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CelticGames4 chapter 49 . 2/17/2020
Wow, I didn't know that this story still had a chapter. Well, this was a nice way to end it and transition into the next installment of this verse. Nice to see the two Victors being as chaotic as always, and also conniving enough to get what they want. It's good that they have a contract, hopefully this will make Callie more comfortable and give him some more purpose.
Interested to see where it goes from here as this is only the beginning. I loved every second of this story and ultimately, I'm happy with this ending for it ushering in a new era! Can't wait to see what you have planned for Meloria, and thanks for a really good, crazy ride for this story!
TheEngineeringGames chapter 49 . 2/15/2020
Great to see this one last epilogue for this story!

This was a very nice little touch to learn more about just how we end up with the situation with Calla in Meliora - and how Morg and Goss go along with it. Makes me want to go reread the Meliora prologues and see if I catch any new details now! And also it makes a lot more sense from Horace's perspective why he would keep Callie around after everything he did. Gotta make sure none of his own dirty laundry gets revealed (even though he just made possibly an even bigger mess XD).

Congrats on finishing the story and thanks for everything you did with my three tributes! Still wild to think about Morg being a victor, even after this time! I'm still very hyped and can't wait to see what you have planned in Meliora and PL!
Platrium chapter 49 . 2/15/2020
Thanks for finally getting to this. XD

This is an interesting epilogue, but that last line on 6 makes it even more interesting with the knowledge of who the D8 tribute is in Meliora. D: I got nothing much else to say about the epilogue but I'm really curious of what's up with #6 and the Meliora tribute. :o Excited for Meliora!

Thanks for having Cyber and Daphne here! :D I'm excited for my kid in Meliora too.

Playing it cool,
Platrium chapter 48 . 12/9/2018
Uhhh... apparently, I didn't get to review the finale chapter, and I forgot what I was supposed to say in that chapter. I took note of the QQ though. XD

I'll start with both QQ first because I have a habit of forgetting them especially if it's not something I would naturally say when I review chapters without them. So... what's in store for the victors? Uh... XD Okay, prior to these chapters, I did think of Morganite and Gossamer getting the jobs they want in the future. I just wasn't expecting it to be as soon as 101. It's cool though! I have no idea what was gonna happen to Calico, but it brings me to that part of this chapter. I didn't see that coming! We did have that extra scene in this story, and towards the end of the games, I was imagining what subplot would come if Calico lives. He did. Horace saves him though, with all that bribery and chaos. I wonder if we're gonna have glimpses of Calico and Chambray in the sequel. I have no idea what role they're gonna take if they reappear. I don't see them as rebels.

Cat. XD
Hemingway cat. :o
Hemingway calico cat. D:
No, I did not see that coming. Morganite made a good guess about the name being Chambray though, after all that happened. XD
QQ: Name the cat Felina. ;)

I like Daphne's and Cyber's eulogies. The dog smell and the ink stain details were funny. XD I think I've mentioned this before, and you know why, but this is not the last time we'll see Daphne. Aside from Meliora, I do owe one other story a submission or 2, so yeah. :)

Sarah Church though. :o Someone sponsored points for her to live. Interesting.

Gonna skip proofreading my review and say I'm finally caught up with Mortem. XD
Platrium chapter 47 . 12/8/2018
QQ: Platinum!


