Reviews for She Rises
ladyofsilverdawn chapter 36 . 3/1
OHMYGOD! Sending you tons of love for this epic, titillating story! Draco is gorgeous, Hermione is beautifully badass, and Tom is, happy sigh, just scrumptious! Hugs galore for sharing your time and talent!
kelsiecb chapter 36 . 2/11
I would love to see where the rest of this story will go if you decide to return to it at some point!
kelsiecb chapter 20 . 2/11
It seems like the most likely scenario is that Raven is Grindelwald’s plant, but I’m just hoping I’m wrong because I like her and Hermione’s friendship so much!
kelsiecb chapter 14 . 2/10
I love that the one of Riddle’s Knights that Hermione is becoming friends with is the actual sociopath. lol what a great storu
kelsiecb chapter 8 . 2/10
I keep hoping that Fawkes will have given Hermione some magic tears so she can heal Draco just by crying on him but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case... I just want him to LIVE
Guest chapter 1 . 2/6
Please please please come back! I am desperate for an update on a number of your stories, but especially this one! I will even send you gift cards for donuts as bribes!
Limerence chapter 31 . 2/2
I'm absolutely in love with this story! The way it is written, the characterization, the details, the imagery. I recommended it to a friend and she is in love too! I ship Raven and Zuri soooo freaking much and have a huge crush on Raven. I love Hermione's dark side. It is mind blowing. Riddle is written very well, for me and I know this because I do not like him in the story and that makes eveything so much more amazing. You are brilliant writer!
Roseball chapter 36 . 1/31
I love this story and hope you will continue writing it . Thank you
Guest chapter 36 . 1/29
i’m in love with this storyyyyyyyyyyy!
Este chapter 36 . 1/28
I like this story... quite hooked...
Guest chapter 36 . 1/26
Love everything about this story, the depth and complexity of the three main characters, the insight into Hermione’s psyche, the writing style, everything. It’s an incredible story and had me hooked from the moment I started reading. Even if this story ends here and you are off to a different chapter in your life, I appreciate how much you shared with the fandom - it’s a lot of work and investment, and I thank you for gifting us with this story.
pbjsammie chapter 36 . 1/18
hi, this was my first dark Hermione fic and I'm hooked! This is so well written! I hope you pick this up again one dayThank you!
Shar chapter 36 . 1/13
Hi. I just wanted to tell you i love your book. Its been so long since i discovered this book. It was the first time I had ever read a Tom Riddle story- which kind of sucks cuz the bar has been impossible to pass from the start. Truly though, despite being incomplete, this book is still one of the bests I've read, and very few have come close to rivaling it. I can still recall the scene when i binge read all the released chapters- that was maybe 6 years ago now? I think my first realization that this book was incomplete was my first real heartbreak haha. Every once in a while i cant help but come back and read it all over again. I'm not a teenager anymore. I have grown up a lot in that time, as I'm sure you have. I don't read too many fanfics now, but I still can't seem to ever get this one out of my head. Every once in a while I'll check back in to see if theres been an update or something. I'd say your writing is truly phenomenal if it has managed to keep me captivated for half a decade. I hope you are still writing, even if its just as a hobby. I'm sure the life you live now is much different than the one you lived when you first started writing this book- and I know you have probably moved on from that chapter of your life. But if you are ever looking to continue it, just know that there are still so many of us patiently awaiting your return. Don't feel pressured to make it perfect (something i struggle with personally when I'm making art), or feel scared that no one will read your work.
We have all supported you for years and will continue to do so :)

You long term anonymous supporter,
Shar :)
Swarma chapter 11 . 1/11
So so excited to see a bunch of new chapters after I've spent so much time away! Your attention to detail is fantastic and I can't even count how many times I've reread this fic just because I'm so excited about updates.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/4
I read as a guest so hardly leave any reviews but DAMN this time I had too. I absolutely am in love with your book and I'm on ch 4! The writing style, the plotline, your unique take on time travel, I'm loving every second of it! It is a wonderful piece of writing.
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