Reviews for Children of the Dark - Year 7
aamlkb chapter 40 . 8/30
I’m sad it’s over.
aamlkb chapter 23 . 8/29
I just had a thought. Ginny was convinced Draco was her hero back in 3 and 4th year. Tell me Draco is now gonna be the reason she dies.
aamlkb chapter 19 . 8/29
Why not use a potion to make him tell the truth?
aamlkb chapter 10 . 8/29
What about Polyjuice potion? Someone could pose as Draco that way no one would suspect. It wouldn’t have to be very long either.
Guest chapter 36 . 8/6
*Loudly* The only person, or in this case, an she-weasel, is your stupid daughter, really, an Gryffindor putting their trust into an Slytherin?!, how dumb can you get...!
Sheiky81 chapter 40 . 8/3
WOW. So very glad that I found the story when the 7 yrs were competed. I've been binge reading for the past 3 days. :D Love the story. Kudos.
AussieSweet chapter 40 . 7/23
I loved the series and I'm glad we can see how the lives of all included will develop in the future. Thank you for your hard work writing these epic series!
AussieSweet chapter 38 . 7/23
What about that children talk Draco wanted to have with Hermione? Are they going to address it?
AussieSweet chapter 37 . 7/23
I wonder if they will tell Pansy about Draco as well?
AussieSweet chapter 36 . 7/23
It would be better if Hermione could use polyjuice potion, so Ginny couldn't accuse her at all. The same way she did with Harry. But, I guess, it wasn't safe with Draco in a wolf form.
AussieSweet chapter 32 . 7/23
What about the portraits in the office? Last time they told everyone about Hermione and Severus being relatives, won't they spread their discussion on this time?
AussieSweet chapter 31 . 7/23
Did Minerva return the notebook to Hermione? You didn't mention that and Hermione doesn't miss it.
AussieSweet chapter 30 . 7/23
I wonder what trouble Minerva will cause? She could just change her attitude and try to be fair to everyone and show Hermione that she can be trusted and continue teaching.
AussieSweet chapter 27 . 7/23
Didn't Draco have crystal blue eyes during his first transformation? Why are they suddenly black?
AussieSweet chapter 26 . 7/23
That's why she needed Pansy's hair!
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