Nice chapter to build on the sequel's plot. Gossamer's got some character development here. We also got to see the 2 official victors interact.
goldie031 chapter 48 . 12/1/2018
I liked the structure of the Victory Tour in this chapter! I thought it was well written and all that stuff. Hm, Eunice was Octavia's mom? Didn't see that coming! That's some spicy stuff coming up. Also, Calla. That's spicy. The Eight and Eleven sections were the spiciest; I wonder how those will affect Meliora. Can't wait for Phase 3 - good work!
CelticGames4 chapter 48 . 11/29/2018
Wow, can't believe there's only one chapter left of this story! :0 That's crazy.
Gosh, the portraits must have been the ultimate guilt-trip. I can't say Goss didn't deserve it though. Morg to an extent deserved it but Goss especially.
It was good of Morg to stand up for Finn, and it doesn't surprise me either. That was such a sad scene.
Also, Horace and Calla. It's interesting that Horace lost a son, I wonder if he'll be coming back or if it's just to connect him more to Callie. I wonder what Calla's purpose would be. Right now I'm having a hard time feeling bad for him tho. If you didn't want to be alive you probably should have idk tried a bit harder to die instead of taking the supplies from Luxor and Finn and leaving. It takes a lot of courage to sacrifice yourself, but still. He was so close to death anyways.
This leaves a lot of interesting questions unanswered, that make me excited for Meloria!
QQ: I don't know, maybe Patches? That's super basic tho, lol.
TheEngineeringGames chapter 48 . 11/29/2018
Okay victory tour time! I can't believe we're already so close to the end of this story! But I'll get all sappy and emotional next chapter.

Horace - Ah, so we get a bit more information about what is going on with Callie - or should I say Calla. Still don't know how I didn't figure that out with the first Meliora prologue lol. I'm still really curious why Horace has decided to keep Callie alive and have him work on the Gamemaker team. I'm sure we'll get more information about this eventually because you can't go revealing everything at once. Poor Callie is in for quite a bit of hell given his new life and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with him as Calla, especially if anyone will figure it out.

Morg - God I love my girl so much. She's also very much a mood at Goss? Like you want to hate him but then you see him all cute with the kitten and you can't. Very wide range of reactions from the families in this section. Knight's family situation was sad, along with Cetronia's but in a different way. But Cetronia's family showed the terrible mentality in Two. I forgot that Daphne's parents are so neat and different from typical D3 people. Jack Evans is so kind, especially wanting them to check in with Cole's father. Tooru's mother is terrible but bless his father and bless Morg for standing up for Tooru despite not having been his ally at all. And Finn's family...what a blessed interaction T.T I really hope Morg stays in contact with them because they really do accept her and she could use some more family that cares about her.

Goss - Well this section started to venture more into the spicy subplot realm, especially for Meliora, but that's not too much a surprise considering which Districts Goss was speaking for. I'm not surprised that Ham's brother tried to punch Goss lol. And Eight...woo boy, I shouldn't have been surprised at how high the tensions are there. Bel's family was sad, but understandable that they had accepted her death. As for Ten, I had some Suspicions (TM) that Eunice was Isabelle because of how she fired the cannon early for Octavia. I still feel like we'll find out more about that, possibly in Meliora. Okay...bless Goss for yelling at Constance for abusing Jareth. He is on his way to being redeemed (but not fully yet because he did kill my son). And Cole's father is a good man, despite only being Cole's father for a very short time... As for the Capitol families, their reactions are about what I expected. I didn't expect Sarah Church to be there unconscious. I am a little surprised there wasn't more anger towards Morg and Goss considering if the Capitolites would have actually worked together, they all could have made it out alive.

QQ: Well I wouldn't suggest Muffet or Whiskers lol. Hmm let's see, maybe...why am I drawing a blank on any good cat names right now? XD Okay, let's just say something like Cocoa or some cute dessert. PUMPKIN. Pumpkin would be cute but I'm guessing Goss would also tell me that's basic lol.

