Reviews for Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
DidiXana chapter 3 . 4/20
I just found this story and loved it. Wow! Please tell me you’ll come back and finish it. After all, you said only one more chapter to go. I hope that it will be finished, I’m really looking forward to read the end. It has been so good!
bitchy chapter 3 . 5/25/2019
I fucking hate you for literally ripping apart my heart then continuing to rip until its beyond repair.
ukyryo chapter 3 . 12/26/2018
You think to finish the fic, it would be very cruel not to do it, although seeing from when you do not update I lose hope I hope you touch your heart
Guest chapter 1 . 4/21/2018
Okay so after reading Wuthering Heights in AP Lit last semester I was soo looking for something Vegebul for this book...IM SO GLAD YOU MADE THIS THANK YOU
lalas7 chapter 3 . 12/18/2017
I don't even know how I ended up in this story but it's just so good!. I hope one day you feel enough inspiration to finish it.
LVR4Trunks-n-Vegeta chapter 3 . 3/7/2017
Oh plzzzz finish this story. In every chapter there was one or more of the characters that I wanted to kick their ass. I wanna know the rest of the story that Baba has to tell and everything that Vegeta feels when he reads Bulma's diary. How did he lure/kidnap Bra? Update soon
LadyVegeets chapter 2 . 12/4/2016
I read this over on TPATH for the Lit Challenge and HOO BOY did it f**k me up. Oh my GAWD. I still think about it now and then and my heart just contorts and I have this uncontrollable rage to PUNCH something before I burst into tears.


You are EVIL. T_T (very well written).
Dragonbabezee chapter 3 . 11/26/2016
And I forgot to say - I was really starting to hope that you had kept Lazuli alive, and maybe after Vegeta bites it, her and Krillin could meet and the poor woman finally experience some happiness and love. :( So sad for her. Possibly even more sad for her than Bulma, because Bulma was more culpable for what happened to her. It was painful and wrenching to read Bulma destroying her own happiness, and Vegeta giving her no mercy or space to get over him, but Lapis and Lazuli are mostly innocent, or only guilty of not properly reading the signs and falling for two soul-entwined demons.
dragonbabezee chapter 3 . 11/26/2016
YEEE! I'm excited and horrified all at once. Yes, you did make Vegeta a cruel bastard, but at least he didn't beat his wife like Heathcliff. This was a great imagining of what the marriage might have been like. Emily Bronte was never going to 'go there' obviously, so thanks for that. I find it believable and heartbreaking. The thought of marrying the person you love only to have them hate you in return is soul-deadening.

I also really liked Baba and Vegeta arguing, throwing all discretion to the wind in their antimony towards each other, and letting lose in front of a guest. Baba's not scared of showing her mind to the one who pays her wages. Vegeta's smug dismissiveness of all his cruelties was infuriating.

I really want to know how Vegeta reacts to the diary. You must have another chapter coming. Sorry it took me so long to remember that you put this chapter out. I did see the notification at the time, but I didn't have a chance to read it at the time and then it just flew my mind. I just sat down to write tonight, but then I thought I would check my reviews first (to remind myself what issues the readers are finding pressing) and saw your review, and then remembered that there was this gem waiting for me! So no writing got done :D
koii chapter 1 . 11/20/2016
I originally read this when it was a contest submission, and dear god, it had me blubbering like a friggen baby.
From what I remember, the contest submissions didn't have story titles...
"Even Though Our Love Is Doomed"...

That being said, you did a fantastic job at destroying my soul.
Ladyg228 chapter 2 . 11/15/2016
oh how my heart breaks for them! I haven't read the book before so I was NOT expecting this ending [ great job!
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 2 . 11/15/2016
"Oh no!" I'm thinking the same damn thing! She married Lapis! Dammit, why Bulma, why?! :'( Whoa, Lapis is dead?! No way! Don't know whether to be sad or glad! Also Baba seems to be very hateful of Vegeta, which is bizarre, cause in the last chapter she really took to him and was all for him and Bulma becoming an item. Odd!

