Reviews for Reign of the New Protogenoi
PhoenixHarbinger chapter 35 . 9/14
Hermes was born a god while Dionysus wasn't he's was turned into a god so we're many minor and major gods.
jordi.boeckmans chapter 1 . 8/28
Wow I just thought about Nico being Tartatus heir so hell will be called Nico instead of Tartarus now
PierceHellAbove chapter 31 . 8/13
Percy was literally dousing Hyperion's flames because he made a personal hurricane...
maxe03 chapter 45 . 8/6
Wouldn't one of Percys shadows worked well as a surrogate given their connection to Percy and I know all of them would like to raise a healthy kid
maxe03 chapter 34 . 8/5
Hm expected more from the love goddess also noticed that annabeth didn't state that they took away her ability to chose just that they unjustly influenced her.
I've been wondering since rhea brought it up and all Percy loves seem to be able to shadow travel does he have access to their domains as well
maxe03 chapter 28 . 8/5
Given Percy domains and his
previous connection to the ocean and earth I wonder if his power works underground and in the water since both have cold and dark places,not to mention killer Wales are called wolves of the sea.
Also wonder what's going to happen with Tyson and his sea monster sisters.
Does Lupa still have her domains
maxe03 chapter 27 . 8/5
Wonder who all is working for this third power that they have such good intelligence and if Percy council will expose them to the Olympians
maxe03 chapter 15 . 8/3
They should have showed what happened on Olympus to the campus. A little Jason can match Percy given the different in power and abilities Percy took on. Also surprised Jason still had lighting since it wasn't a unit ability to him like Percy ice
Bigreddog68 chapter 18 . 6/18
Where is pontus in all this?
Apollo117mc chapter 49 . 5/26
bro you better post soon man, You just gotta for all our sakes :((
Light Lord Cybergate chapter 34 . 4/24
The only way this could have been better is if it turned out that Annabeth's child was not Apollo's but in fact Percy's. Now that would have been a true evil ending.
I wonder what his Queens would think about that.
But I guess Godfather will have to do.
Hmm.. A god as a godfather... Sounds about right... In every way.
Depending on how this finishes Percy may become just that, her godly father.
joearnold926473 chapter 17 . 4/5
i truly enjoy this story but a couple of things nag at me, for instance they are "greek" and "roman" demi-gods, gods, primordials etc, so why are you giving them the weapons are gear from japan, and other parts of europe that used completely different weapons to the greeks/romans? its nothing major but still irritates me, you gave percy a katana of the samurai, and a viking ulfberht? come on man
joearnold926473 chapter 2 . 4/4
great story but i think it would've made more sense for percy, you know son of the "sea god" to gain pontus domain and made a different primordial etc the enemy, seeing as pontus domain really is the only one percy could make true use of as it is also of the sea
joearnold926473 chapter 49 . 3/28
We need more! Please update!
Something chapter 38 . 3/19
In this chapter, for some reason, Andy annoys the shit out of me. She just seems so entitled to Athena's feelings and lust but still finds justification in herself. Athena did NOTHING to Andy, so Medusa should have been given the power to decide. And then she just casually describes Athena's mental state and trauma that she gave her and has the audacity to feel that giving someone trauma and the threat of being raped is fine. Again, this does not justify what Athena did to Medusa and Arachne, but the ENTIRE punishment should have been given to them. And also, Medusa, who suffered the brunt of Athena's wrath, is even doubting how bad her punishment was. And then Andy goes to imply that she is not as bad as the Titans and Olympians because she didn't do it, just made Athena feel like she did. No hate to author, love your work, amazing writer.
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