Reviews for The Wooing Of Draco malfoy
Narutoske chapter 1 . 11/3/2016
Great chapter:)

I'm so happy you did a sequel and very quickly. At least now Draco deserves happiness and having the truth revealed.

I'm glad Draco involved Dumbledore and had him revealed Draco did so much for Voldemort's downfall and nobody knows about. This just shows Draco genuinely loves Harry from the beginning and did so much and asked for no reward at the end, it shows that in the beginning of your story that Draco was a hero in the shadows and it's so painful after everything he had done for Harry.

This sequel makes so much sense since it will be Harry's journey for his redemption and a second chance with Draco. Harry will finally understand Draco did so much for him during the war he might even feel worse.

Also I hope you also involve Ron and Hermione redemption and heal their relationships and friendship with Harry including Draco. I mean when Pansy revealed the whole truth with Dumbledore's words and him being alive Ron and Hermione will feel more ashamed along with the Weasley's family. I also hope you include Albus and Sorpius too along with Rose.

Update soon.
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