Reviews for Harry Potter and The Iron Lady
Guest in Europe chapter 45 . 11/4
Well, once we got past too much of Americanised Harry at home with the muggles (norms!) his adventures at school have been much more engaging. I enjoy his relationship with Snape very much and I like the tension you bring in, for example, with Sirius, with Pansy, with Crouch.
I can’t believe you have a beta. There are no statues to secrecy, only a statue of Lily & James in Godric’s Hollow... it’s statute for goodness sake. And what what about syncopants... do they become animagi with rhythm or what? Sycophants is the word you need. Last but not least, please, do look up the difference between their, they’re and there.
I still enjoy the story, though now fear it will not actually conclude if you’re writing a sequel. Fingers crossed and once again, thanks for writing and sharing.
Guest in Europe chapter 3 . 10/31
I find the premise of this story very interesting but the dialogue seems to be straight out of a (poor) American-cop show/action movie; as such, it breaks the belief in what is happening. ‘A home invasion’ FFS! it would have been characterised as a burglary or break-in. I have family members in the UK military and not one of them would say ‘copy? to ask if their child understands, especially not in such an emotional situation. And what is this ‘norms’ and ‘maggies’? Good grief! At least Harry calls his adoptive mother ‘mum’ not ‘mom’, which suggests the writer is making an attempt to Brit-pick, but really, at this moment, it is a failed attempt.
I will persevere for a while and see how things develop. A story that involves ‘She-who-should-not-be-named’ (Thatcher) is such a one-off it’s worth the effort for now. Thatcher & Umbridge ... a match made in heaven!
Thank you for completing your story and for sharing.
dovescom chapter 5 . 9/22
I noticed that one of the snipers called his sargent "sir", in real life that would have ended with his sargent tearing into him, usually with the phrase "Don't call me sir...I work for a living"
LAB1 chapter 56 . 9/12
This was a very interesting twist on canon. I liked Harry's adoptive family plot, but this story is getting a little too dark for me. Maybe a few years ago it would have been entertaining, but with the current political climate it rings too close to home for enjoyable reading.
J flood chapter 11 . 8/23
You had to have him say that don't you know about Murphy's law.
J flood chapter 5 . 8/23
you know you're the first author that I've come across that actually does author notes that are relevant to the story instead of just babbling I am impressed thank you for keeping to the story and not going off talking about everything in his brother there's a lot of authors out there that do that.
Guest chapter 4 . 7/30
Hypocritical dislike for the word "muggle", but invents a new word "maggie". Both are just words for describing non-magical people and magical people, respectively. If you find "muggle" offensive for setting non-magical people apart from magical ones, then "maggie" is just as offensive for doing exactly the same thing. Really, neither are offensive because both are just descriptive words, and neither are derogatory ("mudblood being the derogatory form of "muggle", but "muggle" itself is perfectly innocent.)

That said, the story itself is off to an interesting start.
Anonymous chapter 1 . 7/10
Why the fuck would you post this?
Veronica McClure chapter 26 . 6/25
Well! As an unrelated point, or not, the Beaters bats are chubby, and slightly shorter baseball bats. Not Stickball bats!

Another apropos of nothing: I always wondered why the Weasley Twins didn't take a permanent shine to the Patil Twins. You Twins from one family hooking up with twins from another.
Veronica McClure chapter 24 . 6/24
Inre who Groundskeeper and Caretaker are:
Rubeus Hagrid is Groundskeeper. Argus Filch, now Sgt. Chas. Prewett is Caretaker.

Unbridge in the books was described as having a "honey sweet" personality, but Harry and his friends weren't fooled by it. In fact it creeped them out.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/19
What a worthless story it became towards the end. Unnecessary conflicts and tracks which couldn't be handled
Veronica McClure chapter 13 . 6/3
Frankly, what made the Headmaster think that Harry would just go back to letting the whole Hogwarts staff call him by a name he had never heard?! Even when he was with the Dursleys, they were only calling him boy or freak! Never by his birth names! Heck! In canon, if it weren't for the fact that they had to send him to school when he hit school age, his first question upon getting his Hogwarts letter would in all likelihood have been "Who is This Harry Potter?"
So I guess this Dumbledore doesn't know as much about children as he should. Good writing!
Veronica McClure chapter 20 . 6/3
Wonder how Peter would have taken to a metal cage with a rat exercise wheel?
Veronica McClure chapter 19 . 6/3
It wouldn't occur to anyone magical that maybe in his mind Frank was snapping the wands of those who tortured him and his wife?
Veronica McClure chapter 18 . 6/2
Filch was Caretaker. Hagrid was Groundskeeper.
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