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Guest chapter 27 . 10/6
I got to say this is definitely one of the best Zootopia fan fics I've read and that's over 100. Funny, heartfelt, sadness it had everything. It's got 3rd place on top how Nick and Judy relationship get reviled to everyone else at the ZPD. The only thing that disappointed me was Caleb. I was so hopping he was alive and come back to apologize to Stu or he was related to Nick somehow and left a letter with his final regretful feelings on it or he left something like to someone to give to Stu in general. I haven't looked at the authors other works yet so I don't know if he made a sequel or not but if he did or does I hope something like that happens. Because I actually cried a bit during that part. All in all this was an amazing fan fic.
Toons Girl chapter 7 . 9/5
While I am glad that Nick and Hudy know each other's feelings now, I felt this whole mess could have been avoided had Judy just told Nick right away (in the first chapter) whether she loves him back or prefers to be just friends. It wasn't fair of her to give Nick the silent treatment all because she wasn't sure about herself. If she needed time to think about it, why couldn't she just tell Nick that she needed time to think? It's no wonder why Nick got confused and heartbroken! He thought she rejected him! When someone yelled you that they want to take the friendship up to be next level, please tell them honestly, whether you are interested in being a couple or want to stay as friends. Don't give silent treatments because that confuses people or tells hen that you don't feel the same. Nick may have been wrong in explaining his feelings as tiredness (he should have said "I'm sorry. I understand you don't feel the same," if he thought she rejected him), but Judy was also wrong for giving Nick mixed signals.
Sorry, I love WildeHopps but I think they are more mature than that. And I don't think Nick would want to date someone who can't be honest about hire feelings toward him.
Anheledir chapter 28 . 7/20
Well, okay. When I started to read this story a while ago, I just stopped after the first two chapters. This horrible depressing mood between Nick and Judy was nothing I wanted to deal with. Reading a story is immediately having a mirroring effect on my mood. It was some quote from later chapters (Taser Scene with Stu) that brought me back to it now. And I'm more than happy to finally have read it! :-)

Something a bit uncommon (at least for me) are the short chapters. I love them! There are always a few minutes to spend somewhere for just one more chapter. Also keeping the story in a high speed of events. Nearly only important characters are WildeHopps - scenes with others exists for the storyline but are less detailed after all.
I'm not quite a teaser of sex scenes, never read a story only because of them. When they are well written, I can appreciate them. You are even describing the rather steamy details without getting too pornographic. The M Rating is definitely necessary, but that doesn't really harm.
I would have wished more details about what all over the internet was published (WildeHopps actually never took a look), a few more chapters in Bunnyburrow would have been great, too. Also it would have been hilarious to witness one of Judy's and Nick's stories directly instead of only being them told at the end.

I would love to read another story, but as you stay announced more Drama and Sadness, I need a Fluff-O-Meter Ranking with 1 "I will survive" and 10 "The Conspiracy" ... this one is despite it's dramatic beginning still a strong 7. I take recommendations for stories at least reaching a "5" ;) :D

But joke aside, very well written and I finished way to quickly. I really like and recommend it! :)
DiaH20 chapter 28 . 7/20
Did the binge, was worth it. Definitely snorted at the subtle jokes or insinuations.

As for the more serious stuff:
Giving Stu a backstory like that is daring, but dearly appreciated nevertheless. It just makes sense, as his cautiousness has to have come from somewhere. So well done to you on that part :D
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 19 . 6/24
I'm sorry I'm having trouble taking any of this seriously after the taser incident. That seems more like an Omake and not something any sane author would put in the actual fic.

So...yeah. Good luck with the story. It was fun so far.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 18 . 6/24
I swear if he takes out that fox taser I will grab it and shove it up his ass.

*Raise eyebrow* that does not sound like Judy.
GameMaster1421 chapter 16 . 5/27
Really a masterpiece here
Gawain300 chapter 28 . 5/16
Wow, can't believe I only read this now! That was a great first time fluff piece.
Stubat chapter 28 . 5/9
This story was a lot of fun. Great characters, angst, fluff, more fluff, major fluff, hustles, romance Bunny with taser up ass, all sorts of interesting twists. Nice backstory with Stu and foxes. Did I mention fluff? Bonnie was a hoot. Clawhauser comforting Judy was sweet and thoughtful. Much fun... Thanks! Stu aka Stubat. no relation.
EMack114 chapter 28 . 4/24
Your story was phenomenal, Fox, and I don't say that lightly. I read this yesterday after watching the movie and finished it about an hour or so later. it's a great read and the only critique I have was that it was too freaking short! I cried after seeing it was only 28 chapters, lol. Seriously, though, this is quality fanfiction and lord knows there isn't a lot of that around, not ones that span over 20 chapters. With all that being said, are you going to make a sequel? I'd love to read one, or perhaps even a prequel describing the life and death of Caleb the Fox. I want to know what exactly made him turn on Stu? What Gang did he join, what were his final thoughts as he lay dying, were they regrets or just nothingness? I really hope you do both and make them even longer than this one. Thanks again, friend!
Jknight97 chapter 28 . 4/1
Thanks for the story and don't forget Kulkum and Sophie Ripley as well. Great story tellers as well. XD
Jknight97 chapter 27 . 4/1
Love this ending...wait! I spy with my little eye...a new chapter! Huzzah! XD
Jknight97 chapter 26 . 4/1
Oh...oh...don't mess with the bunny! XD
Jknight97 chapter 25 . 4/1
Okay, I'm here to tell you that this going into my favourite section! Well done and it isn't over yet.
Jknight97 chapter 24 . 4/1
Oh dear...pred-prey play...gets me every time (swoons into a faint). Nicely handled. I'm going to have to review the way I wrote mine the next time my couple in my AU have their own time in the sheets with the teeth in play. XD
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