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Raime063AN chapter 133 . 3/24
It really has been quite the journey over the past 4 years, hasn't it. That said it has been one of the most enjoyable journeys I've had here on fanfiction and wouldn't change a thing about it. So thank you for all of the good times you brought to me and many others by writing this, and as always I'll be looking forward to whatever comes next.

Till next time.
Rose Tiger chapter 133 . 3/24
I can't believe that it took you years to finish this story. And it was awesome. I'm sad that it's over, but I glad it ended happily. Thank you.
SamoaJack98 chapter 133 . 3/24
Anyway this great adventure comes to an end, Congratulations on this story that captivated me and inspired me to become a writer. The end of the war was much better than the canon with the Konoha 15 working together to defeat Madara, Epilogue is very touching especially in the end with Jiraiya and Tsunade looking at the village that had become a big city. Kakashi visiting Gai Memorial Park was another scene that touched me. Ander you managed to keep this great story for four years with the same quality.
Guest chapter 133 . 3/24
Thank you for an amazing story!
Itachidono chapter 133 . 3/24
It's always bittersweet reaching the end of a great story, thanks for pulling through and finishing! This was definitely a satisfying way to go out will definitely check out your pokemon story when you make it though Advanceshipping is way better lol. If you are taking suggestions I feel like you could rock a Yōjo Senki story. Whatever you do looking forward to the next work!
Jove21 chapter 133 . 3/24
Ohmygod it feels so surreal that this is already finished. Thank you so much for the 1M words of pure awesomeness! It was quite a journey and it brought a lot of people unmeasurable joy.
innovaquantum chapter 132 . 3/24
Well, it's very sad that this story is coming to an end, although there were good things in it even though it wasn't perfect. To be honest, I thought ALL of the people who perish in the war was revived by Obito's sacrifice, but as it turns out only several Jinchūriki got revived.

There were some lingering questions that's yet to be answered, such as what will happen to Amegakure while Konan is imprisoned in Konoha for 10 years? I hope it wouldn't be abandoned like in Boruto Episode 157, where Sasuke and Sai investigate the remainings of Amegakure.
Ultimatrix bearer chapter 132 . 3/23
Please for the love of all that is good don’t include boruto.

PS- are all of shino and Fu’s kids going to be giants or is that exclusive to jinchuriki?

KEEP BEING AWESOME! Meme of the day

Ultimatrix bearer chapter 131 . 3/23
Me- no way he can top last chapter.


Ultimatrix bearer chapter 130 . 3/23
My only problem with this chapter is that all the tail beast can break out which is why in canon sasuke put them in genjustu FIRST. Everything else was brilliant though the other jinchuriki coming back was confusing.

KEEP BEING AWESOME! chapter 132 . 3/23
You always manage to outdo yourself! thank you for working so hard to create such an awesome story, you put so much thought in to every character and it really shows!
Guest chapter 132 . 3/23
Will you make a boruto sequel to to this?
zigmas chapter 132 . 3/23

Much, MUCH, MUUUCH better than ANY of the so-called Final Battles in the original.
This was True Teamwork, and it produced real fruits of Friendship and Smartness.

Can't wait for the Epilogue, loool.
You KNOW I'm hoping for certain hints on certain aspects - in fact, everyone is.

Side question:
Why DIDN'T they actually KILL Kaguya in the original, huh?
Did they even mention any real excuse there, or just went and ignored this option to begin with?
Because, ya know, they DON'T have any problem with KILLING a bunch of other Aliensuckers, uhu.
Wolvmbm chapter 132 . 3/23
Now this was an epic finale to the war. I have to say that this was a great way to showcase everyone in the Konoha 15 for this final showdown against Madara. Nearly everyone got a chance to shine in these two chapters.

If the epilogue is anything else then given how this story has been told so far...I can see a drastic change in the future of Konoha, but in a much better way than originally shown in the cannon ending.

I cannot wait to see how you are going to top this fight with its aftermath. Keep up the fantastic work on your wonderful story.
Guest chapter 132 . 3/23
I was surprised! I thought Madara is already dead
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