Reviews for GS ball unlocked
Vincent617c chapter 25 . 10/6/2020
You may want to reqrute this part since Ash's Lycanroc already evolved into a pretty unique form in the series
Guest chapter 83 . 7/1/2020
Just skip the motto. It's what I do every time the trio come on screen. Even if their debuting a new motto, it's as annoying as ever.
Guest chapter 67 . 7/1/2020
Battle Dance is Cynthia's special phrase. Why'd ya have to go and steal it?
Guest chapter 8 . 6/18/2020
I skip what, like 4 dumb chapter at the ball just for team union to escape when the battle just about to get interesting.
Save the lovey dovey stuff for the bedroom.
bankerrtx01 chapter 13 . 5/11/2020
Not again

One punchhh ash!
RiRi14 chapter 11 . 3/31/2020
Poor team Rocket Trio
RiRi14 chapter 11 . 3/31/2020
What about Charizard?
Kehan chapter 109 . 1/7/2020
This entire story was BRILLIANT! I need a sequel, you're a wonderful writer!
Guest chapter 109 . 1/2/2020
well this is a great amourshipping fanfic dude, happy new year to you too dude. as a fellow amourshipper i have this to say to you and to all my fellow amourshippers around the globe who support amourshipping, amourshipper and proud, remember that dudes and dudettes and keep up the good serenaandashshipping work dude.
Guest chapter 109 . 12/30/2019
When you do the sequel see if you can give ash a lucario in the sequel if you want to .
Plus great ending
Guest chapter 109 . 12/29/2019
1/109 amourshipping chapters. Nice
Guest chapter 1 . 12/28/2019
This is a great story, I have enjoyed the drama between Ash and palmero. It keeps me rereading the story.
I have some thoughts. If Serena is the current Kalos Queen should she be easily recognized in public?
I also think I would be cool for Serena,Aria, and Shauna to be captured or kidnapped by any of the three evil teams, sending Ash into a reckless frenzy trying to rescue her and the others. This could also add more drama for him and Palermo. That was all

Keep up the good work and happy new year.
Reader chapter 1 . 12/28/2019
I have been enjoying this story a lot. The drama between Ash and Palmero keeps me rereading over and over.
I just have a small thought, if Serena is the current Kalos Queen shouldn’t she be more recognized in public? I also thought it would be interesting if Serena and the other major performers get caught or kidnapped, sending Ash into a reckless frenzy trying to save her/them , plus adding more drama.
This is still a great story, keep up the good work and happy new year.!
MasterClass60 chapter 109 . 12/29/2019
What an ending! It's the end of one and the start of a new one. Can't wait to see what the sequel brings!
Amourshipper35 chapter 109 . 12/29/2019
I am glad ash and the others got back in piece and I hope they will get answers soon and I like that ash will finally take Serena on a date at least
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