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JP I'm Italian chapter 51 . 3/12/2018
OK, I don't know HOW I missed your upload... OK, let's start with the siple things: about the author note of people dying and returning... I think you forget Ninian XD (she dies by Eliwood's hand and is resurrected in last chapter by Bramimond). I think the title of the chapter is perfect, of course because you MADE the chapter fitting the title perfectly. I noticed a pair of repetitions in the text and, close to the end, Alicia calls Arvis "Arivs", when they're talking about the childer. Now about the chapter... Well... I was able to feel the pain, the surprise and the panic of Alicia during the entire ordeal. When I read the "apparition" of Manfroy in the palace I thought: -TAC, and now she'll say something!- and instead not. I think the bargain of Lewyn is about offering his body to the God so "he" will appear still alive for all the people around him. I wonder why the staff didn't worked with Chulainn, I mean... I know he HAD to die but... it still feels wrong! I noticed you didn't write anything about the "Reptor part" but I can understand you most focused on the "Massacre"... and the recurrent question of your OC. I was a little surprised by the careless behavior of Diadora, I wonder if you'll make her regain her memory when Julius will make his move... Well, now I'll go read the side story between the two generations. Bye!

PS:I know on Serenes Forest they're translating the pages, I just thought you was in possession of a physical copy of that.
The Incredible Muffin chapter 52 . 3/11/2018
Because of COURSE one of the OC kids gets kidnapped. Because the good guys never catch a break until they grow up and learn to be awesome. *sigh* Arvis and everyone who work with him have to die. Still, I'm eager to see what happens next!
Cyberchao X chapter 52 . 3/11/2018
...What. You... added another one?
Cyberchao X chapter 51 . 3/11/2018
Wow. That was incredible. Even having played this game, I was still stunned. ...So Lex and Ayra die later, huh? And of course, the only fathers conclusively shown to die are those whose children had already all been conceived. Well done. ...Wow. This was an intense chapter.
Cyberchao X chapter 50 . 3/11/2018
Wow. Holy shit. That's all I can say.

So...Manfroy's going to kill Alicia for knowing too much, right? It's gotta be. She knows the truth of Deirdre/Diadora; she can't be allowed to live.
Anonymous chapter 51 . 3/11/2018
Cue the “history of the entire world, i guess” intermission.

I always wondered why Sigurd was one-shotted during the story cutscene since canonically he had Tyrfing equipped, so I’m glad that was fixed. How it happened still remains a mystery.

I can tell you’ll probably be doing a Thracia side-story, what with all the little hints here. Salem is a good boi. Not as good as Canas, tho. Then again, he doesn’t get killed by continuity errors... but he’s also a bitch to recruit... Ah, whatever.

So from what I can tell, Caitriona will be like a Celica clone (so Mage Fighter). Conall... well, he could either end up a Mage Fighter, or a Mage Knight. Mage Knight because Chulainn was good with animals, so it’d be no surprise if he somehow ended up taming a horse unintentionally.

Now that I know that Aideen is confirmed to survive, I’m wondering how big of a shock she’ll get when she recognizes who Eyvel really is. Potential tear-jerker moment when she realizes she’s lost her memory. Of course, this is all provided you have the Thracian campaign go through that side-chapter to give a weed cure to Eyvel to cure her chronic stoned status. Which you obviously will, given that you can recruit Sara in both routes.
Mr. Pink chapter 49 . 3/11/2018
About the massacre, you're right. I remember me moving my units down as much as I could to save them but... the massacre in inevitable EVEN IF I must say the AI of Leonster was pretty low because it's true they were mounted units in desert but, even if instead of... 15 squares, they were able to move only by 5, during the Thracia attack they just move by 1 or 2. Of course the thing is still painful... Imo it's the game that WANTS some bad things to happen. Like that bastard of Arvis:"Nothing personal, Sigurd..." THAT WAS ONLY PERSONAL, YOU SON OF A BITCH! (and this it's true)
Cyberchao X chapter 49 . 3/11/2018
Wow, not used to having to go back chapters from the end. That was... well-written. And painful. I have to admit, FE4 was quite good about making sure that if the story said a character was supposed to die, that character would die, and usually in game mechanics. ...Well, maybe "usually" is a stretch. Eldigan dies in a cutscene unless you have your army kill him, and of course your first generation army dies in a cutscene, and of course capturing a castle automatically kills every enemy tied to that castle so you can't really spare sympathetic but non-recruitable bosses that aren't actually guarding castles. So they really only pull that trick twice; with Annand and with Quan and Ethlyn. But I always thought it was an interesting the way they set it up so that the odds of the doomed characters actually winning are so infinitesimal, and how save state cheesing until the RNG lines up just right to make it happen actually makes the level unbeatable. And they do it in different ways during the different times. In Chapter 4, they put the battle in a part of the map that's separated from the start of it by a chokepoint a tile wide and block it with a unit that's coded as technically being an allied neutral unit until the damage is done (though they also use invisible walls, both to keep Erinys out and because you're supposed to be able to go right past allied neutral units). And because that wall doesn't come down until Annand dies, her survival softlocks the game. Whereas in Chapter 5, while the terrain makes it tough to get any units other than Erinys over to assist in anything resembling timely fashion, they keep you from interfering by NOT CODING THE THRACIANS AS ENEMY UNITS until they've slaughtered the Leonster forces. Though even there, they kind of cheapen it by just having any Leonster units that survive long enough disappear once Phinora is captured. I guess you probably could keep Quan alive all the way to the end of the chapter by going straight for Velthomer, but that's kind of tough. (At least, I think Reptor is already on the map before you capture Phinora. It's been awhile, so I could be wrong.)
LuxBeacon chapter 51 . 3/10/2018
Omg this was amazing! This is what we needed, but honestly that thing that rattled me most was the sudden announcement of Alicia's death. She had finished her records of her time with Sigurd, but after the massacre it's like she loses her drive. All of them had potentially happy futures despite the deaths of many friends yet, but now none of them will ever get the chance (well most of them). Anyway, it's heartbreaking to know that in the end Alicia couldn't take it. She had endured so much sadness over the years, but living with her family's murderer for 5 years was too much.
I REALLY want to know about the other missing characters. The characters most likely to die did die (the knights, Midir, Chulainn, Beowulf) I'm really hopeful that Jamke and Dew are alive, but seems unlikely judging from Alice's knowledge, but Dew is a slick fellow and Jamke is a capable man.
Really curious about Sylvia and Claude because I knew we still need Coirpre, but I figured Sylvia would be pregnant again and Claude would be dead. Glad that's not the case.
Anyway, I love the fact Alicia got a chance to meet up with her friends before they all escaped (the fact she only saw Sigurd be incinerated saddens me), but close enough.
I hope Caitriona can tell her story on Alicia's caliber though I miss her already. Excellent chapter as always, keep up the great work.
The Incredible Muffin chapter 51 . 3/10/2018
Okay, this was... really freaking dark. Like, Red Wedding with magic levels of dark. I don't care what Arvis' reasons were, he must die. Horribly. I haven't desired the death of a fictional character this badly since Zephiel in your Elibe series. Poor Alicia; everyone she loves is either dead or out of reach, and her children will grow up without their parents.

