Reviews for Safe Enough To Scream
inthecupboard chapter 125 . 8/28
What did Cedric mean at the end when he said " You too"?
delia cerrano chapter 121 . 7/17
What a great relief that few minutes of just being a boy must have been.
the funky she-wolf 33415 chapter 92 . 7/13
No he's not. But, gryffindors are oddly trusting unless they've been given a reason not to be (in which case they won't ever trust you again or at least until you give them a couple reasons to trust you (or apologise, depends on the person and your history with them...and the crime)), but slytherins are supposed to notice more than they should (and likely will never fully 'forgive' you, but give them a good enough reason and they will work with you, maybe even be 'nice' and 'friendly), ravenclaws are iffy because they are intelligent enough they should notice but distracted enough in their own worlds they aren't likely to (while following slytherin rules of forgiveness), while hufflepuffs are flat out oblivious (but heaven forbid you break their trust, you'll never truly get that back. They trust easy but dont forgive easy, you'll always be stuck below whatever level of trust you had before, and wont be getting a third chance. A plus is that it is very hard to properly break a hufflepuff's trust, downside is if you do, you don't lose one, you lose them all.). So - he's passing, but not really to any idiot with a brain and the ability to notice, observe, and catalogue common and deviant behaviours.
delia cerrano chapter 119 . 6/23
I hadn't thought about the fact Harry might not have much of a connection to a photo album of people he had never seen. Even so I would think he would at least be mildly interested...a la did they look like him, have his coloring, mannerisms etc. I know I would.
Guest chapter 118 . 6/19
"of course it was your father's, that's probably how they never got caught"
delia cerrano chapter 117 . 6/18
Nothing to say. This chapter was all pensive thinking. Hopefully something or someone will bring Harry face to face with Severus soon. Maybe when he becomes an Animagus?
delia cerrano chapter 116 . 6/15
He doesn't see a future? Doesn't think much about the future after Voldie. Of course it could be he feels he doesn't have a future...he will be killed in this war.
delia cerrano chapter 115 . 5/18
Love Severus (yes I really do in spite of himself most of the time) but sometimes I could just kick him! Think Sev! Why he is "pleasant" when you are alone together? Why does he sort of like being here with you and does good work when it is one on one? Bet you could figure it out if took the time to think about it and your growing feeling.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/18
Why the short chapters? I looked forward, it gets no better, maybe worse. Its driving me mad. I quit. too bad too. This seems like it will be a very good story.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/12
I do not need encouragement, I am lazy enough on my own
Gacsam chapter 4 . 5/12
I honestly thought mo*** meant month and that's the only reason they let him in there.
delia cerrano chapter 110 . 5/3
Go Harry!
Rebecca chapter 102 . 4/6
I love it!
delia cerrano chapter 101 . 3/29
Sounds like something Harry should do but I'm out of ideas. Like that he's wary of Ron and Hermione. They seem very pro Dumbles and/or very naïve.
delia cerrano chapter 96 . 3/24
Chpts 95 & 96: Now the fun really starts I think...I hope anyway.
Appreciate the two posts in one day!
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