Reviews for Consuming Shadows
SlytherinQueen4ever chapter 60 . 5/6
Okay, this was brilliant. This fic was an absolute pleasure to read and i finshed it in record time, it was just that interesting and captivating! I really can't wait for the next chapter, this was such cliffhanger!
FotoDi chapter 14 . 4/4
Obviously there are not 3 Manticores.
But, there are three contestants
So, the selection process is rigged

Draco gets a …Dragon?
Galiana gets .. Aragog? Fluffy? Buckbeak?
Hadrian gets… a Manticore. A deadly XXXXX creature
that is only eclipsed by a 1000-year-old Basilisk?
An adult Nundu? A pack of Dementors?
FotoDi chapter 11 . 4/4
Right….. a magical object, enchanted by obscure and arcane parcel runes and personally activated to a specific Competitor through parcel magic by a hugely powerful parcel mouth — reputed to be a paranoid & controlling dictator The Dark Lord Voldemort — the Wizard who personally murdered his Fsther and drove his Mother to flee her home, friends and country in order to protect her 15-month-old son from being killed

Of course, the Dark Lord would put spy magic on the bracelet of the most intriguing Competitor. Well, duh!

I think it is fascinating that Hadrian is so magically aware and educated that he was not bamboozled into stupidity by the Datk Lord using “Snake Magic” on his bracelet as opposed to Draco & the Durmstrang Bitch. No, Hadrian saw that his bracelet had a secondary charm not on the other two bracelets.

Why the FUCK didn’t he suspect Foul play? He didn’t even use magic to inspect the Silver Snake Jewelry! Nor did he try to cast a muffliato over it. I’m sorry but your French-Educated & Lily Raised AU Harry Potter may be powerful, smart, handsome, charismatic, dedicated and extremely manipulative — BUT YOUR HADRIAN EVANS HAS LOUSY TRADE CRAFT for someone raised for 15.5 years to HIDE HIS IDENTITY as Harry James POTTER.

(1) No physical disguise (no glasses)
(2)?A very bad pseudonym - Evans? Lily Evans was James Potter’s wife who disappeared in the “Civil War” on the night of 10/31/1981 after her husband died.
(3) Oh gee — let’s just not make any attempt to hide your magical power, the extent of your education, the lack of Respect/Deference/Awe/Fear you hold for the Dark Lord… no, you don’t need to create a misleading g backstory — just claiming you are a muggleborn of Squib Lineage will be a big distraction….B.S.

So, how many different people at the Trii-Wizard Tournament submitted the name HADRIAN EVANS

create a misleading backstory … skills (
sarima san chapter 60 . 2/6
I can't wait for the next chapter ! I love this story so much, I've already read it 6 times ! 3
SayMeow chapter 57 . 1/3
Honestly, if Albus effing Dumbledore ruins Tom and Harry‘s relationship after they finally got their act together, I am going to strangle him with his beard.

I really love that Hadrian got more secure and assertive, his transformation was lovely to watch.
SayMeow chapter 34 . 1/3
By all that is holy, watching Tom (it‘s shorter to write than Voldemort so I‘ll use that name) plan and think about Harry is like watching a train wreck. I really want to shake him and yell at him how that is not the way to get someone to like him and to use his brain, that I know must be somewhere in his head.
SayMeow chapter 32 . 1/3
Right now I‘m at the start of this chapter and I am like „Lily, you cannot charm Riddle. Your son already has that one in the bag. He hast done so well, in fact, that you would have to pry Riddle‘s obsession with Harry out of his dead, cold hands.“
I think your characterization of Lily is great. She comes across as very human and flawed. I would normally hate her for her behaviour but she is simply so human with her fear that I cannot hate her because I understand where she is coming from. I really love what you did with her character.
Now I‘m excited what will happen in this chapter and the following ones but I simply had to comment.

Also, yes, Voldemort is really behaving like a schoolgirl and it is surprisingly cute, in a creepy, stalker-ish, I-would-never-condone-this-behaviour-in-real-life way. It is a bit funny to watch. Also, Harry‘s constant self-sabotage in his interactions with Voldemort is hilarious. I am looking forward to his inevitable next blow-up
Nur123 chapter 60 . 11/24/2023
Brilliant as always! Thank you
Lily Jem chapter 60 . 10/10/2023
The psychological impact on Hadrian will be devastating. I really wonder how he'll be able to handle it. Also, how's Voldy doing now that everything exploded ?
EvenstarMoonblood chapter 60 . 9/28/2023
Wow! Read everything up to now. Have not yet come across anything like this story and Loving it so far. Curious to read what happens next!
minowari chapter 60 . 9/26/2023
i really don't know where to begin. there happend so much. first of all: wahhh a new chapter! and then so fast! really happy! ok, so: wow, i absolutely love the descriptions of the absolute power play voldemort did back there. how they all just cowered in fear lol and omg raina. what an amazing outburst, i really felt with her the whole time. and her questioning the dark lord about his feelings...bold move there! also the dark lord has feelings. love how he just thinks of hadrian the whole time. maybe he just doesn't realise it yet with the whole "love" thing lol but okay, now harry's there and planning his master scheme. and the last paragraph! it exploded? you left us with a damn cliffhanger again. but that's okay, i'll patiently wait for the next update. much love 3
DarkRavie chapter 60 . 9/24/2023
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
the humblest person ever chapter 60 . 9/23/2023
Holy crap! Both for speedy update and the chapterjust holy crap!
islanzadi1995 chapter 60 . 9/23/2023
Woah, i was delighted to note that you had updated especially so soon
I can finally see the tapestry all your threads have weaved, eagerly waiting to see where you take this next
Rm22 chapter 59 . 9/20/2023
great story, although I don't approve of this suspense.
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