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Yifan Bao chapter 16 . 5/26
It's too bad that Tamaki was there to help summoning Tora, because if she wasn't there then Naruto's team would have to catch her the old fashioned way and it would be hilarious if Naruto got his face scratched again by Tora.
Yifan Bao chapter 15 . 5/26
If Kakashi was still Naruto's teacher than Rin wouldn't feel too awkward with meeting Naruto given how close she was with Kakashi and the fact that Naruto was the son of her former sensei. Also it would be considered ironic that Kakashi is teaching Haku as well, since he fought both him and Zabuza in the Land of Wave arc. Those two reasons are part of the reason why I thought that it would be best for Kakashi to lead the Assault Squad beside the reason that he is more suited for a more offensive team. Also I thought it would be hilarious if Naruto continuously do pranks on Kakashi and I thought that Naruto's relationship with was one of the most significant relationship of the Naruto series.
Noy chapter 15 . 5/26
Okay... Well I have quite a few problems with this chapter.

First having Kurenai instead of Kakashi being the sensei of the assault team doesn't make sense to me. Her main strenght is her genjutsu so what is she going to teach them ? Haku is a ninjutsu specialist, Hinata focus on taijutsu and with his massive chakra reserve it's very unlikely than Naruto would ever have enough finesse to excel at it so by looking at the team composition alone her choice is ... odd but it's even worst because apparently this team is supposed to focus on combat missions and she is probably the weakest jounin of the four and with Shizune the least combat oriented. And let's not open the can of worms that is the fact that one of her students is a jinchuriki, what is she supposed to do if Naruto lose control of the Kyuubi ? In comparison Kakashi is one of the strongest ninja Konoha currently have, has the sharingan and know about seal. She has... genjutsu, good luck handling a jinchuriki with that.

Second, all the squads are named after their missions so what the hell is an "animal" squad ? An assault squad focus on combat, a medical team on healing people, a tactical squad on... I don't know making strategies for the other teams ? But what is the role of an animal squad exactly ? Recon ? Then it should be call the recon squad and have Hinata on it because she is by far the best they have for this kind of missions. Not to mention than keeping one of the strongest ninja of Konoha as the teacher of a simple recon team is a complete waste of ressources.

Third, why is Sasuke okay with the team's placement ? Because for someone who wants to get stronger that seems to be the worst place he could be in. His teacher is a medic that is going to focus her training on his teammates which means that he isn't going to improve as fast as he would if he had a teacher more focus on fighting. Not to mention that he is going to have less opportunities to prove his worth because they are going to encounter less ennemies combatants than a team like the assault one. And with his sharingan he would actually made a decent student for a genjutsu specialist like Kurenai. Sasuke should be furious about his team placement, it's another proof that the village doesn't trust him because he is an Uchiha : he is kept in the back, away from the fights, with the medics so that they can keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't progress too fast. At least that's the most reasonable explanation he should have in his situation.

Sorry but, in my opinion, this chapter simply doesn't work and I strongly suspect that most of those decisions have been taken for plot convenience : Hinata is with Naruto instead of a recon team because they are the main pairing and Haku is with them because he is presenting as their friend since he appeared inside the story, people would have to be blind to not see that they were going to be in the same team, it was completely obvious. Sasuke is with the medics because there is going to be a love triangle between him Sakura and Karin. And I wouldn't be surprise if Kiba was with the OC for the exact same reason. Kurenai is the main characters' teacher because you like her as a character and so on. So thoses decisions made sense from an author's perspective but as the decisions supposedly taken by the leaders of a military organization, these aren't rational decisions that should have been taken with the data they had at their disposal.
Noy chapter 14 . 5/25
I never knew that Sakura was supposed to be the relatable character in the story and it was rather silly of Kishimoto to hope that people would relate to a character that frankly had a pretty obnoxious personality.
Yifan Bao chapter 27 . 5/25
Is the woman with the purple marking Maki? If that was the case, then why couldn't Jiraiya remember her name anyway, since they met once before?
Yifan Bao chapter 23 . 5/24
When Naruto used that Sexy Jutsu on Sakura and I was in this story, I may act in a similar manner as Bulat to Tatsumi in Akame ga Kill when Tatsumi recklessly on Daidara and shout and hit Naruto saying "Naruto you idiot! What you did was obviously wrong and you need to grow more responsible."
Olivia Senju chapter 1 . 5/23
I have to agree with all the comments here. This fiction is really great you make great stories! i had read some. Anyways i loved this and i praise you for making such a great fiction!
Yifan Bao chapter 1 . 5/19
I must admit that it was too bad that Kakashi wasn't Naruto's sensei because I feel that with Naruto arund he would be able to walk out of Obito's shadow faster and I feel that Naruto would learn a lot of useful lessons from him. Plus when Kakashi used the finger jutsu on Naruto in canon, it was so funny that I almost peed my pants and rewatches the same scene a million times without getting bored of it.
Yifan Bao chapter 99 . 5/19
Why did Minato and Kushina act surprised about Hinata in this chapter since Jiraiya told them about Hinata during the Sound Invasion in Part 1? Also why didn't name the children of some children in the epilogue anyway? Is t because you're out of ideas for the names right?
Yifan Bao chapter 99 . 5/18
Did Naruto told Jiraiya, Tsunade, Hiruzen and the others the truth about the events surrounding Minato and Kushina, since I didn't him do it in your story?
Yifan Bao chapter 29 . 5/10
Is the Konoha Genin Karui mentioned Might Duy, because he is the only Konoha Genin that I know from canon that defeated the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist?
Yifan Bao chapter 28 . 5/10
I guess everybody in the Konoha 11 in canon alongside Sasuke, Haku, Tamaki and Karin got a significant other in their life and have children as well, because even though Kiba and Tamaki are a couple in canon, they don't have a child of their own.
J Vision Lil chapter 23 . 5/9
My biggest issue with this chapter is I was hoping neji would beat sasuke and still think he should have but oh well let's see where this goes.
Butter-bluetack chapter 133 . 5/8
Dear Ander Arias,
This story is one that I will never forget! This was an amazing ride. Interesting premise, badass Hinata, as well as well done battles! I love this to bits! Right now, I'm suffering from post Son of the Sannin depression, but I guess it was inevitable. I'm going to read "True Potential". Thanks for the rec! I look forwards to your Miraculous ladybug fic, I bet it will be as much of a masterpiece as this one is. If you ever decide to write a Naruto fic, I'll read it. And lastly, don't you ever stop writing! The fanfiction world needs talented people like you!
Butter-bluetack chapter 130 . 5/7
Nooo! I want this story to go on forever! I love it to bits!
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