Reviews for Son of the Sannin
JNS chapter 133 . 4/8
I've never seen something that's more of a labour of love than this. My god , this was amazing. Looking forward to reading some Pokémon fics too!
Devil Hex chapter 121 . 4/8
Honestly, this fight was dumb. These 3 can beat Hashirama and his wife, and they ran from Orochimaru's underlings while having strong allies? And seriously, why didn't Hashirama just break through the control of Orochimaru?
Yifan Bao chapter 30 . 4/7
What Shikamaru said about revenge and Sasuke sneezing is ironic and references the attitude of revenge of Sasuke in canon, because it makes Shikamaru right.
Devil Hex chapter 75 . 4/6
This Jinchuriki rescue arcs have been disappointment. It's as if Konoha is handing them over to Akatsuki. Seriously no help from Kurama despite all the bs he talked? Why wasn't the 4 tails unleashed? Failing once is fine, repeating the same mistake again is lame, very lame.
Butter-bluetack chapter 32 . 4/5
Uzumaki bonding, yay!
Yifan Bao chapter 20 . 4/5
Nice try referencing Kiba trying to steal some food from the manga and anime scene during the bell test, because that's what Naruto exactly during the mentioned scene.
Yifan Bao chapter 133 . 4/4
What Naruto said about ending up with Hinata is so true in canon, since they ended up with one another despite on different teams, but what he said about not loving another girl is so not true since in canon he has a crush on Sakura before moving on to Hinata.
Yifan Bao chapter 133 . 4/4
I know that I am late in trying to give you an idea, but are you interested you interested in making an animated videos with colors and sound for this interesting alternate universe or a comic book or just an audio sounds video, since I want to understand your story even better then with mere words.
anonymouse47 chapter 133 . 4/4
While I am sad, I am really happy I was part of the journey for your story despite only joining from about chapter 80. This fanfic is hands down in my top 5 fanfic on this website, and I will never forget it. Thanks for writing this!
Yifan Bao chapter 99 . 4/4
Kiba and Shikamaru are both sure lucky that their mother aren't as violent, bad-tempered or scary as either Kushina or Tsunade because if they were the latter two's sons then they wouldn't be complaining about their own moms.
anonymouse47 chapter 132 . 4/3
I am out of words to say to positively describe this story.
anonymouse47 chapter 131 . 4/3
Damn... that fight was more amazing than any Naruto canon fight I've ever seen. I seriously couldn't stop reading.
anonymouse47 chapter 130 . 4/3
DAMN IT, I'm not crying, I just love this story so much!
anonymouse47 chapter 129 . 4/3
DW I still love the story.
Yifan Bao chapter 15 . 4/2
After reading this story many times, I had realized that Sasuke's team was the only team where the female is the majority and I must admit that it is nice that you added two new females to the Konoha 11, since at least Ino, Sakura, Hinata and TenTen has another two female friends that they can relate to more.
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