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minowari chapter 60 . 9/26
i really don't know where to begin. there happend so much. first of all: wahhh a new chapter! and then so fast! really happy! ok, so: wow, i absolutely love the descriptions of the absolute power play voldemort did back there. how they all just cowered in fear lol and omg raina. what an amazing outburst, i really felt with her the whole time. and her questioning the dark lord about his feelings...bold move there! also the dark lord has feelings. love how he just thinks of hadrian the whole time. maybe he just doesn't realise it yet with the whole "love" thing lol but okay, now harry's there and planning his master scheme. and the last paragraph! it exploded? you left us with a damn cliffhanger again. but that's okay, i'll patiently wait for the next update. much love 3
DarkRavie chapter 60 . 9/24
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
the humblest person ever chapter 60 . 9/23
Holy crap! Both for speedy update and the chapterjust holy crap!
islanzadi1995 chapter 60 . 9/23
Woah, i was delighted to note that you had updated especially so soon
I can finally see the tapestry all your threads have weaved, eagerly waiting to see where you take this next
Rm22 chapter 59 . 9/20
great story, although I don't approve of this suspense.
JaiJayce chapter 59 . 9/17
It’s starting! Ohh Voldemort and Sirius banding together for Hadrian is something I didnt even know I needed. Sirius is brutal and I love it. I cant wait to find iut where Hadrian is and generally what happens next!
Arina33 chapter 59 . 9/13
Thank you for the update. I hope in the next chapter we got the confrontation with our boys. The hunter and his prey!And I would like to Hadrians struggle with the compulsion. I think the bond with Tom will help him to overcome the compulsion. Can't wait until the next chapter. Please update soon
minowari chapter 59 . 9/13
holy sh*t. things spiral out of control real fast. love how possessive/protective the dark lord is. also probs to sirius, he protects cissy wirhout question and how bold he acts toward the dark lord. love it. i'm so curious where hadrian is at the moment and how exactly his mind is working under the ritual. i hope we can read of him in the next chapter. ty and much love
islanzadi1995 chapter 59 . 9/10
I can't tell you how ardently i have waited for the next installment.
As usual a brilliant follow-up
Cant wait for the next update
Hope to be amazed by your work soon
DarkRavie chapter 59 . 9/10
I really like this story. It's an excellent read an I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
vkdrie.selene chapter 59 . 9/10
So excited to read this update and already waiting in anticipation for the next!

Hope you're well
JaiJayce chapter 58 . 6/28
Wow what a chapter! I couldnt wait to read
Lily Jem chapter 58 . 6/27
That was absolutely awesome. And I don't mean just this chapter, though the tension was very well written, but the whole story so far. I can't wait to read what will happen next.

I thought Draco and Hadrian might agree to take Kaiser down first, so even if I inderstand why they did not, I'm a bit sad that Draco lost. But that leave more time for Hermione to be at his side... I hope you'll do something for them!

I feel like a strong possibility that half of the order suddenly desert the fight and become a neutral party. Sirius is going to join Hadrian and therefore, Voldemort by association, but I don't think Remus, Cedric and Nymphadora can do that too. But I still hope Sirius and Narcissa will warn people in time, even though I think it's a stupid move from Dumbledore to set up the compulsion just at the end of the task, as Hadrian is ibviously exhausted and has not much magic left. Also I wonder if his capacity to differentiate Tom and Voldemort will play a role?

Lily is probably the character I like the less in this story, but I can't help thinking she's probably fighting her own compulsion with all her strenght and hating herself for failing. Dumbledore needs a taste of his own medicine.

Well overall I'm ready for the next chapter :D
Kalkun chapter 58 . 5/17
Thanks for the update!
Vindictive John Dark Fantasy chapter 58 . 5/2
Oh my god this was the best written action scene I’ve ever read so far you outdid yourself on this one I was so into it I can’t wait for another chapter
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