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RainbowPuff10 chapter 25 . 10/4
Guest chapter 9 . 10/3
I love the randomness. It's actually great.
RainbowPuff10 chapter 10 . 10/3
Absolute perfection.
Dragon MoonX chapter 25 . 9/9
I can't fall behind on this I love it too much! *hugs story*

[did not want to start his seventh year on a Splinched note.] Lol no, of course not. Starting off on a splinched note would be very bad indeed.

So Harry Potter is borrowing people's cars now. I can imagine that so clearly in my mind and it cracks me up every time I think about it. It makes me wish they would do a remake of the Harry Potter series using this story instead of Rowling's books because this story needs to be made into a movie.

Yaxley sure does like fried chicken lol. It would be funny if he sent Harry a bucket of fried chicken. Maybe slap a lid on it, tie it to an owl, then send it on its merry way. :P

["Yaxley mentioned that one of the other Death Eaters has taken up licking."] He's "taken up licking", like it's a hobby or something. XD

Poor Amycus, getting smacked with a newspaper every time he licks something. Though I will say that I laughed more than usual while reading this because I love seeing licking!Amycus written into a canon scenario. That makes it twice as funny. Also, this whole conversation between Harry and Yaxley about fried chicken and lemon pie is very funny.

It's funny how Harry just sits there so calmly, writing to Yaxley about lemon pie and how the house elves are to bring him one each night. It's like insanity is just a regular part of the wizarding world now, and I like that. I like that a lot.

[Some people do like to sleep, and some peoppe like to eat fried chicken in the middle of the night.] I wonder if Yaxley sleep eats. That's an interesting thought. Yaxley sleepwalking while carrying around a bucket of fried chicken and stuffing his face.

[Bellatrix murdered small crabs by the shore.] Oh dear god why? XD Lmao I guess because it's Bellatrix, that's why.

[Did you have fun down there with your crabs?] This... Best line of them all. And oh the many thoughts that come to mind while reading this.

Sitting on the beach and listening to the sound of the waves while Bella meditate seems rather peaceful. I wouldn't mind spending an evening like that.

I feel for Bella and her longing for a cup of whipped cream. And while I've never ordered a cup of whipped cream from a café, I will admit to eating frozen cool whip from the tub like ice cream. I would also like to add that Bella's love of sugary things (i.e. the cup of syrup, hot fudge, caramel sauce and whipped cream) doesn't really surprise me. It sounds like something she would like.

I'm still loving this story and I look forward to reading more.
you and me forevermore chapter 4 . 7/14
This was hilarious! Please write more!
magical medicine chapter 3 . 7/1
oh goshhhhh this is wonderful
Dragon MoonX chapter 24 . 6/4
I love this story. I can't say that enough, and I love the thought of Harry writing these letters to Yaxley. Every time I read this story it puts a smile on my face. :)

Yaxley is right. Harryness isn't as fun as Yaxleyness. Of course, Yaxley is a fun name to say anyway. And adding "ness" to the end makes it even more fun.

["But I still have not lost interest in your monkey.] This made me laugh. It also sounds slightly dirty to someone with a dirty mind like I've got. And now I just imagined Yaxley getting Harry a monkey, bringing it to school, and then Amycus shows up and starts licking the monkey. XD

And there's Amycus with his licking! Haha, poor thing. Getting smacked with a newspaper for licking stuff. It's funny how he started licking things when Alecto's not around even though Yaxley is always in the room when he does it. That's hilarious because now I've got the mental image of Amycus seductively licking a lampshade while giving Yaxley a come hither look.

So Yaxley experiences withdrawal symptoms when he doesn't get enough fried chicken? O.o Curious as to what that was like when he got put in St. Mungo's for fried chicken withdrawal. I just looked and my last sentence and laughed. That would make a good story (hint hint).

So Harry would understand if it was lemon pie? Lol just lol so much oh gosh. The conversations they have in this story are brilliant. Also laughing because of the line, "Fried chicken is not lemon pie, and it would be disgusting if it were." I don't know where you get your ideas but they're wonderful.

And you cracked me up again with "lemon pie had a much better flavor than his trunk."

Poor Bella, having to resort to turtle meditation when all she wanted was to say hi. Though it's amusing seeing Hermione asking Yaxley what he did to upset her, like she's their mother and instinctively knows when one of them did something to upset the other.