Hm, a lot of "between the lines" here that Baba's recounting. I like those, they really help fill in plenty of gaps. I think it was wrong of Bulma to blame Vegeta entirely for Lapis' accident on that wild horse of his. Lapis was the overconfident fool that chose to ride that horse, despite Vegeta's warnings and caution.

I actually agree with Vegeta's standpoint. Launch isn't so bad and Goten's just an innocent child, but Tien, being the sick, disgusting, hateful piece of trash he is, deserves all the grief and despair in the world.

Oh dammit, one day, just one day late! Why did it have to be?! If only Vegeta had come a day earlier! My heart's bleeding now! :'( But that reunion was really nice! I love how Bulma just forgot everything that happened the moment he arrived and just rushed right towards him! That was beautiful! "The stable hand with the terrible horse." Pfft, get out of here Lapis, you pretentious fool! Vegeta's a decorated war veteran, who's built his way up from scratch! You won't be able to look down on him anymore! God, it's even more heart-warming how Vegeta and Bulma only have eyes for one-another, despite the surrounding company! Truly curious as to how this'll go down! Oh are Bulma and Vegeta arranging a tryst in private?! Ah, scandalous, but I love it! They're meant for each other! Lapis has no business here, even if he did marry her!

My God, are they really kissing?! Amazing! Excuse me a moment, my heart just flew away from me, I need to get it back haha! Man, just hearing Bulma admit that she'd have left Lapis for Vegeta makes this even more profound! So many damn feels here! Yes, leave him Bulma! Do it! Forget that guy! But I know it'll be more complicated than that! Dammit, so many obstacles, with the whole marriage/consummation issue! Darn it, if only Vegeta had wrote or something! It would've worked out so well, then!

Ahhh, jealous Bulma! Well, now you know how it feels, don't you?! Oh Bulma, that profuse blush of yours gives everything away! You most certainly have Vegeta dwelling in your mind! Just leave Lapis already, dammit! You know you want this flame-haired hothead, so have at him! Whoa pregnant! Damn, that's the biggest blowback ever! Such a freaking shame! Come on Bulma, if Vegeta's wooing Lazuli, you can't entirely blame him, since you keep turning him off! But then, it's pretty obvious that he's trying to make her jealous! But still, she's married and she's being a total hypocrite! If she's that possessive over Vegeta, then just let Lapis go and take off elsewhere, with Vegeta, dammit! You know, I'm kinda glad that you gave Bulma a taste of her own medicine! Usually, in B/V stories, Vegeta's only ever involved with Bulma, whereas she's part of some silly love triangle haha.

Aw man, such a shame that Lazuli just left Lapis like that... Darn! Oh no, Vegeta's eloped with Lazuli! DARN IT! Yet another tearjerker! :'( God, despite all the mistakes Bulma's made, I feel so terrible for her, locking herself in a room and getting severely ill etc. It's severely depressing, my God! :'( And now I'm feeling bad for Lazuli too, what with the disaster of a marriage she jumped into with Vegeta. Such a huge debacle, this is! Whoa, Vegeta's super pissed at Lapis now, for his b.s. ultimatum! He predicted it, just as it was!

I love how Vegeta's totally torn apart from the inside, at seeing Bulma's state. I truly hope he can help her recover from it! Please live Bulma! I'm totally going to bawl here! Please, live dammit! :'('''''''' My goodness, you're writing this so freaking well, evoking one emotion after another! I'm feeling it so freaking deeply! Do not leave Vegeta! To hell with Lapis! Stay there, darn it, she needs you! Yes, he's staying, perfect! Oh no, Bulma passed! NOOOOO! This is too tragic! That can't be the end of it, no way! Oh she died! I'm crying like hell now! :'('''''''''''''''''''' HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?! But, how can I blame you! It's I who hadn't even read the story! My God, I didn't know it'd end this way! Such a powerful story, this! So unique the way it ended, as well! But it hurts too much! Dammit, I'm going to lose sooooo much sleep now! I don't think I'll sleep for weeks, after this! I've never felt this much pain and heartbreak, after reading a story, any story! :'(''''''''''''''''''''''''
Prl16 chapter 3 . 11/15/2016
Oh, no, oh, no, how could you stopped right there? I need to know what happens when he reads her diary. This is so painful yet I love it so much! I don't know how to handle so many feels.

