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Moonhorse96 chapter 1 . 7h
So the only reason I started reading this is Percy Jackson and the Game. Since I have to wait probally a long time I decided to check out your other stories. I'm now at Chapter 20 so this review might be

unnecessary yet I want to point out a few things.
1. Oh my Gods, this story really makes me feel sad for Percy, I mean being send back in time knowing you won't see your friends or family for at least 15 years, transported to a dystopian world (come on the wizarding world is a dystopian), losing all your connections with the gods and being forced to hide yourself. Really strong emotional story
2. Hecate is the BEST! I mean she is way better than the Heroes of Olympus. I really enjoyed the presence of Hecate and I really like it since she is funny and basically a goddess that acts like Percy's aunt even though she is a fucking goddess.
(just realised Hecate is actually Percy's aunt)
3. The problem with a lot of Percy Jackson/Harry Potter is that everyone decides to make these two best friends and hang around with eachother all the time which makes (mostly Percy) one of the Characters play second violin all the time. Instead you chose to let Percy have his own story and not only a friend of Harry.
4. I kinda hate the fact that Percy's Jacksons powers as a Demigod fade to the background of the story, I understand he can't show it off but it was really something that made him special. Now he's just a really strong wizard (since he does nothing with his demigod powers, only the magical side not the god side)
5. I really look forward to the part where Percy Jackson is the coolest Demigod...ugh I mean wizard.

I really hope you keep going.
Guest chapter 7 . 18h
ok u got it
stylo1 chapter 1 . 7/21
this is def not one of your better works, it was still a fun read, it should have been more serious though its sticking to much to potter canon. percy ignores his potential big time and for someone who has fought wars against gods and primordials you expect more, but he seems content just to go with the flow and bull right on through.
the things thag do change dont change the story all that much, i mean not even fudge can ignore a confession under truth serum that his closest confidant is a death eater. ohh he will still ignore voldemort but he prob will take action to isolate himself from malfoy. at the rate this is going i have no doubt next year we will see umbridge
DanDaDestroyR chapter 33 . 7/21
Can you please update soon, love both Game and this! Hurry
stylo1 chapter 33 . 7/21
malfoy was kicked from the school board. and why is percy such a pussy he swore he would kill fudge but he still lets him walk away, he stands in front of malfoy a death eater and talks to him as a normal person
stylo1 chapter 30 . 7/21
taking your newts early can only be done with permission from the professor. he took his OWLs without a single teacher then he can do the same with his newts just go to the ministry and take them
stylo1 chapter 19 . 7/20
a flying cape, is this a special way to choke oneself? should have just sown it in his pants and shirt, or 4 sweat bands for his wrists and ankles
stylo1 chapter 18 . 7/20
changing the size of cloths is transfiguration. sigh your knowledge on magic is really bsd
stylo1 chapter 8 . 7/20
hey hectate how can voldemort still be alive, well percy... ssshh never mind i am making a hoverboard now leave me alone
stylo1 chapter 7 . 7/20
come on... a god of magic doesnt notice a boy walking around with a horcrux in his head plsss
stylo1 chapter 6 . 7/20
describe the magical charms involved in creating a broom. you mean those brooms which has a new version every year thus different charms or even newly invented ones and is a high money buisness, yep thats OWL lvl alright.
besides magical charms? the only non magic charma that get a broom up is usealy from a woman and has nothing to do with magic (unless your name is dumbledore and you think love is magic)
stylo1 chapter 4 . 7/20
you make wand motions seem so important, how is it then that ppl can do it witout them, or better yet when they dont need a wand anymore
stylo1 chapter 3 . 7/20
how does the length of your wand matter in creating a spell, wouldnt that mean a different spell for everyone. and why if you see your teacher using no wand, does percy whines for one so much. you would think a fysical fighter like percy abohers wands on the principle that it makes you dependent on a twig which breaks easily
stylo1 chapter 3 . 7/20
he invented 3 different potions, and that is owl lvl? right
stylo1 chapter 1 . 7/20
hmm the start so far is a bit off, wizards only went in hiding after the witch hunts, which is about 1000 years after arthur?
percy doubting magic while hectate is god of magic, you would also think then that wizards are a diluted demi god and if they dont even know hectate why bother letting them use magic
and seeing percy is a demigod of poseidon he wouldnr be able to use magic now would he. unless you're saying every demi can use magic and they have just been to stupid to realise it and are massively underplaying their skills.
lot of plot holes here, you need one hell of a plot to make this worth it
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