned their community around...neat that you still managed to bring Mitsuki in. Heck, with Hebimaru as his dad, he probably still has an awesome Sage Mode power-up!

And finally...Jiraiya and Tsunade. Such a wonderful way to end it off. And I find it funny that now every single Sannin has deliberately made themselves look younger...even if Jiraiya is just playing along! And to think...this whole AU started because those two decided to straighten their lives out for the sake of raising Naruto...genuinely is amazing. And that last line from Tsunade, about their money being better spent on grandkids than slot machines...that really is heartwarming to see how far she's risen above that gambling wandering drunkard we first met.

Wow...I mean, wow. I remember when I first read this...I'd caught up at the end of the Chunin Exams (back when most of these couples had just started)...and I've been reviewing ever since. I got on the hype train when you did that 'Mist Civil War' arc...and I didn't leave it until today. My God...I was struggling in University then. I really do appreciate that this was something to always come back to in that rocky part of my life.

When it comes to this whole really did shine through! I absolutely LOVED your take on Fu, your more balanced portrayal of the Uchiha as a whole (Sasuke in particular...considering my BIG problems with his 'canon' portrayal), putting in the time and effort behind the pairings you went with (and making their time together so sweet), your alternate takes on Obito, Madara, and Kaguya, how much you expanded on the Hidden Mist (Mei, Zabuza, and Haku especially)...and of course, Hinata Hyuga becoming the absolutely sweet badass she was always meant to.

What a ride! It's honestly amazing you've managed to achieve your vision of this story. I've barely written a story with a fifth of this length so far...and to see you manage this saga is inspiring. While it is fun to imagine how your versions of these Ninjas handled everything after the war, you deserve your rest after this.

Thank you! Til Next Time...Have Fun! Stay Safe!
Wolvmbm chapter 133 . 3/24
Now that was an ending and a great showing of where everyone is after the war. What wonderful children the Konoha 15 has and how much some are like their parents.

Fantastic showing of Hokage Naruto and how much he has grown in this world.

All around it was a wonderful tale from start to finish. Keep up the fantastic work on any future story of yours.
NarHina chapter 133 . 3/24
Thanks for a wonderful story and loved the Epilogue it is nice having all the characters having more children as well the none canon couples that I love. Nice surprise how you used Kagero from the filler ep.

Also like the teams more as well. Sumire is also one move favourites as well really wish canon showed her more.

It is over hard to believe it has really been almost five years for the story finish. I am going to need to go back to the start read the whole thing together.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
TheGreatGodzilla chapter 133 . 3/24
So... this is. This story has come to an end. Congratulations to you for that. And yes, after this. You deserved some good rests after writing this whole story.

And yes, I have to agree that the chance the Mashashi Kishimoto will read this is quite slim. But hey, anything can happen. It might take like years for it to happened. But who knows for sure, right?

However, I didn't expected the epilogue will be about Boruto and his classmates are graduating and receiving their own teams and their Jonin-sensei at all! But for the Kage Summit, I definitely somehow saw that coming like a mile away. But what the summit will be about. I really cannot guess it. But it may most likely have something to do with the Otsutsuki Clan's invasions that can happen anytime while the summit attended by Jiraiya and Tsunade in the last chapter may discussed about both, the invasions by the Otsutsuki Clan and the formation of the central government while also getting rid of the issues that will come with it. These are just my guesses, of course. Whether or not you choose to confirm these to me are completely up to you.

And it seemed that I was right. Sarada is a little jealous of her older cousin who has both Bloodline Limits. I believe that plus with Naoki's being a lot stronger than her and her clan is still in the phase of reconstruction, Sarada will now become more ambitious than ever to become Hokage in order to restore her clan's glory and good image in the eyes of the people of Konoha. And I know that Naoki will definitely be a powerful kunoichi indeed from the very start. Having two Bloodline Limits and a father who is one of the best ninjas that Konoha and the Uchiha Clan has will surely make one of the best among her peers for sure.

By the way, I have a great idea for a sequel in my head about your story. But sadly, I don't think I have what it takes to write it. But guess what, that won't stop me from telling you about its description. What I have in my mind is that Boruto is looking for a way to revive his clan by searching for the descendants of the possible survivors while also helping out in defending the Earth from the invasions launched by the Otsutsuki Clan. I think this is where the original idea about the Uzumaki Clan fled the Elemental Nations to established their own realm somewhere else like I said in the previous chapter about a family of the Umayyad Clan fled to al-Andalus and established their own realm there. I'll tell more details about it in the PM if you respond to me in order to keep the rest as a secret. Plus, I would to ask for the permission to publish the idea online as well or by the very least, asking you to make a challenge out of it or offerring such an idea to the other people. Of course, this is entirely up to you.

And really, Karin and Neji have at least six children and there is another one on the way?! Wow! I never expected that! I don't know if this has anything to do with Karin's attempt to revive her own clan or not but regardless of that, the Uzumaki Clan seemed to have a promising sign of returning now. The same might be able to be said to the Yuki Clan of Haku. I mean, if his daughters, Miyuki and Fuyuko, have boyfriends who are willing to adopt their surnames, of course.

Since the children of Lee and Yakumo took their father's surname, does that mean they are still part of their clan? I just found that normally in a situation like this, it has to be Rock Lee who will have to marry into Yakumo's clan. And I get that Naruto get exempted from this is because Hanabi is the now the Clan Head and that he is a war hero along with his wife, Hinata. However, that is not the case for Sai. He ended up marrying into the Yamanaka Clan after all. So the question is that why did Rock Lee received an exception like Naruto instead of falling into the same category like Sai?

