Reviews for Square Eyes
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 10/23/2016
I loved how much depth you explored during this story, it was great to see a different perspective involving Ingrid and Harvey's relationship. It seems that Ingrid has been a very good influence on Harvey, as when he is with her, he is so much more confident, even more so when he feels he needs to defend her. Therefore, it takes no time at all for him to snap at Craig for his comments. He also is confident enough to drag Ingrid away once she is close to losing her temper, knowing she won't mind. Had he not known her so well he wouldn't have dared. He also doesn't let Craig think he got away with not apologising for the insult as he drags Ingrid away, something he might not do without her there.

It's clear that Ingrid brings out a very adventurous and impulsive side to Harvey, as he allows Ingrid to take him into numerous films with only a little reluctance. Ingrid herself is in tune enough with Harvey to know what will make the situation more comfortable, supplying him with snacks when they hadn't already got them and making sure to sit next to him and praise him when he needs it. However, her influence doesn't completely dampen Harvey's more serious side, which comes to the front when Craig reveals that he has evidence of them sneaking into films they haven't seen. He is far more worried about the consequences than Ingrid is, yet he still feels boosted enough to agree that Ingrid's plan was a good one, even though they ended up in trouble.