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wildarms13 chapter 5 . 11/16/2016
emergency! emergency! we got a patient here overdose with sugar! he need some god damn insulin!

ahhhhh, thanks for the overdosage of fluffiness author-san! i was grinning like a madman for the whole chapter! can't believe this really worked.. the pairing i mean..

That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice that i can't already wait for the next chapter! Please update again soon author-san!
Q chapter 5 . 11/13/2016
A few typos but great pacing and easy elaboration for those of us not caught up in the manga. Please keep up the amazing work.
Nucleophile chapter 5 . 11/15/2016
Nice chapter, per the usual. The logical flow and stream-of-conscious format meshes well with Mina's personality. Definite improvement over the last chapter, so kudos there!

Only tip today would be to watch your sentence structure: some of them are really long and definitely could have been partitioned better. Don't be afraid to sprinkle in shorter guys every now and then. It does wonders for the flow!

Thanks, and best of luck with the next installation.
Luxraylover chapter 5 . 11/14/2016
I talk about epic chapter and cute chapter well they were correct and well established for the previous two respectively. But this chapter I really have no words for it, is the Christmas come early this year or is it an early thanksgiving present? Whatever it is, it's absolutely marvelous to read and truly a honor for me to be able to do so and actually expressing it in a review. It's my favorite chapter for sure so far and that too to keep in mind chapter three.
Finally I was able to get the chapter where friendship blossoms into romance between our two lead protagonists of this fanfiction. We saw this chapter from Mina's POV which probably is right 'cause we know if any fluttering romance is to happen then it would be led by her. Mina weighed her feelings and after surveying every possibility she came into the same conclusion that we wanted her to have for since the beginning of this story. While at times she may have felt rushed, I as a reader can convey to you it felt a perfect pace to me. She and Izuku after all are teenagers they shouldn't take years to know a guy and have a constant level of relationship to the point of knowing everything about him/her to fall in love. That comes with maturity and is for adults. As teens they suppose to have puppy loves and while Mina's I believe based on a strong base of admiration, bond and friendship their so called "Puppy love" will strengthen to forge something special as time passes on.
Although I never expected it Mina did let her feelings known at least with that kiss and letting him aware this saturday unlike last time will be far more special for a hangout which she entitled as a 'date'. I hope even Izuku can decipher the fact that their relationship has changed after this particular train ride they aren't just friends anymore, they are a bit more than that.
There are plenty of facets I loved about this chapter from Mina's view point of Izuku, based on his character and personality. I liked the par where she openly admired him even though she was a nervous wreck a minute ago. She really wanted Izuku's affection and knew she would have to be the brazen between them due to the later's shy personality so she lent on his shoulder and told him physically (I wonder if I've chosen the right word here) that Mina felt for him deeper than a friend would or should. Izuku being the timid boy although knows his feelings but too scared to act on it but because of what Mina did he was able to hold her by shoulders encircling his arms around her which spoke volumes both his feelings and how much Mina strengthened his resolve. If that wasn't enough that kiss was the clincher for poor Izuku it may be a bit too overboard for displaying affection.
My personal favorite was the part when Izuku wanted her to call him by his first name something he never once mentioned to his classmates other than probably Kacchan who downright refuses to. As you also let us know it's something he's only comfortable to be called only by his mom. It's not that he would hold it against them if anyone else calls him by his first name. But he invited Mina to call him that which spoke how much the pink haired and skinned alien looking girl affects him. Although Mina refused to call him that may be subconsciously knowing it would create a scene which she may not be that affected but it would add to Izuku's humiliation. She stuck to her 'Midori' the name she bestowed upon him affectionately but she certainly knows her privileges so she stuck a deal that she would call him 'Izuku' when they are all alone 'cause she knows it's 'Closer' and special.
I could write the review for an eternity (not really but may be another half an hour so) but it wouldn't show my true gratitude of bringing us this chapter. It was impeccable and in more ways than one Perfect for me at least. Please update whenever you come although I do not want you to rush it 'cause it'll be a difficult ordeal to maintain such high standards so would require time but if you have ever been a reader you would about how curiosity works specially over things you crave so much. My craving for next chapter can not be expressed if it can then you would probably have to write it now but I would be content to let you know I will look forward to it.
Farewell until next time and Thank You.
Luxraylover chapter 4 . 11/14/2016
While the other I called epic, for this chapter I have one word of describing it 'cute'. While not the most flattering term I don't know anything else to associate with but that doesn't mean it's any less fascinating. In fact I would have preferred it after last chapter we had previously. We stuck to canon most times while you added you own parts where it's necessary like the Mina's dislike to rain and her assessments. Her concerns seem logical considering her quirks but no less absorbing to read for me. Then the interaction that happened between those two our main protagonists in this fanfiction while Izuku's willingness to help a friend in need is real Mina of course was fascinated by it 'cause that something is not attributed to everyone else. Then although not the most favored work sheet she received she able to choose her obvious destination only because Izuku made sure of that while it's never his own concern to begin with. While Mina's admiration for him grew I wonder if even tiny bit of romantic hue mixed in that.
Although I'm tempted to read the next chapter which will be the final one until you replenish it with another but I'm also somber of that knowledge and want to preserve it for tomorrow. A clash of minds on begging me to satisfy it's curiosity while other cautious of the sadness of the aftermath wonder what will I select?
I do not know but I know one thing for certain to reveal my gratefulness for this chapter that you brought into existence. Thank you.
Luxraylover chapter 3 . 11/14/2016
It was a breathtakingly epic chapter. It had everything fun and lightheartedness in earlier parts where they went together to spend the day with each other. Having fun playing arcade games, enjoying each other's company while showing places (Although Mina did most if not all of the showing) and talking in generally about them. Then came action when a nasty plant like quirk using villain, Overgrow showing up tearing apart anything and everything in sight. They worked together and fought and defeated the villain. Mina trusted her friend's judgement and selflessly put herself in harm's way just so Izuku could deal the finishing blow. May be that's why she's hurt when she found about Izuku's supposed deceiving act about his quirk's true origin bu we will come to that later. Woods saved and finished the deed they started and then came the moment when they suppose to leave after a long day which dragged on after their action packed second hour. But they were halted by Izuku's couple of old classmates who are less friends more bully due to his quirkless state. But they felt remorse due their earlier behavior towards him and apologized to him which is all good except Mina was present who felt betrayed by his friend who kept a secret from her that she felt she should know. May be she's right in her thought or may be she's wrong considering Izuku may not know her well enough to spill his every darkest secrets but she wanted to know, she implored him to tell her which he couldn't refuse yet he couldn't tell her without alerting her about the owner of his mighty quirk to whom he promised not to reveal his identity. A turmoil indeed for young Midoriya, but one he prevailed without jeopardizing his true secret and also not outright lying through his teeth. He told her a truth that's a part that may be he would like to believe but while it came with a knowledge that may be he would suppress otherwise.
But in the end the day turned out to be memorable with Mina explaining her admiration for his courage and nobility while letting him he would become what he always wanted to be a hero, The best hero at least in her eyes. That something broke something inside of him as only one other person aside for his immediate family told him while he didn't exactly broke down he shed a few tears of joy and relief and with that forged a bond that they yet to fully realize. While Izuku only realize he wanted to spend more times with this hyperactive teenager who told him to stop using her in a last name basis and call her for what she is "Mina".
I wonder if the review is as epic as the chapter was probably not but understable but I still wanted to try to reward your effort which by the way phenomenal. I wish for more to come. Thank you so much for this chapter I know this is the best I read for awhile now.
Hercules8 chapter 5 . 11/14/2016
Yes! A cute and romantic moment finally! :3

