Reviews for The Wizarding Chronicles : Return of the True Descendant
YohanKC chapter 86 . 9/12
Sad you aren't continuing this story. I enjoyed what I read
Zdemab chapter 86 . 9/2
It is unfortunate that you felt you could not continue this at the current time, however I must agree that it may have become too complicated and look forward to what you write in the future.
lalo80 chapter 20 . 8/27
Me parece cbuena esta historia. Ojala la continues y escribas en paratelo con y la otra desteny and doom
Bountyhunter1977 chapter 1 . 8/25
I looked at your profile and i agree with your views , i would like to add to the Harry/Ginny section and say that the name calling she was doing toward Fleur shows that she has a cruel streak.

Both Daphne and Fleur and both my fave for pairing for Harry. For Fleur she is older but to much so for it be to weird and her being from out side magical Brittan also can give a outside perspective to harry on many things.

For Daphne being in a rival house as its own challenges and can be a way for Harry to delve in to more of the Wizarding culture then he could with Dumbledore standing over his shoulder and controlling what Harry learns. the ones i like the best is the ones where Harry learns and participates in celebrations like the different Solstice or rituals that was common place but is being for got but the ministry and Dumbledore. One story had the Greengrasses as Pagans but did do blood sacrifices. I prefer a Daphne as a non blond because Flue is already blond and no need for 2 of them to be the same, and when i think of Daphne i always picture Katie Mcgrath being her.

Lets see how this story goes
Baphiwens chapter 85 . 8/20
when you forget to mention in the summary that fleur is part of the pairing...I do not approve
DarkishWhiteLord chapter 86 . 8/13
DarkishWhiteLord chapter 3 . 8/13
'Get naked'... Mate, you coulda just used 'Please undress.'
Zhalo Shadowcell chapter 73 . 8/4
Moody's side of this duel just reminds me so much of Eggman in sonic adventure saying "get a load of this" every time you hit him...which sounds way more sexual when you type it out
CourtneyEmberCullen chapter 1 . 8/1
The story seems great so far! I'm really excited to read about the different types of wizards and see which direction you take the story in ️
TheZeitgeist chapter 86 . 7/26
Hey, I read this story, and I think you could really use a beta/proofreader for its revamp. I work as an editor IRL, and I'd be happy to volunteer my services.
ddentler21 chapter 86 . 7/22
This story has been wonderful to read, and I was thrilled to see how ambitious the scope of it was with all the unique elements you brought into play. It is however true that the litany of magical categories and numerous lordships you gave Harry guaranteed you a tough time accounting for all of that in a cohesive yet not unwieldy plot. Regardless, your writing absolutely created a new world for the reader to dive into, and I'm certainly going to visit the rewrite soon. Perhaps you could limit Harry to two lordships like perhaps Peverell and Slytherin while noting Potter as a descendant or simple resurgence of the Peverells.
Niet boeiend chapter 85 . 7/18
So you want a review with something along the lines of Holy Shit Perverell Abandonned the story?
Anyways all jokings aside, loved the story sofar and I hope the replacement does this story justice. I'll start reading of when you've uploaded a few more chapters.
dragons9 chapter 85 . 7/6
is harry going to be with fleur and Daphne...I would hope that harry would be with Daphne and be friends with fluer
Jimbocous chapter 86 . 7/6
There may be some places where a rewrite is indicated, but overall this was a quite nice story. Sorry to see it go ...
A.Lovely.Villain chapter 1 . 7/5
Great first chapter having so much fun reading all your stories please never stop writing!
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