This was a really good victory tour! It wasn't too long while still touching base on every tribute's family. Plus we got to see some spicy subplot stuff getting mixed in there! I'm looking forward to the last chapter while also being a little sad because it's always sad to see stories end. I'm just happy we have Meliora to be part of next!
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 47 . 11/24/2018
Nice ending for Morg and Goss! Even though it's not really an end. I see Morg is not gonna be friends with Goss, and I don't blame her.
QQ: Um... granite I guess? XD I don't really want a statue of myself though. XD Too weird.
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 46 . 11/24/2018
Got behind in reviewing again. Whoops. I read this instantly, of course, but tis the season for procrastinating reviews until I have like 20 I need to write (though to be fair I am binge reading one story in particular... Lauren knows what that is ;))
So Finn dies :'( Luxor dies. :'( Callie... dies? Who knows? XD
Yay Morg! And Goss is fun to have as a villain victor because you never see those. It's weird, being sad for Finn and Luxor but happy for Morg.
What's in store? Morg becomes and escort and Goss takes Lola's job ;)
CelticGames4 chapter 47 . 11/21/2018
Wow, this was quite an epilogue. Morg is a mood the entire way. I'm glad she's shutting Goss out and not giving him her pity or forgiveness. He caused her enough pain, she doesn't need to be his toy anymore. It'll be fun to see her as an escort though, but it'll probably really hurt her and make her miss Finn even more. Finn deserved better honestly. Goss should have realized that they'd never let Callie live.
It'll be fun to see how Goss and Morg affect the events of Meloria and I can't wait to see their lasting legacy!
QQ: I'd want it to be made of amethyst, my birthstone! :3
Keep up the great work!
CelticGames4 chapter 46 . 11/21/2018
The finale!
Man, this was such a bummer. Luxor was always my favorite from the beginning and seeing him get so close was heart-wrenching. After Morg had seen so much growth I figured he'd die, based on his submitter mostly and his lack of a real arc in the second half of the Games, but man it was still a real bummer. And Finn died too. I didn't expect Morg to be tricked by Luxor's cannon honestly, but that was a great point. She really should have killed Calico. I'm kind of mad at him because if he really wanted to protect Cham he would have just died. Now I think he's still alive and it's going to cause problems later. This is just a big shit show.
Anyways, I really wasn't expecting this turnout but it really makes me excited for Meloria. Funny how those two have changed between the stories.
Great finale! It was really intense. I wish the Capitol tributes would have just been smart and travelled as a pack and protected each other, if only they weren't all so petty. Then we could have had less tragedy and more lives saved. Loyalties really screw everything up I suppose.
QQ: Well, I know this too because I read the first epilogue already. But they're in store for a lot of pain. I don't think Goss will ever feel regret for what he did but it's a nice thought that maybe his former ally would cross his mind. Maybe.
CelticGames4 chapter 45 . 11/21/2018
Oh yes, Callie's secret was revealed. I mean, is Luxor really that surprised? Now we all know Callie is going to be punished. Either with death or with a fate worse.
This race for the District winner is interesting. I'm surprised that Morg trusted Goss at all. Guess she didn't really have a choice. This poor girl has been completely broken, and nobody is really around to care for her.
QQ: Well, I know what happens. But when I first read this chapter I was pretty sure Luxor was gonna die, but I also thought Callie had to die, so I thought maybe Callie would die first and Goss would kill Luxor but maybe Finn had a shot (RIP).
CelticGames4 chapter 44 . 11/21/2018
This was absolutely heartwrenching. I mean, it would have been worse if I actually remembered about Croix's relationships with his parents, lol. But I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to show his interview whilst he was laying and dying on the ground.
This chapter had a really interesting start to an arc for Goss. And Morg's arc, hot damn. I mean, I have no sympathy for Goss because he threw Croix away and I still haven't forgiven him, but Morg man. She's really on fire.
Poor Lola... I hope that she'll be happy in her new job, and it'll be interesting to see Goss be the Head Announcer.
Anyways, thank you for taking Croix and doing great things with him! I'm proud of my kiddo and he really did his best. What a horrible way for him to go. It was great to see his journey though, along with Flo and Tooru! So thanks for what you did with all of them!
CelticGames4 chapter 43 . 11/21/2018
Wow, this was a crazy chapter!
The subplot really got intense this chapter. Horace's changes are surely going to make this more interesting. And now that Celestia's out there's nothing she can do to stop him. It was crazy how it happened after Octavia's cannon was shot, and made sense how that fit really.
The really strong power players went down this chap! I was starting to wonder how long Ham was going to last only because she was made by you. It would have been interesting to see her go on without Octavia for a while, but it makes sense that she went when she did.
RIP Val too. She was such a fun character and had potential, and it would have been nice if she could have gotten out alive.
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