Reviews for Dreams of Requirement
Fanficfan826 chapter 16 . 7/13
Oh I loved this sweet story!
Aoi1995 chapter 16 . 7/9
I loved this story so much. It's a different take on 6th year and it was refreshing to read it. I wish it was longer comprising Draco's journey with the golden trio in search of horcuxes. I would love to read their dynamics and how Draco played a major part in the war. Anyway I really loved this story.
JustAnotherTypicalBastard chapter 16 . 6/27
Great read and really well written
clover-blossom chapter 16 . 6/22
This was great and so enjoyable to read. I like the idea that they let their guards down a bit in the dreams which allowed them to get to know each other- and having no one else around to interfere also helped to move things along. The dialogue was really well written and the plot well constructed. Will check out more of your stories.
mhcalamas chapter 16 . 6/18
Freaking loved every moment of this!
mhcalamas chapter 15 . 6/18
OH MY HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS! 1-“He feels her lift her own hand to hold his tightly against her cheek. "Who's to say it isn't. I'm your whole world remember?” 2-“He tastes salt and isn't sure if it is his own tears or hers but they are both crying silently when he pulls away. "All I needed was for someone to believe in me. The Room really does give you what you require. I know it doesn't make any sense but, Hermione... I love you." 3- “How could she see past the monster he's been? The monster he is about to be. So to protect his family, to protect his Mother, he still has his wand raised, trying to control the shaking of his hand.” 4- “He is a Death Eater. His Father's son.” 5- “Hermione Granger wakes with a force that feels like falling, jarring her in an instant to sitting at attention.” YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES! GO SAVE YOUR MAN! 6- “She feels glorious, basking in the possibility of his actual love.
She feels wretched, terrified of what is going to happen to him after this night.” 7-“"I'll not leave him here to throw his life away on a futile cause. He has to... he can find something else to fight for...someone…" 8- I cant stop smiling, and it’s not the end yet! “The stunning spell drops her before she can reply, Draco's name on her lips as they were slowly curving into a smile.” 9- OH MY HEART! “Draco's gasp of air as he comes to and subsequent wracking coughs interrupts and Harry freezes, watching as his friend lays her hands on the sides of Draco's face in a manner he can only describe as loving.” 10- “He watches as Draco's eyes dart between Hermione's and then he gently lifts a hand to touch her face."Hermione? My Hermione?" A single choked sob passes her lips and she is nodding furiously, pressing her forehead against his. "Yours. I'm yours. Always yours." He's openly weeping now and clinging hard to her. "Thank, Merlin… you're real." CRYING! This was so freaking beautiful and the angst and you just did so very well capturing everything, Draco’s POV, his unraveling , the trauma and horrible unimaginable pressure...this was beautiful!
mhcalamas chapter 13 . 6/18
“The Slytherins have begun to treat Draco as an outcast.”—my heart always went out to Draco in book 6. Harry had ginny, Ron and Hermione...imperfect as they all our and flawed as their relationships are...I love the slytherin details you add in to paint the picture of isolation...then the song bird...OH MY ACHING HEART! “Draco falls in a heap, forehead pressed against the cabinet's face and weeps bitterly. He wants to stay and sleep and curl up in the arms of his witch.”

Wait he’s leaving the room...nooooooo...DO NOT SO THAT DRACO, BADBADBAD! ABORTABORTABORT—TURN BACK AROUND NOW! NOOOOOOOOOOO...curling in to a ball and slowly rocking back and forth now...

They have to realize this is real soon—I’m on pins and needles here! “He remembers that moment in the corridor, angry and hurt as he'd been, more than anything he wanted to love her and protect her above all else.” GAHHHHHH!
mhcalamas chapter 12 . 6/18
“He had whispered that he loved her again, but only once her breathing evened out as if in sleep. When he woke in the Room his resolve had snapped and he had wept.”—I’m broken, I’m dying and want to weep too...

And i don’t know why it’s only now occurring to me, but the nights he avoids her and comes back to her saying she misses him—she’s been there every night. All the time. Missing him too. I know this is really her...

THE ANGST HERE! “Could this Hermione care for him? Could the personified magic of Hogwarts feel for him? It's a ridiculous thought, but somehow it would almost be enough. Someone… something caring.
Picking himself off the floor, Draco drags himself back to his dorm to catch a couple of hours of actual sleep. His dreams are all the snake visage of the Dark Lord and his mother's broken body bleeding on their dining room table and Hermione Granger looking at him with hate and tears in her eyes, her wand pointed at his heart.”