I can't wait for the next chapter. I am so excited!
Luxraylover chapter 2 . 11/14/2016
Another remarkable chapter, even from Mina's prospective it's an wonderful read certainly engrossing. So I had to read more than once just to get a good feel about it. Mina's a strong willed cheery persoon who seems to have nice pleasant family so she doesn't much know about the dark world that needed HERO saving. Don't mind me she knows just fine about hero business but she views it differently from say Midoriya who sees is a his whole life long dream for her may be passion and slight admiration but no where near to the extent of Midoirya. So I wonder if we see that in their interaction in future in particular this weekend meet they're having.
As always well done and thank you for you dedication and please drop a chapter once in a while when you feel like it 'cause I'm certainly looking forward to it.
Luxraylover chapter 1 . 11/14/2016
This is terrific story one I'm pretty sure I'll cherish. This anime show is pretty new for me and so's this section. As much as I like our Izuku/Ochako pairing it's canon so watching the anime would satisfy me. But I entered this section of fanfiction to find something that's beyond canon and I found this I liked this pairing the moment I laid my eyes on this and I wasn't disappointed after reading this first chapter. It was nothing sort of amazing the interaction between those seemed pretty natural and so's their chemistry. The most incredible fact that I could relate to Izuku considering my character is not too dissimilar to him made it an wonderful read. I admire your writing and hope you'll continue to do so. Thank you
Emperor of Performances chapter 5 . 11/13/2016
Wonderfully done. Seriously 100/100. I loved the speed of the story. Someone like Mina is of course going to develop feelings for someone in such a short amount of time. She's just that fast and forward with her emotions.

The last sentence through killed me. A street performer? A street performer! Who the fuck thought that!?

One thing, shouldn't it not count as Izuku's first kiss considering it was on the cheeks and not on the lips?
Luine Mercury LWG chapter 5 . 11/13/2016
Mina kissed Izuku, and he basically shut off. I feel like this would happen if any girl in the series did it for any reason, but its still adorable.
alvaraiz chapter 5 . 11/13/2016
Wow, do I admit left me speechless. Your writing, chronicles the events and emotions of the characters is very fun and enjoyable to read but not only that but how you handle the romance is extremely adorable and funny. To date I have always been and I'll be a loyal fan Dekuraka but definitely follow your story to the end because it is too good in many ways.
Now you finish your work and skills praise I have three things to you. A question, a comment and a request.
Firts: In story there will be more action scenes or you'll go more for the romance only?
Second, I can not wait to read when Deku is dedicated to help Mina with written mid-semester exams. I know it will be a lot of fun and adorable.
Another thing before I forget; Uraraka also develops feelings for Deku here or'd stop that aside? Just curiosity.
third and final: please make a scene with Deku and all might talk about everything that has happened to Mina, he has always thought of them having a parent-child relationship not to mention imagining Toshinori giving advice to his dear student about girls and serious dating very funny. hehe
Well that would be all, Pordon by grammars faults, English is not my mother tongue. Greetings and be good.
Karlos1234ify chapter 5 . 11/13/2016
Sunday November 13, 2016.

That ending was priceless. After receiving his first kiss from a girl. Izuku stopped thinking. L o l.
Webbo13 chapter 4 . 11/11/2016
Awesome job dude, so far the story is amazing
TheLoserWhoDoes chapter 4 . 11/11/2016
Just make them get closer already! I WANT FLUUUUF
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