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Mr. Spinner chapter 131 . 3/19
I can honestly say I did not see that last upgrade coming. But it was GLORIOUS! It really tied into the original themes of the series that made it great from the beginning. Not to mention it got really, delightfully creative.
I do wonder though if Madara has survived, but with his chakra system burned out and weak as a kitten, only alive because of his own amplifying experiments. That would be deliciously ironic and a perfect punishment: to be as weak as possible for decades of life to come even as he treasures power.
zigmas chapter 131 . 3/19
And that, Madara, is how you form the REAL Susanoomon!

Check youtube [ 3Z-uDwPtlHc ] for a fun video, lol.
AzureTemplar3535 chapter 131 . 3/19
An ending that only Michael Bay could do justice to.
GBAboy313 chapter 131 . 3/19
Is it strange that I can totally imagine one of the Oogakari from Third Fang's Yet Again series snarking that if the battle ever got put into the anime or made into a movie that this scene alone would have completely busted the budget? I don't think it is but I also haven't actually read Yet Again and T2R2 up until it started getting updated again last year since just before the chapter before that so the jury is out on the net result.
The final Naruto vs Sasuke is perfectly fine while in a vacuum, but the context for the fight in universe is that Sasuke is still evil and so Naruto has to fight again and risk the world never being woken up properly from Infinite Tsukuyomi despite that any hard feelings should have already been dealt with. But no, we had to have one more fight and so both of the boys had to get beaten to hell and actually get limbs destroyed.
I'm alright with the Avatar of Konoha. It fits.
Yeah I definitely saw the bits inspired by Sasuke vs Naruto final round coming and picked up on Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's Six Path Madara vs Naruto and Sasuke.
My biggest gripe about Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is that there was no fight based on The Last so we could have Naruto and Hinata both wailing on Toneri. Though that is more of a nitpick about missed opportunity.
I don't think Madara is dead, its probably going to come down to one final clash.
Holy Fuck this fic is just about over. Every time I think about it, I have this empty feeling in me. Probably cause of just how long I have been following this fic. Almost three goddamn years. Man time flies. Part of me wishes it wasn't so but another part of me is ready to see the end.
I believe that next chapter won't be the final chapter. Too much to wrap up in a single chapter.
Unless it is a monstrously huge chapter.
See ya Monday.
Fox McCloude chapter 131 . 3/19

Uff, perdón, pero es que con la emoción ya me daba igual si se me terminaba rompiendo la garganta dritando. Y por mucho que me habría encantado que el duelo final fuese Naruto y Hinata vs Madara, después del cap anterior sabía que el resto de los que todavía pueden pelear no iban a quedarse parados sin hacer nada. Mucho, mucho más de lo que podría haber pedido para un duelo final. De hecho, ese último power up del Avatar Dorado fue quizás lo mejor de todo: si ese era el Megazord, entonces el Avatar de Konoha es el Ultrazord, y los que somos o fuimos fans de los Power Rangers sabemos que una vez que lo llaman, el monstruo de turno ya valió, jejejeje.

Y todo el simbolismo estuvo presente en la batalla, el contraste perfecto entre Madara y los 15 de Konoha. El pasado vs el presente, la antigua generación contra la nueva. Mientras uno tenía un gran poder de su lado por sí solo, los demás se apoyaban entre sí para fortalecerse más y lograr más. Y cuando el poder que poseían no bastaba para ganar, Madara prefirió tomarlo a la fuerza de otros (las células de Hashirama en el pasado, y el chakra de los bijuus ahora) para aumentar su nivel, mientras que Naruto y Hinata recibieron el poder de sus amigos entregado voluntariamente. Naruto y Hinata siempre lucharon para proteger a sus seres amados y por eso no permitieron que el poder que ganaban se les subiera a la cabeza, mientras que Madara solo se embriagaba cada vez más y más con él, y al haber perdido los pocos vínculos que tenía, no le importó sacrificar y desechar a todos con tal de lograr sus ambiciones. Quienes no aprenden del pasado están condenados a repetirlo, y Madara cometió los mismos errores que Indra en su momento. La cereza sobre el pastel es obviamente que ellos le hayan devuelto su propio ataque para acabarlo con él, esa expresión de horror y desconcierto en su rostro no debió tener precio. Descansa en el infierno, maldito bastardo.

Bueno, ¿qué más queda por decir? La guerra ha terminado, los héroes han ganado y el villano está muerto. Ya solo queda recoger y atender a los heridos, llorar y sepultar a los caídos. Ha sido un largo pero emocionante viaje, y estoy feliz de ver que concluya en una nota tan alta. ¡Hasta el lunes!
SolanaLeonhart chapter 131 . 3/19
Brilliant, simply brilliant. This makes all the wait after the cliff hanger worth it. Naruto and Hinata's fight was amazing but this is just incredible. I love the idea of the konoha 15 taking things into their hands and fighting Madara together. The upgraded avatar was really cool too. The way you handled it is better than in canon for sure. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have in store next.
Out of curiosity, how many chapters are left in this story?
Uppaw18 chapter 131 . 3/19
Holy shit! Great fucking chapter! I had so much fun with this one and I can't wait to see the last two chapters! You left it on such a massive cliffhanger that I can't wait to see how it gets resolved next chapter.

The fight was spectacular and I really loved the fact that the Konoha 15 fought Madara together, making it a much more complete version of the Juubito fight in the manga, which I really loved the end of.

I don't have anymore to say, so until next time stay healthy, stay safe and have a great day.
EnterOcularJutsu chapter 131 . 3/19
Okay, Avatar of Konoha is one of the most awesome things I've ever witnessed, especially with how it actually incorporates everyone's abilities. This is so much better than that cringy moment in the original when Naruto gives them all rasengans and chakra cloaks for no reason.
merendinoemiliano chapter 131 . 3/19
This definitly how you do a fight beetween gods.
Rose Tiger chapter 131 . 3/19
Go everyone! Smoke Madara to the abyss!
Twisted Pxl chapter 130 . 3/18
This has been a very interesting story so far and can't wait to see the finale. Now one thing that I am wondering based on this chapter is if there will be a sequel. Would be interested to see how that battle will happen with the Otsutsuki clan coming after the people of Earth for not perishing when they were supposed to originally.
narustar93 chapter 130 . 3/18
Good chapter and gave Naruto and Hinata an idea on buffering their defenses cus the otsutsuki clan will come for the nature energy of the planet. Plus minor error with obitos conversion with madara he drank Madara words not worlds if you go back and re read their conversation you will see the error.
zigmas chapter 130 . 3/18
YES x9000!

Also, Sakuyanata!

Also, NaruHina Final Battle!

Also, told ya!

Also, also - and also!

QueenDeadPool chapter 130 . 3/18
So I reread from the beinging to refresh my mind on this whole story. Still one of the best and exciting stories you can read. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in. Super excited to see where this story goes.
Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime chapter 130 . 3/18
you know what?! you are passing my expectations... now that ungrateful uchiha child kick the bucket with pain worse than villain death...! relieve your regrets and misdeeds are the worst also thank you for redeeming him afterwards... he deserves it after the torture that is said...

overall I love it, you made Kaguya sama be the Granny she's supposed to be... not some angry sexless granny who feel betrayed by her own sons because they don't want to lick her feet ugh gross...

also... Really? sakuyamon? you made me confused about it... the first thing I get was The Avatar of Kushina Hime with Kitsune mask in her Rage Mode because... even Naruto Trembles to that mode but... yeah Sakuyamon with 4 arms... hmm yummy monster girl...

anyway I'll wait for the next chapter... don't be late for it bro, because it's not only me who are waitingyour regards
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