Reviews for Son of the Sannin
Butter-bluetack chapter 133 . 5/8
Dear Ander Arias,
This story is one that I will never forget! This was an amazing ride. Interesting premise, badass Hinata, as well as well done battles! I love this to bits! Right now, I'm suffering from post Son of the Sannin depression, but I guess it was inevitable. I'm going to read "True Potential". Thanks for the rec! I look forwards to your Miraculous ladybug fic, I bet it will be as much of a masterpiece as this one is. If you ever decide to write a Naruto fic, I'll read it. And lastly, don't you ever stop writing! The fanfiction world needs talented people like you!
Butter-bluetack chapter 130 . 5/7
Nooo! I want this story to go on forever! I love it to bits!
Yifan Bao chapter 133 . 5/6
I really wished that I can ask you before March 24, but does Sarada has the same dream as her canon self to become Hokage or something?
Yifan Bao chapter 20 . 5/6
Jiraiya acts as the father for Naruto, while Tsunade acts as his mother and Shizune acts as the sister-figure for Naruto and I can see why Naruto was able to cope with his pains a lot more easier than in canon.
Yifan Bao chapter 20 . 5/6
I guess that Jiraiya and Tsunade gave Naruto the attention of a mother and father at home, so that at least Naruto doesn't have to get into trouble with the villagers for pranking and I can see that Kushina might have the same reaction as Tsunade here given that she is Naruto's biological mother and she and Minato might incessantly tease Naruto about his relationship with Hinata.
Erqurel chapter 133 . 5/5
Few people can write such an outstanding AU fanfics that is well thought out and a few more that writes well-written stories that can be akin to the main source, but you've done it, and it was astounding.
I would just like to say that this was an amazing ride and a magnificent masterpiece of a fanfic, and I thank you for it, you made my life a little bit brighter because of this.
J Vision Lil chapter 19 . 5/5
The fights were relatively good. One of my issues is with haku, he doesn't use taijutsu at all even though he's really fast, faster than sasuke. Would be good if he used his speed instead of just throwing out sinbon and ninjutsu. Was kinda hoping itachi would show up to save the group, it would have been clutch for him to walk up and lit orochimaru's ass up with amaterasu, instant kill.
J Vision Lil chapter 16 . 5/3
Nice chapter and a good change of pace with naruto's first real mission. I'm fine with being wrong but I hope mizuki is leading the bandits here.
Ilrune silverflow chapter 131 . 5/3
Six Paths Avatar Of Konoha? I read drybonesking's fic and he recommended this one. I have never been happier to have taken a recommendation. this is without a doubt the best one I've read yet. bit of a kick in the dick with some of the deaths but it flows flawlessly. never give up and always, always follow your passion of writing. you are amazingly good at what you do and I hope more people find this piece of art.
CoffeeHandShaky chapter 18 . 5/2
To those reading this just drop it, it's a boring Naruto spamming shadow clones all over again. Haven't you had enough of shadow clones in canon? Smh
CoffeeHandShaky chapter 17 . 5/2
Man this Naruto ia just like canon, spamming shadow clones so boring
CoffeeHandShaky chapter 13 . 5/2
Man even if Naruto is being trained by Jiraiya and Tsunade there's hardly ever a changed to Naruto, not dead last but still weak. This is too stupid
CoffeeHandShaky chapter 7 . 5/2
I realized in canon if only Jiraiya isn't opposed on babysitting Naruto he will make much more difference in the plotline of Naruto.
J Vision Lil chapter 15 . 5/2
Wanted hinata to be with naruto and with the three being best friends this is more than acceptable. Interested in seeing where it goes with the respective teams.
Nindo420 chapter 133 . 5/2
Nice story. I really enjoyed reading it
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