Reviews for Yebisu
kitiku01 chapter 2 . 2h
This is great! Hope you update soon!
ruinedsandwich chapter 2 . 1/15
Wandering-Mind 95 chapter 2 . 1/14
I love it! The whole family dynamic is so real and you captured what seems to be a family on the verge of divorce so well, especially Saiph's reactions and feelings. I cannot wait to read more and see Harry's reaction to this last memory.
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 2 . 1/12
Potter-Riddle family troubles. And their kids are as complex as them. Nice.
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 1 . 1/12
I love it! My heart! I'm not normally a reader of mpreg, but this is so good.
afroparty chapter 2 . 1/11
Ugh no hown can you end like that . I've been wacting for an update for ages lol. Omg what is wrong with Harry and Voldemort relationship?
LurkerAlert chapter 2 . 1/11
Love the glimpses into the future and gosh, my heart absolutely aches for little Sai.
reddi riddle chapter 2 . 1/11
Nice story.. Well written.. Need more..please update it fast..
Locket1 chapter 2 . 1/11
Enjoying this very much. Quirky with hints of future to come
itachisgurl93 chapter 2 . 1/11
Did someone cheat? Can't wait for more!
firedraygon chapter 2 . 1/11
I was really excited to see this fic updated. Fantastic work! I love that they're using a penseive to look into the future. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Joanna chapter 2 . 1/11
Loving the new chapter. Im curious to see what causes their arguments and Harry leaving
Ethereal Sphere chapter 2 . 1/11
Loved it. Can't wait for Harry and Tom to explore more memories together.
Dimensional Roamer chapter 2 . 1/11
:( I really hope Future! Harry and Voldy mend their relationship. As someone with divorced parents, it really sucks. DR
Tommy14 chapter 2 . 1/11
I feel for the children, especially Sai. Thanks for the update.
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