Also, I didn't expect that the union of Fu and Shino will create a new Bloodline Limits at all! So what should this one be called? Insect wings? Beetle wings? Or something else that related to insects?

One more thing, I'm happy to know that My Hero Academia is part of those with the potential ones that you may write later. And yes, I don't expect that to happen now. In fact, I wouldn't expect it to happen like in a few years at all. After all, you just finished a one massive story that always updated on schedule regularly. So like I said earlier, you deserved some rests and should write little stuffs for the time being. And despite that I know that it will be a long time before you will write it, I still have to ask out which road will you choose for Izuku Midoriya if you ever written a story about My Hero Academia? A Hero Deku? A Vigilante Deku? Or a Villain Deku? To be exact, I like all of them but I personally like Villain Deku the most because he reminded me a lot of the character named Syndrome from the Incredibles. And regardless of whichever that you choose, will you sort of making it the crossover? I've seen a number of stories where Izuku ended up becoming Spider-Man and either join UA as Spider-Man or using his identity as Spider-Man to become a vigilante while for the one as Villain Deku, I found at least one and it's about him becoming Mysterio. And in case if you need help about an idea about writing about My Hero Academia, I have some good ideas about such a series with me. So if you wanted to see them, I can show them to you.

Thank you very much for this story. It helped revived my liking in Naruto and I hope that someone will come and obtain the permission to write a sequel from you. If I have anymore things to be add as reviews to this story, I'll say it for sure.

P.S: I never expected Gai to have a park named after him at all! That's one of the strangest and the most welcoming surprise I've ever seen in my life as a reader on this site!
The Enigma Encoder chapter 133 . 3/24
This was one of the few stories that I've actively kept up with. I was brilliant; great work.
Guest chapter 133 . 3/24
Thanks for the wild ride of a story! Take care of yourself and stay safe
zigmas chapter 133 . 3/24
It's OVER 9000!
Seriously, this is GREAT!
I could write several pages of praises for this story, but you know what they'd be, so I'll just mention the fact that I COULD do it, lol.

Some off-topic note.
I'm sure you've heard it from me before (probably on DA), but I'm absolutely convinced that Amourshipping is literally PokeNaruHina.
Not only in the superficial comparison sense of characters, but they went as far as creating Greninja who looks like Naruto (both in context and style) and literally uses various Rasengans AND Kage Bunshin (the latter is LITERALLY NAMED that way in Japanese, what-the-what).
And what's more, they pretty much DUPLICATED the "meeting as young children pre-canon" for the two couples, LITERALLY.
Well, not 100%, obviously, but the two scenes are SO CLOSE it's impossible to not see ONE in the OTHER.
So Ampirshipping isn't just "nice, so let's ship it", nope - it LOOKS like NaruHina through and through.
Plus, Serena actually HAD a "Slap Some Sense Into Her Crush" scene in the snow (related to Greninja) - and Ash literally THANKED her for it, not unlike the NaruHina scene as well.
Seriously, the amount of HINTS they put into this is so high that I was disappointed that it DIDN'T lead to "Pokemon: The Last" or something like that.
Though nothing is lost YET, mind you.

Also, a side-side note:
I'm sure you've seen the "Boruto Pikachu" short scene all that time ago.
Well, the joke is one thing, but Pikarla's LOOKS and MANNERISMS certainly invoke ANOTHER shipping, or so it looked to me.
It's a fan's daydream joke, sure, but it's still THERE.

Anyways, IT WAS GREAT.
QueenDeadPool chapter 133 . 3/24
Thank you I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. It brought a lot of enjoyment to me. I look forward to seeing what you might create next.
61394 chapter 133 . 3/24
Good story
Raziel The Scribe chapter 133 . 3/24
After 4 years, it’s a rest well-deserved.

As for this chapter I really liked it. Somehow Neji and Karin’s relationship is exactly what I imagined it to be. The expanded Uchiha family is great and Boruto having Sasuke as his instructor from the get go is great. Somehow I knew that Lee and Yakumo were ending up together. Otherwise just nice little touches (giving Shikamaru a daughter, Naruto’s team of Gennin, Gai Maito’s park of youth ect.)

That last conversation between Tsunade and Jiraiya was beautiful. (I can already picture them with their grandkids at the casino, and Himawari looking exactly like Tsunade did in Hashirama’s flashback of kid Tsunade). It really brought everything full circle.

Unfortunately I only began reading this two or three weeks before it concluded. Although I was 4 years late to the party, after being thoroughly engaged with the story I feel sad at witnessing the end.

I did have my criticisms, mainly of Hinata’s power progression and the Sage mode arc (Would have limited the sages to those with a summoning contract (Shisui, Asuma (if he could summon monkeys), Temari and I would’ve added Sasuke and zanjó to the mix) and/or Senju blood). But I think the fact that I could keep this to myself and enjoy the story says a lot in my opinion.

You stayed true to the characterizations, utilized filler characters in interesting ways, and the story made sense! And don’t get me started on the fights, they were amazing!

You just checked those boxes over and over again.

I also commend your willingness to engage with the fans even after so many years on the job.

As far as I’m concerned this is canon and the original was just brainstorming. Although I’m going to miss your touch, I look forward to future SOtS works by the fandom.

Thank you Anders Arias for this amazing experience and I wish you success on your future works!
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