SO VERY WELL DONE! *applause* I’m going to nearly come undone with all these emotions...
mhcalamas chapter 11 . 6/18
“Ifhe died right now in this Room, he would shake the hand of death and follow willingly across the veil. He knows nothing in his life will ever be as beautiful as this. It's a truth more bitter than sweet in waking hours but, right now it tastes like honey.”
OHHHHHHH! My heart! Of course it’s hard going out and leaving the room and thinking it’s not the real Hermione :(
But I think it is, I just don’t know hooooowwwww
mhcalamas chapter 10 . 6/18
“The days that stretch him to breaking point always end in nights like this and somehow he makes it through the next day. And really, if the real Hermione did try to help him, would he even accept? He can't even admit to this figment the extent of his task. How could he tell a flesh and blood witch what he can hardly face in his own head?”—the feelllllsssssss!*

I love the hints of intimacy :) Love this story!
mhcalamas chapter 9 . 6/18
My heart here, oh my gosh :( —“He finishes the week and in fact many days after in much this same way, avoiding the cabinet, avoiding Hermione Granger, avoiding the Room, avoiding Her.” And he thinks of her as “his witch”, dawwwwww :)

And this: “His bravado morphs into sincerity and he whispers, "I've missed you too, Hermione. Gods, you can't know how much." *just, awwwwww* followed by this: “"So you're going with McLaggen to make Weaslebee jealous… but you don't fancy him."
"I- well when you say it like that it sounds stupid," she pouts. He laughs and she joins him after only a moment.” *happy squealllll*
mhcalamas chapter 8 . 6/18
The best courting! And I dunno why is like this so much, but I do: “Hermione rolls her eyes at him and goes back to her original point. "Anyway, you're broody. More than usual. And you've been that way for days."

I just love the familiarity...excellent!
mhcalamas chapter 7 . 6/18
I love Narcissa’s letter! It’s tasteful, as I’d expect from a Pureblood heiress, and affectionate and motherly...
“It makes him seethe with anger that this… creature has so desecrated the noble house of his forefathers.”—I’m seething with you, Draco...

So much angst and feels I could cry or scream—“He looks at her with what he knows is probably sorrow in his eyes, and lifts his sleeve just enough to give a hint of the snake and skull branded into his alabaster skin.
"That can't be true in real life… just here. A nightmare."
"Real life is the nightmare now, Princess."

And then a little happy heart skip and pattering here: “"Which? Cute? Or Jealous? I happen to think you're both.” And then, you stopped all together and I suddenly want to cry at the beauty of this story —“She pulls his hand close and drops a delicate kiss on his palm. "I'd be bold," she says, looking up once again. "You're different here. You're someone... someone I could like." She kisses his palm again, this time a more lingering touch, warm with slightly parted lips, and holds his gaze as she does. "Someone I could want," she adds.” THAT KISS! It’s, it’s more than a girlish squeal was so emotional! “When they part, they breath heavily against each other, his forehead pressed down against hers, staring into each other's eyes. Her expression, he imagines, must mirror his own. There is trepidation mixed with unmistakable desire.” They’re both in so deep and I’m aching for them! :(

I nearly kicked Draco, but he redeemed himself, very well in fact! "No, because he's stupid and lacks manners and uses you for homework or an ego boost when he needs it. Does he even indicate he knows you're interested? Does he give you anything back? Of course not because he's a tosser and you can do better. You have done better in fact." *happy heart smile* AND THEN HE SAYS THIS: “You freely give so you're obviously a true friend. But is he?”

I love this story!
mhcalamas chapter 6 . 6/18
THIS!—“Well...," she starts slowly, "that's a lovely notion, but I'm never going to give you the time of day outside of these dreams if you behave that way. If Draco Malfoy really needs me, he's going to have to stop being such a complete git."
"Maybe I just need you here."
"Then this is a waste of time. Perhaps these dreams aren't so special after all.”—I love the serious talks, can’t help it!

THE ANGST IN THIS TOO: "What choice do I have when it comes down to it? My Father dragged me into this. What's done is done though and now I just have to do what I must to survive. If not for my sake, for Mother."
"And what exactly have you been dragged into?"
"Something unforgiveable. Something I'd rather not do."

I *feel* Hermione’s heart and confusion here: “You can prefer your way of life, no one is asking you to 'turn muggle'. I just don't see why there has to be so much... animosity."

And *this*, THIS!, is great writing: “The room is slowly prying his own beliefs out of his head and it feels good to both justify but also separate himself from the monster wreaking havoc on their world.”
mhcalamas chapter 5 . 6/18
“It appears the Room, and its Hermione-shaped personified voice, is the only... creature? entity?...presence? The only whatever you want to call it that has even noticed his obvious stress and fatigue.”—Because she’s what you require! :)

Annnnnnnd, just like that *snaps* you turn up the angst “ If He wins, the world could fall into a madman's dystopian ruin. Or, just as likely, he could bring the whole of the muggle world crashing down upon them.
But then, if He loses, Draco's life, his family's very existence, is most likely forfeit. He'll be lucky to rot in Azkaban for what he's about to do.” AND THIS: “He doesn't really want any of this. Draco doesn't know exactly when his head bowed or when the tears slid down his cheeks.” Oh Draco :( :(

*girly giggle and prancing* “All he knows is now she is on the floor, her hip pressed against him and her hand in his, soothing with a gentle touch and no words. They don't speak anything more that night but as he feels himself begin to wake he looks to her as if to say goodbye, only to find her face closer to his. Her eyes search him a moment before she leans up and places a soft kiss, barely a brush of her lips, at the corner of his mouth.”

Aaaaaaannnnnnnnddddddd, deflated with this: “Unfortunately being deflated leads simply to being angry and he increases his pace, shouldering through the trio, knocking both Weasley and Granger with his shoulders as he passes.”

Hope slightly restored with this though! “But when he looks at her turned up nose, he misses freckles.”
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