Reviews for Let it Burn
Matsyakanya chapter 9 . 1h
Why she is getting so angry and jealous suddenly?
matilda99san chapter 9 . 2h
Hermione is the best
Pharies chapter 9 . 3h
Oooh I can't wait for another chapter. As long as my email tells me I have an update, I will read it when posted. This story is so detailed and wonderful. I love that it's not an easy road and that you make sure to keep them human. Show the struggles. It's great. Keep it up )

Catfan1998 chapter 9 . 5h
You are far and away my favorite author on fanfiction. Dramione is without question my OTP, but this story is my favorite! Your plot and characterizations are masterful. And Charlie, well he is simply delicious and perfect for our favorite swot. I beg you not to update stories merely based on reviews. “Tip of My Tongue” is amazing, but infrequently updated stories don’t get as many reviews yet they may be ADORED, such as this.
KagedIn chapter 9 . 8h
The day you update is always a great day! Another amazing chapter and can’t wait for the next!
Jessica Mondragon chapter 9 . 10h
I want to cry with how much I love this story. Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, post more
fncmullin chapter 9 . 11h
Love the relationships you’ve built all around the r serve with this one. The bickering is stellar and well done. Everyone has a steady voice. Interesting that lots of people seem to not like Amy. Wonder what else she’s done. I can’t wait to read more of this super steamy story.
kiki.cynkia chapter 9 . 12h
You're a mean! Even when it was fun to read it was also mean to know that nothing would happen. I'm just fearing you're going to make us suffer long until you give us what are we looking for...anyway, I'm loving this fic so much! Looking forward to read more from you!
Matsyakanya chapter 8 . 12h
Oooohhhh soooo he had been pining for her too eh.?
Alytiger chapter 9 . 13h
well fuck...
llmockingbirdll chapter 9 . 13h

As always, love the chapter!
Matsyakanya chapter 7 . 13h
Oh My God...when the day will end..? I am tried from all the work... What a chapter..!
LaViaggiatrice chapter 9 . 14h
OMG you are killing me! Write faster! Jk take your time. But siriusly, the tension and emotion and anticipation in this chapter were so exquisitely executed! I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter. This is so intriguing and captivating. I think your characterization is spot on and your descriptions are beautiful. I’m envious because I lack the ability to describe things in such detail. Great job in this chapter!
Matsyakanya chapter 6 . 15h
Oh My poor last dragons... Those horny males ... Showbthat horny horntail what woman power is Cinderella... And that poor thing... Those dragons just raped her because she couldn't fly..? Where has chivalry fine..?
Matsyakanya chapter 5 . 15h
I think I am falling for Charlie. . .. yeah.. definitely falling..
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