Reviews for Damned
vanilleshampoo chapter 4 . 10/7
I loved this story. It had such a well thought out story and I just love the realistic depiction of everything!
LimitedEternity chapter 4 . 9/27
I froze when Dumbledore sighed at the stabbing, I was just like no. Oh no, did she just... Yup. Damn, played. Good story!
LimitedEternity chapter 3 . 9/27
Going back for Crooks was a great reason to return as a cat owner, but holy shit why did she bring the journal in with her, or even tell him she knew where it was. Leave it in the car Hermione! And stop being such a blabber mouth!
Christine Greengrass chapter 4 . 9/24
Could you please write a sequel?Though you probably won’t..Anyway!LOVE this story!
xxXTomione4EvaXxx chapter 1 . 9/23
“It’s the thing with the hole and it does the thing!” LOL perfect description of that thing. “Maybe they don’t like the word spirits, maybe it’s derogatory” teheheh. The rest of the chapter was freaky, great start!
Aleyna Almond chapter 1 . 8/28
Sweet Merlin! It's fabulous! Love this story to the moon and back! You're really a brilliant writer. I've read all Tomione fics you made, and it's seems my growing love for tomione keep increased because of you (addicted with dramione and now I'm crazy with tomione too) thanks to you.

But this story really make my body squealing with fear, excitement and love (truly) it's like a horror movie. I've watched Ouija movie before hand. And yours is more amazing. Pleaseeee don't abandoned the sequel, I'm so in love with this fic. Wish you are healthy and happy.

Love, your loyal fan.
Diving in chapter 4 . 7/1
Damn! You need to write a sequel!
SnapeIsMyPatronus chapter 1 . 6/13
Eaze chapter 4 . 5/8
Love, love, love, love.
EmiliaKyuchi chapter 4 . 4/28
Fantastic work on this! Very spooky and cool.
hi chapter 4 . 4/15
next part of the story plz plz plz? I absolutely love your writing and this is such a cool style to explore. Plus Tomione
YourVeryOwnRandomCatLady chapter 4 . 4/15
I love this
a reader chapter 4 . 4/6
Really like the twist with the horcruxe being the keys to his prison.
AconitumLuparia chapter 4 . 3/21
HOLY SHIT. What a wild ride. I’m so glad I finally read this fic. Totally worth it. I’m not the biggest fan of horror but damn, you made me LOVE IT. Tom is absolutely terrible, a mightmare, and at the same time, perfect, in his own twisted ways. He got what he wanted in the end. And I’m so curious as to why Hermione is fated to him. I’m going to run to the sequel now. Thank you so much for this amazing fic. You’re an amazing writer and I loved every second of it. Also your author notes are brilliant ahahah. Thank you xx
veelabyte chapter 4 . 2/28
This was absolutely brilliant and thrilling! And you said this was the first time you wrote horror to this extent? Well, it wasn’t obvious. I closed my eyes at some point because I didn’t want to see what would possibly jump out of dark cornersbut then I realized I was READING and not watching. It was amazing!
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