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5directionalpilots chapter 15 . 7/15
Love love LOVE this! I'm so excited to see how her story develops! How does her grandma have so much influence? When are her teammates going to find out about her grandmother's treatment and step in? Stuff like that pulls me in!

(I read it a second time and it wouldn't let me review on chapter 16 because I apparently did already)
AilahtaN chapter 16 . 5/8
Komatsu es tan linda! Por favor continúa esta historia. Gracias por escribirla, por cierto. Es bastante buena :)
Louise chapter 16 . 2/27
Nice story, very interesting to read. I like Komatsu. To my mind, she is a good oc. I am curious to see how she will progress and develop. I like the moments between your oc and her team. (Caring Kakashi is cute) However, a lot of people seems to take advantage of her. For example, her relationship with Choji bugs me a bit. I can't decide if Choji is being nice or just taking advantage of her. This is why I like Shikamaru. So far, he has defended her (kind of) and he seems to respect her. (yes I ship them together but this might be because I am a huge Shikamaru-Shikaku fan)

I don't like Komatsu's grandmother. There is something shady about her and all this stuff with the Hyuga and Otogakure is raising red flags in my mind. I wonder if she is a traitor ? And I also wonder about the rest of Komatsu's family ? Who are they ? What happened to them ?

I don't know if you intend to follow canon or not but I think that either way, you are doing very fine so far. The reason why Komatsu should be on team 7 and not Sakura was plausible and well-written. I wouldn't mind at all if your story doesn't follow canon. Honestly, I hope Komatsu won't just do what Sakura does in the canon story. I hope we will read more about her skills and how it will impact team 7 missions and the story.

So, to sum up, I really like your story and I can't wait to read more.
(sorry for the long comment and the mistakes but english is not my mother tongue and I still struggle a bit with it)
alia00 chapter 16 . 2/11
It's nice
5directionalpilots chapter 16 . 2/9
Excited for the next update! Super underrated fic
winddemon199 chapter 12 . 2/1
Okay I'm gonna say this once. Stop having naruto call sasuke teme it sounds weird as hell and it's not even an insult it's a very harsh and rude way of saying you.
silver.wolf.1155 chapter 15 . 5/25/2019
polyptera chapter 15 . 12/28/2018
Ive really enjoyed it so far! Thank you.
CuteCat213 chapter 3 . 12/28/2018
I ship her with both Hinata ('she looked pretty when she blushed') and Naruto (she's acknowledging him and not laughing at his dream of being Hokage). Together. At the same time. (They both need more love and she needs like, twice the love.)
trendykids chapter 15 . 9/14/2018
i love how you chose to write komatsu as someone far from a mary sue. she has many difficulties; she isn’t intelligent and struggles too many times. i can’t wait to see how this goes.
Jayla Fire Gal chapter 15 . 12/11/2017
I think a prequel would be nice, if you are ever inspired. "Papa Kakashi"~~~~~~ LOVE THAT
Miss Luny chapter 15 . 12/10/2017
Your update made my day! Also I love papa kakashi so much I just can't even put into words I can't wait for the next update because seriously...what's haku gonna do about HIS BUNNY?
InARealPickle chapter 9 . 9/29/2017
You literally created an oc CLONE of Hinata. She's exactly the same from her haircut to her stutter to her his poor skills of the Ninja. Even her freaking hobbies are the same.

I hate canon Hinata's characterization, so there's very little about ever going to like this OC. But come on, you even gave her the same as Hinata. At least attempt some sort of creative writing. I don't think it is even accurate to call her an OC. There's nothing original about her.
Amezialy chapter 14 . 9/23/2017
I really like your story, keep up your good work. I know your said you would keep the canon pairing NaruHina, but Komatsu and Naruto would be a really good couple, you already have some scenes with them and there are so little good fanfics with a Narutoxoc pairing. Never the less, it your fanfic and I will keep supporting your fanfic. Can't wait for your next update.
I-R-Stormzz chapter 14 . 9/22/2017
Good chapter! If you do decide to have Naruto and Komatsu get together, you could use her problems with herself as a way for them to get closer. Like have Naruto overhear how she thinks about herself and knowing Naruto he'd want to help her change how she feels about herself.
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