Yes, Vegeta is a cruel bastard, but he wouldn't be him if it wasn't that way. All I want is for him to have some sort of comfort, he's been through a lot, made terrible mistakes, let his soul get poisoned, hurt and make miserable everyone around them, but Lazuli's words were so true, he is capable of love, and at what level, on a sick, very obsessed way. I don't blame her for trying to make them work, but what happened to her is also very sad, poor woman.

His words for her, his crying, the way he contemplates her painting, how he made love to her memory, wow, this man is so intense. What killed me was how he pleaded her to haunt him. Oh, my god, that is so sad, sick, pathetic yet is so beautiful. I can't deal with it. That's just tragic. I can't stop crying since I begin to read it.

Her diary, in there she narrated their happy moments. The moments I loved the most about them. The beginnings of their powerful feeling and why he can't love anyone but her. She was the reason why he stayed on the Heights even when Tien returned. Maybe it can give him some happy memories of better times. It was indeed a gift from her, even if he will suffer reading it.

And that statement of Bulma being the only reason herself of them not being together. That's so powerful. It is so true and so sad. They could have been together, but she choose not to. Vegeta sure was cruel, but I agree that they both were responsible for their doomed love.

And her horse! I didn't expect that at all! I remembered how he wanted to see her happy and bought it to her. Back then money didn't mattered to him if it was not to make her happy. Now he's all rich, had his vengeance, own the properties, but he's empty inside, what good does it make?

And Bra! How did he persuaded her? I want to know. And what happened with Tien and Goten? He said Tarble is dead now. What happens? Please continue, please.
Prl16 chapter 2 . 11/14/2016
Oh my god! I am here crying and crying and I can't stop. This was so heart breaking. They both destroyed themselves, their love was so intense and not being together lead one thing to another. He loved her beyond anything, even in her death he wants her spirit to haunt him if it is the only thing he can get. I lost it when she told him about the dream, she was delirious, oh, no, this is too much.

All I can do is thinks about their moments together, when Tien left and they were happy, what would have happened if they had succeeded in running away, or if he would have taken her that night in the barn, what if he haven't heard her talking to Baba, what if she found him when he went away, what if he had wrote to her or came back a day earlier, oh no, Vegeta must be full of regrets and what ifs scenarios. He became a monster without Bulma by her side, he sure has a reason to be angered and grumpy, and I think that's what Krillin would find out. My heart is in pain, oh my god!

And I must say I love Baba. A wonderful key witness in all of this.

And his marriage with Lazuli, he did it to spite Lapis and out of convenience but everything went even downwards from there. He could never love her, or anyone for that matter. He's beyond that. She ruined him and he ruined her. He loved her the moment they met! Oh my god, I still can't get over the scenes when they were kids.

I'm glad there's another chapter!
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 1 . 11/14/2016
So, the journey begins at last! It's time to delve deep into this! Ah, Lapis and Lazuli, eh? I personally prefer their original names as well! Seventeen and eighteen just sound way too generic! Nice one! Now, I'll just go and borrow that idea from you for my story, if you don't mind hehehe (but no worries, you know I always give credit where it's due)! Oh, so is this a story within a story? Curious. Reminds me of the film: "The Princess Pride" haha. Whoa, Tien is Bulma's brother... or is he a foster brother? Hmmm... Either way, I like! Man, this fic really needs some fan-art!

Ah, Vegeta's a little homeless orphan, eh?! Suddenly brings back memories of "Homeless Boy", the first major B/V fic I read, such a good fic that was hehe! Ah, so Tien is her biological brother! Most interesting! Oh Tien, you ass! Jealous older brother, eh?! Though, he probably doesn't even consider Vegeta his brother. Oh come on Seventeen, like you're one to talk. You look like a damn emo hahaha, but I like you, all the same (at least, in the canon)!