I think my feelings about this story can now be summed up with the following: F*** Arvis. And Manfroy, too.
DeirdreofChalphy chapter 51 . 3/10/2018
I... Oh gods, I'm tearing up... That was absolutely painful to read, and I mean that in the absolutely best possible way. It just hurts because it's a tragedy, and you just captured it really damn well.

Again, like I said... I haven't played FE4, and I've spoiled myself on the story. And still... despite the fact that I spoiled myself on one of the biggest (And best, as far as the fandom for this game is concerned) plot twists of the series... it doesn't make the tragedy hurt any less. If anything, it just makes it hurt more, knowing that it's coming... and I felt a sense of dread at the end of last chapter and the beginning of this one, knowing the fate of the cast that we've come to know and love...

Also, to be honest, a part of me expected Alica's relationship with Arvis to be strained afterwards. And in a way, I guess it has been. Because she doesn't fully 'forgive' him, and only moves on... To quote Palla in Echoes... "Being family allows you to forgive some things you couldn’t otherwise. Though I understand it also makes other things unforgivable."

Ah, and one more thing... I find it really heartwarming in a bittersweet way that despite Chulainn's death in the Battle of Belhalla, Arvis still considered him Alica's husband, and thus family.

So yeah... It hurt, but I don't regret it a bit because it hurts for all the right reasons; because it did a tragedy justice. I really did enjoy reading it.
Valkyrie Elysia chapter 51 . 3/10/2018
You know it's funny, I actually commented on a YouTube review for Genealogy saying 'So if Game of Thrones was a video game...a good one.'

Still, it's really heartbreaking to see the people we've seen and grown attached to end their journey this way. This is probably one of the most tragic events in the history of Fire Emblem. The way it's set up and executed really hits you. Even the music for the chapter, Doors of Destiny, sounds like a funeral march.

I kind of felt a little disgusted with how Arvis has gotten what he wanted and doesn't seem to show any sort of remorse or regret for it. Then I remember exactly what's in store for him and I instantly feel sorry for him. Goes to show how good of a villain Arvis is.

Well, Alicia's part in this story is over. I can only hope the second generation will be able to read her writings someday.

Now it's time for her daughter and the others to take up the tale...
BlueBlade87 chapter 51 . 3/10/2018
It's sad and we all shall shed tears for those who died. Alicia died so sadly, it's hard to not feel upset when you see soneone dying right infrint of you and you can't do anything. But on to what heroes has given us.

"Excuse me, yes you. What, think I'm going to talk your ear off with a lecture about your health? Not now that's for later. I'm just teasing don't look so scared. But I wanted to thank you for helping me adjust to being here. You found me after something terrible happened in my time, something which I could only forgive the person who had done the act. But here I've had the chance to see the friends I lost and meet the children who are just as dear to me as my own children. But let's move off of the sad topics, shall you join me for tea? I just made a new blend, also I'll let you have a few sweets with it, but no more then five."

A level frourthy conversation from Alicia, the flower of Vala. Thank you for masking this stubborn, kind and amazing woman.
flashyhero chapter 51 . 3/10/2018
Yo, I don't leave many reviews, but I just wanted to let you know, all the stories you work on and out out are stories I enjoy immensely. The pace you put them out, especially these last few chapters of this one, are awesome. Just though I'd let you know.
The Incredible Muffin chapter 50 . 3/10/2018
Okay, so Altena is alive. That's a relief. Wait a second... the POV character just separated from the group before a huge battle... I am suddenly worried for the rest of the army.
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