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rarae aves chapter 10 . 8/30
Oh, they're going to be the Nott detectives.
rarae aves chapter 6 . 8/29
Ooh, they learnt Spanish. Not that I was doubting they would.
rarae aves chapter 5 . 8/29
I want fluff between Theo and Hermione. That's my fluff request. The 'who am I to question brilliance' exchange between Calla and Thoros was heartbreakingly beautiful.
rarae aves chapter 4 . 8/29
Awww, Calla was so cheerful.
rarae aves chapter 1 . 8/29
Yes. I am enjoying this already.
JustGoCrazy chapter 1 . 7/3
Omg why doesn’t this fic have more favourites than it does! This is a masterpiece! Your writing is beautiful and I love that it’s written in cuts to the different POVs. It amazes me that despite the different upbringing, your Hermione is still so similar to canon’s and I love the fact that she still has flaws and makes mistakes rather than most fics where she’s perfect and gosh this fic is just too good my eyes have been blessed.

With this fic being (mostly) in Hermione’s POV, it’s interesting to see how canon plays out in her eyes, esp with her being in Slytherin. It really highlights all the faults in canon, that really isn’t that obvious when the story is from Harry’s POV. Dumbledore’s favouritism is so obvious, Harry’s impulsive and noble nature really leans more towards foolish than brave, and the irony that despite all the preaching the “light” side does of not caring of blood status and all that jazz, they discriminate so strongly against Slytherins (Ron I’m looking at you, esp you. Hagrid too). As you can tell, I have very strong feelings for Slytherin (guess which house I was sorted to) but gosh! I’m also so excited about Neville being part of the golden trio and Luna! Is she a seer! And Theo being so nice and friendly to her (which is good, I never liked that Luna seemed to always be alone in the books)! But the siblings kinda drifting apart oH noOoOooo! My god and is there a prophecy on Hermione too Jdudhsvsbs I love this fic so much this is easily one of my top favourites.

I’m far from done fangirling over this work of art, but the review has been long enough. It’s good to see that you’ve not abandon the fic (I’ve invested too much feelings into this and would positively convulse at the suspense), and I hope all goes well for you. Thanks for the read (and if you read this whole long review)! I’ll go and stop by your outtakes now
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
My very dear Slytherin,

First of all, I will like to congratulate for your beautiful and well done fiction. However, I am a Spanish native speaker, and I would like to correct some mistakes. 'Mijo' is a cereal. 'Mi hijo' is 'my son', but I think it would be even better if you use 'hijo' (son) or 'hijo mio’ (Son of mine). On the otero hand, ‘guapito' is really something you would use in Southamerica, not in Spain. May I suggest a more peninsular Spain apelative? ‘Cariño/ cariño mío’ (Darling/ my Darling) perhaps?

Hope you have found this useful when you read it.

Maddylovessmiles chapter 26 . 3/24
I freaking devoured this story
ObliviousOne chapter 26 . 2/19
Hello again! Holy CRAP I am so sorry about the long delay before reviewing. I actually noticed this just after you posted it but got distracted because I'm... Well, kind of an idiot. I have reasons, and they're even semi decent, but I know from experience that passing butterflies and pretty fanart can lead me down an obsessive spiral of fickleness just as acute as this one, so... really? I have no excuse.
(If you're - look it that, I remembered the apostrophe! - still curious, I got promoted to full time and got destructively involved in a couple new fandoms for a bit.)
Anyway! On to actually relevant things. One, I was tempted to go through and tell you every one of my favorite scenes to try and get you to keep them, but then I realized.. I'm honestly more curious to see what you want to do. You're instincts have been pretty damn good so far, so keep it up! Looking forward to it. (:
Two: I find Blaise to be a little... Shifty. It's not that he's bad! I've actually liked him quite a lot in a few fanfics, but like many of the side Slytherins in the books, he comes across as sort of unreadable, so in each new fanfic he's got different quirks and motivations. In your fic, I am... Still not sure what he's up to, if I'm honest. But he clearly seems up to something. Which could be awesome or awful, depending on what he really wants. I'll decide if I'm okay with it ONLY when I know exactly how that something will effect the twins because, for obvious reasons, they're my favorites. (:
I will give you no examples or explanations for this, however, because I'm fully aware this is just scandalously groundless paranoia on my part. I am not ashamed to admit it, either, thank you very much. :P
And finally, I apologise for the 'you're' incident (that was an embarrassing thing to miss, considering how exacting I usually get with my editing), and for any future review delays on my part. I have a strong feeling this wave of distracted fickleness has not yet passed me by. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my attention on one thing long enough to finish the HP series again, but I'm not ready to hold my breath for that...
Anyway - good luck, and happy writings! I'll review again (though it may not be immediately) when you've started posting the rewrite. Looking forward to it as always!
- Alyssa
PS - I review because ) I care. And because, well... I sort of had to defend my honor about the whole 'you're' incident. Or, y'know, at least prove I DID actually know the difference, because that was... That was shameful.
Truly. ):
Good night, and talk to you next time!
PhoenixShadow23 chapter 26 . 2/17
Welp. I vote 3 and M because what the actual hell are numbers and letters and because I knew something was wrong when the scroller on the right side of my screen appeared WAY too long. Alas... I will wait patiently. Only because I have the unique ability to give you personal grief and receive updates outside the cyber world ;)
PhoenixShadow23 chapter 25 . 2/17
My dear ArrogantSlytherin, I admit this review is unforgivably late, but here it is nevertheless.

I enjoyed the snapshot-like quality of this chapter quite immensely. It was a great way to juggle different characters' points of view. It also added a flow to the chapter that kept me reading to find out what happened with each storyline. Oh poor Hagrid. I'm quite fond of him and cringed at Hermione's and Narcissa's unfavorable thoughts, but I understand their reasoning. As a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw myself, I always found the Hippogriff experience exciting. Seriously, how awesome would it be to ride one of those during class? On that note, Sirius' pieces were by far my favorite. God what a character! He cracks me up. Of course they're already "naturally gorgeous"! I can't wait to see how he develops.
Poor Theo having to bear that awful Divination class. I personally find the subject quite useless. He's in for an insufferable year. I'd take the unpredictable and dangerous Care of Magical Creatures class over the monotony and uselessness of Divination any day. At least there's opportunity for EXCITEMENT in the former.
Clarifying question: I thought classes were divided into two house? In this chapter you had all four houses within the same class. Are electives different?
TinySlippers chapter 26 . 1/25
You sound like me. I just pick random numbers. (The most common one being 37. No clue why.)
Nortia2 chapter 1 . 1/13
Just as a curiosity, "Calla" means "Shut up" in spanish. That's why when she started speaking spanish I was really confused. I will keep reading it with english pronunciation I think xd
RealityAblaze chapter 18 . 1/12
I'm laughing so hard right now! I am officially adding "I don't want anyone fighting over me unless it's to the death" to my repertoire.
Guest chapter 26 . 1/9
Such a fun fun story! I love the interaction between the twins! They have such a strong bond and I'm glad that the fact that Hermione wasn't born a Nott didn't really affect their closeness at all. I'm a little confused what started the rift before the forest scene but I'll go back and try to read that more carefully! I love how you portray Lucius as this pompous idiot that Narcissa and Thoros have to manage.
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