This story is great! I can't wait to see what happens next with Amycus once Harry gets to school.
Cinthya chapter 6 . 5/11
You know, i dont like granger
Sakura Lisel chapter 5 . 5/10
If Draco is starting to like whatever Dolholov has been sending him the way Harry and the others like theirs, that he didn't get a response to his last letter upset him. Though despite what Umbridge said about him being excused from that weeks letter, he should STILL write a letter every week at until Doholov is well enough to write back. Thsy way Doholov will have a LOT to write back about in response once hes all better. *lol*
LordWilmgaddark chapter 3 . 5/10
I know your user name is Maisie Malfoy, but I know perfectly well that you are Luna Lovegood in disguise. This story perfectly reflects her personality, as if she wrote it. Naturally, it's amazing.
Sakura Lisel chapter 2 . 5/10
Since Yaxleys been in prison for the last decade and a half and if hes serious about what he did to the muggle kids tv when he caught them watching My Litttle Pony, hes talking about the OLD original one that was still on the air back when he was still running free? *lol* it wasn't THAT bad, compared to the NEW one thats on now
Sakura Lisel chapter 1 . 5/10
Yeah... their DEAD whenever the recipients of those letters get out. *lol*
Professor R.J Lupin1 chapter 24 . 5/10
After this reading this fantastic story, I'm thinking of taking up Turtle Meditation. I would also like to have a penpal in prison. Maybe they will give me a monkey like Yaxley so rudely refuses to do for Harry. I love this story!
Dragon MoonX chapter 23 . 4/20
I'm curious as to where Yaxley found a gorilla and what he did with it after he found it. It would be funny if Dolohov tried using the gorilla as a bath pouf, though it probably wouldn't end well if he tried putting something that big in the bathtub. But that might be just what he needs to break him of the habit of putting primates in the tub.

Amycus has started licking things! Hooray! I do love a good Amycus licking things story. They're always fun. :)

[That sounds unpleasant and soggy.] I laughed when I read this. And now I'm thinking about Yaxley with soggy socks from so much licking, and when he walks the soggy socks squish and the sound annoys Bellatrix so she complains to Hermione about it.

Also laughing at Bella with her load of toilet paper. Guess she was out of wrapping paper for Harry's gift.

I love how Bellatrix just drops everything and curls up in a ball in the middle of their conversation. I can see her doing that, because our lovely Bella is always going to do whatever she wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Which is one of the many reasons why I like her.

So there's a ham sandwich hidden in all that toilet paper. Ew, it's gross but funny. And you gotta give Bella points for taking the time to get him a gift. Actually, the more I think about it, the funnier it gets. And it's even better once it goes into how Harry prefers turkey and now Bella wants to give him turkey because he said he likes ham. XD

This is brilliant! This is all so absolutely brilliant and I'm loving every bit of it. Bellatrix was wonderful in this chapter and I hope you update soon.
Dragon MoonX chapter 22 . 4/20
The part about how Amycus won't stop clapping made me think of a happy, clapping seel. It would be amusing if someone temporarily turned him into a seel. Also, the mental image of clapping Amycus is cute. I guess he was clapping all the time before he got in the habit of licking things.

I couldn't help laughing when I read about Ron going into hiding because the gnomes are taking over his house. It makes me imagine poor Ron hiding under the couch with hundreds of gnomes running around all over the place.

[She hadn't killed anything in nearly twelve hours.] A new record for our darling Bella.

I love that they're still going on about getting Harry a monkey and how Dolohov used it as a bath pouf. And then Bella makes a mental note to turn Dolohov into a bath pouf. It's still hilarious every time I see the monkey and the bath pouf mentioned in the story, though I'm starting to wonder if Harry will ever get his monkey.

[Bellatrix looked in the bathroom, but only walked in on a very displeased Travers.] And now I'm wondering why Travers is displeased. Is it because Bellatrix walked in on him, or did he... well, did he go in there with a purpose and not have a "success", if you will? Must be all that death they eat. I mean, if it tastes like swiss cheese, perhaps it has the binding effects of cheese as well. And that would most definitely make Travers displeased.

Rule number one: if Bella says she wants cake, then she must have cake. Rule number two: if you promise someone a monkey, you better get them one or have lots of cake instead.

Maybe the cake will help motivate Yaxley to finally get Harry a monkey.
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