Reviews for Dragonstone
sjp1987 chapter 21 . 9/18
I just finished your story. It was really a pleasure to read. It makes a nice change how you have a main character that isn’t all powerful, even though he has a-lot of power available to him.
Guest chapter 21 . 8/26
Atrocious. Jon is given Dragonstone...because reasons? And marries Margaery Tyrell shipping yay! And why are you against R/L when you're fine with 13 year olds having sex? Loras at least is the age of majority when he had sex with Renly. All in all reads too much like a guilty pleasure fic with no riveting plot just a happy ever after bullshig
Amogo21 chapter 6 . 8/25
It’s the third time I’m reading this story but it’s still as good
silverrain-shiningsun chapter 11 . 8/21
Great story. Small typo: dyeing his hair (rather than as I lay dying)
silverrain-shiningsun chapter 5 . 8/21
This story is really good.
super12 chapter 21 . 7/12
I think this is my favorite game of thrones fanfiction! This was amazing!
Skilgannon White Wolf chapter 21 . 7/5
MagentaScribe chapter 21 . 6/28
bravo! bravo! 3
MarcusLokison chapter 21 . 6/20
Hi, I really liked this story. I hope you continue wrighting. I would enjo6 reading more of your work.
Meaningless Us3rname chapter 21 . 6/8
Very good. from start to begining the story was well thought out and the characters were each relatable. I'm sure that if your novel is even half this story and it will be good. I'll have to spend time searching for it online
Sparta10 chapter 1 . 6/5
good stuff
Only Balgony chapter 14 . 6/2
Robb and Dany!
Robb and Dany!
Come on whose with me!
Robb and Dany!
Lokken.8 chapter 21 . 6/2
This was an excellent story! My compliments to the author!
Only Balgony chapter 4 . 6/1
Loving this, and also...Shireen no!
squidsk chapter 1 . 5/2
I loved the story! Thank you.
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