My God, Tien's so cruel to poor Vegeta! Aw, it's so cute how Bulma always stands up for Vegeta and brings him that meal, post-midnight, even though daddy Briefs sent to bed without it! Oh gosh, these two are the cutest little things ever, cuddling each other to sleep and all! Really heart-warming! Gah, Tien ruins all! Stupid Tien! Ah yes, Tien at boarding school really gives Bulma/Vegeta some room to breathe! That's good! But things are bound to screw up eventually, as with any story haha!

Whoa, 1776, the American Revolution! I know that should definitely be of great import in this story haha! God, Bulma's doing mental gymnastics over hand holding, when they were cuddling in bed together earlier on?! Haha crazy girl! But I suppose it does hold a lot of significance! Haha, Vegeta will never refuse her! He'll definitely teach her horse jumping! Wish I could ride a horse haha! God, this is just the cutest, her running to Vegeta at mid-night once again! Hope there's no repercussions for this though! Ah, no America Revolution mentioned! I guess I was wrong haha!

Oh OMG, not only are you an expert on dogs, but on horses too?! Damn, you're good! I am a little familiar with horse descriptions from the "Game of Thrones" books, but not like this haha! I love it! Personally, my favourite horse would have to be a big, black stallion! I absolutely love those! They're almost legendary! God, Mr. Brief's passing was just really sad! I wonder who'll take over the property. He did always favor Vegeta, but Tien, being the eldest and biological son, would seemingly be the heir. I guess we'll find out! Oh no, Tien's treating Vegeta so horribly! That bastard! Argh, this is just heart-wrenching! The poor guy! And he's not even paying him?! What is he, a goddamned slave?! Damn, I wish Mr. Brief wrote a will, declaring Vegeta the legal owner of the property! At least Vegeta wouldn't give Tien any shit! It's just sickening and deplorable!

My, these Bulma/Vegeta scenes are really tender! I love them! It's too bad that asshole of a big brother has to meddle into affairs that don't concern him! I hope Vegeta/Bulma's plan works and they're able to leave together, but things almost never work out, so I guess I'm in for a world of disappointment haha! God, tbh, I've rarely ever felt my heart flutter the way it does when I read the B/V moments in this story! It's so darn amazing! Whoa, it succeeded! The elope went, as planned! No way! But... I know there'll definitely be some obstacles, later on! Oh, this short-cut is definitely going to cost them, I think. Hm... Android plantation. This sounds interesting! Dammit, it's going to screw things up though! I bet the Geros will report their location! Mrs. Gero is such a bitch! I seriously hate people like that, who disdain others because they see them as lowly, peasants!

Oh God, I bet that asshole Tien sent Vegeta away, didn't he?! Oh, he didn't. I was wrong, I guess. He probably still needs Vegeta to do his goddamn slave-labor! Oh God, this distancing between Bulma/Vegeta is really heart-breaking! Damn that bastard Tien!

Dammit, why's Bulma brushing Vegeta aside, for freaking Lapis of all people?! I know he's being a bit cruel, but in all honesty, Tien deserves much worse! Launch seemed great and everything, but not Tien! He's just plain sick! Why on Earth did Bulma accept Lapis' proposal?! No way! DAMMIT!

Oh noooo, Vegeta left! It was too soon! If only he heard the part, where she described her love for him! My God, I'm thoroughly devastated now! I feel so bad for Bulma! I could only imagine her pain at Vegeta leaving all of a sudden! She had him one moment, then he's left the next and then she realizes just how deep her feelings run for him! :'(

Aw Krillin, your heart isn't the only that's hurting! :'(

Really amazing first Chapter, I have to say! Extraordinary, in fact! Ultra-ordinary! So many feels here! You did a really wonderful job! I can't even describe the way I'm feeling now! Goddamn, you're amazing! I must say you exceeded yourself here and that's saying a whole lot! This is definitely, without a doubt, one of my very favourite AU stories! I don't think I could ever write something like this, though not for lack of trying haha! I could feel myself so deep inside the story that I could hardly see what was going on, on the outside! My goodness, lady, you are one hell of a writer! Dammit, I have no clue how you do it! Again, indescribable! I feel like I just can't say enough! Looking forward to Chapter 2, for tomorrow! :)
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