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Theasiancow chapter 51 . 9/10
This guy below me (Onasicorp) is smoking crack. This is easily one of the best stories on this website period. The setting is immaculate and the storytelling is compelling and rich. It’s a tragedy that this isn’t being continued but I’m glad it was begun and made it this far.
Onasicorp chapter 51 . 9/8
If you are thinking of reading this, it is an unsatisfying story with an even more unsatisfying ending. At least the original series {book as well as the TV series} had an impressively well written and compelling beginning and middle.
ZiraelAragorn chapter 6 . 8/9
please not a jon dany pairing
stannisthemannis1993 chapter 44 . 8/2
Love this chapter (especially Ramsay's perspective).

Funny how even after all this time, we have very little idea what the deal is with Mel's shadow babies. After five books, the show's finale, numerous hints by GRRM, spirited fanfics (like this one) and endless fan discussion I feel we have a pretty good handle on the White Walkers. Yes many details can be debated, but the general outline seems pretty clear:

- they were created by the cotf ~8,000 years ago when they were getting slaughtered by men
- they grew out of control (or were always intended as a doomsday weapon) and became a threat to the whole world/all life
- the cotf eventually allied with the first men to fight them. 'Azor Azai' may or may not have been a crucial figure fighting for the living
- details are hazy on who won and how exactly, but it looks like some sort of truce may have occurred. We know from Craster's experience that human babies are needed to make more white walkers. The magic gate at the Nightfort was likely for the sacrificing of human children for this purpose. The Others may or may not have even contributed to the building of the Wall (and the Five Forts of Yi Ti might be the equivalent at the other end of Essos!)
- the story of the Night's King (13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch) implies the existence of human/Other hybrids. This story's interpretation seems to be that a child was born of this union, who may be the 'king' of the white walkers today (assuming they are truly immortal and can live 8,000 years)
- there are several possible explanations for why the Others have suddenly returned after all this time i.e. Valyria has met its doom, the last dragonlords are dead, the Night’s Watch is a fraction of its former power (due to the unification of Westeros) and a decade-long winter is about to start, though I admit none of these are 100% satisfactory.
- the Others' ultimate motives remain a little hazy. Are they just mindless monsters who've decided to wipe out all life? Do they see the living as a threat? Likely it is something more complex. I agree with the perspective that human lives are brief flickers to them, of little value, but then why bother coming south and conquering us?

So yeah, we have a pretty good handle on the Others, but what the heck is the deal with the shadows? The Red Priests seem to be onto something with their idea of an immortal war of fire vs ice, but if the two forces truly mirror each other, does that make them the equivalent of the White Walkers and the shadows like their wights? Or is it more the other way round? Characters like Beric Dondarrion and Melisandre appears to be 'fire wights' (the latter merely disguised by a glamor). So is Mel a slave or a master? Who is sending her those visions in the flames anyway? And do dragons have some place in all this?

All we really know about shadows in the books are they are created by the union of a man woman. This appears to roughly mirror the white walkers (who need human babies also). 'King's blood' appears to be a key ingredient, but what does that mean exactly? Targaryen blood? Could any king or his descendants work? The one that killed Renly seemed unstoppable, but there are likely limitations on their power. Storm's End is supposedly warded against them, much as the Wall is implied to directly block the Others. I like this interpretation that weirwood can kill them, as dragonglass/obsidian can kill the Others, so in theory you can fight them and beat them.

But otherwise we know precious little. If the cotf created the white walkers, who created the shadow assassins? The Valyrians? Somebody in Asshai? And why? Have they also been dormant for thousands of years? What woke them up?

So many questions, and even fewer answers, regarding the shadows!
Silhouette of a Life chapter 47 . 6/27
Well I decided to keep reading and im glad I did. Malvern finally dead and Ramsey helping others, never saw that one coming. Soooo maybe just ignore my previous review
Silhouette of a Life chapter 46 . 6/27
Well I think thats where I stop reading. Its becoming predictable, shit on Jon, shit on Jon, shit on Jon and shit on Jon. White walker shows up makes its army bigger then escapes. Too bad I really enjoyed parts of this fic, but its becoming more of a chore to read this now. I will say I love what you did with Bran and not making him become the three eyed raven. Such a boring and useless character. Well good luck with the rest of your fic.
EzYang chapter 33 . 5/31
Jon... you idiot. I hope he shapes up and takes charge in the coming chapters; no more playing King, get to conquering!
Theasiancow chapter 31 . 5/27
This chapter was crazy. Great writing. It could really bring out the awe and terror of the situation
EzYang chapter 17 . 5/26
Goddammit Sam, you clever fool.
okkkkayla645 chapter 51 . 5/25
You did a fantastic job at writing this! I just finished it and couldn’t put it down until I read the whole thing through.
I look forward to reading more of your work!
Bovragor chapter 34 . 5/18
Thanks. No, seriously, I thank you for reminding me just how much I hate the Boltons. I had nearly forgotten how much I hate Ramsey... I think I will return to my head-cannon of him getting his just deserts and being flayed alive.
Bovragor chapter 4 . 5/11
I so freaking love it! Holy Hell! What a reveal!
smolhauz chapter 51 . 4/30
Awesome story, read it through in 3 days. Absolutely massive read but it was worth it.
smolhauz chapter 48 . 4/30
Wow. For a split second i cheered ramsay when he killed that wight walker. Still hate him but eh, cool moment.
smolhauz chapter 47 . 4/30
Oh yes. Oh fuck yeah! Oh YeAh!
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