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crispytp chapter 47 . 10/24
Hey, welcome back!

Great to see you writing again, and it's a great chapter to come back to

The beginning with Morgan back to digging pitfall traps is a great return to lightheartedness from all the family drama for the past few chapters.

I'm surprised Xander and co aren't at the Capital already, but it makes sense how you wrote it out with taking the entire army and having to fight Invisible Soldiers along the way.

And the trap Anankos has in place is pretty smart: dividing both of the Hero's army while also having a third force to pop out from within the city. It also explains the prologue way way back.

But Robin's counter-plan is equally good: having Corrin dead sprint/fly to the Capital while everyone else waits in the Astral Plane. It'll make Corrin exhausted, but his army can make it in time to prevent the Invisible Army from sacking the Capital from within.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Ethan Kironus chapter 47 . 10/23
I know you must have worked hard to force this chapter out despite difficulties; thanks for your dedication!

Is Morgan planning to switch to, or at least include snare traps (the kind that grab-and-then-pull you up by the foot)? They always seem to be dug around trees. And I hope whoever's guarding the capital doesn't try to kill Corrin on sight, as it sounds like there'll be a lag time between him and the others-though Sakura's the one I mean-showing up; that Xander's helping them out means it's a lot harder for people to believe the invisible soldiers are a Nohrian (or Hoshidan, for anyone from Nohr) plot. Actually, as strong as Nohr might be, right around now would be the best possible time for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to attack it, if at all. It's not like even Corrin can go halfway across the continent THAT quickly (and then summon the Astral Keep with the others inside).

A few errors to point out: At the end of Robin's commenting on the paper bird message being a paper bird, the 's is missing from "That('s) a new one..."; at the end of Corrin's sentence "...while he continued north", the apostrophe is missing; and "Corrin reached out, gripping the table." is italicized.
bunun97 chapter 46 . 9/21
Just binged this entire series and loved it. Really reminded me about how bad corrin’s character felt. I noticed you often throw in bits of Lost in Thoughts lyrics in the story. Can’t say I can blame you about the updates since I know writing can be tough and making sure the series is written properly is very important. Good luck and don’t feel pressure to release often. Quality over quantity!
BLost chapter 46 . 8/18
Im pretty concerned and interested on what’s going to happen next. Im interested because of how the fight between and anankos will go out given that there are allies from the awakening timeline. Its possible that they have a higher chance of winning as there are 2 falchions wielded by lucina and marc and the fact the fire emblem from the awakening timeline has been brought to this world which could amplify the blows yato’s sword will bring.

However, Im worried about Robin’s fate. Azura has stated the bonds that keep him tied to this world is enough to defy a dragon. If that is true, the worse case scenario is Robin would have to sacrifice himself the 2nd time by using the bonds to restrain the dragon and this time, there’s a high probability he won’t survive or doomed for eternity to restrain that dragon (Think of lapis trying hold malachite down from steven universe) away from his friends. It would be heartbreaking for his family, especially lucina to lose robin a second time and the duration of his disappearance would be uncertain but at the same time if it was handled properly, the story could end on a bittersweet note. Idk
Lutemis chapter 37 . 8/13
HybridKing18 chapter 46 . 7/7
Wait fan were asking for a summer lucina for fire emblem heroes based on her cipher card?
Natypaana chapter 46 . 6/29
Hello again! This chapter was a great combination of sweetness/angst, I love it! And I'm really thrilled about what will happen next, now that Anankos has finally "revealed" himself somehow to Corrin and I'm also curious of how they'll be able to convince Hoshido to help them without saying anything directly. And maybe it's silly, but I also wanted to tell you that seeing the update notification makes me really happy each time, it's one of the best fics I've ever read. Looking forward to next chapter! Take care and have a good day!
Ps. I feel your pain, I also wanted summer Lucina's Cipher alt for Heroes :(
Ps2. English isn't my first language, so I'm sorry for any spelling errors on my writing.
crispytp chapter 46 . 6/23
Great Chapter!

You've definitely convinced me that Soleil is Morgan's daughter with the first part. It was really cute to see that family dynamic in the first part. Morgan is book smart, playful, and definitely loves to tease Inigo, but I also see how Inigo is able to pinpoint when and what bothers Morgan when she's doubting herself. And both those parts of Morgan and Inigo are definitely reflected in their daughter in this story.

In the second part, you've brought up a really interesting loophole that Robin coming back from destroying Grima might protect him from the Cure of Valla. I hadn't considered it but I can see how it could work. I think it's a neat idea, with Awakening's resolution of bonds being able to defy fate itself clashing with the current enemy whose main tactic is to sow misunderstanding and force confrontations. I can see it working if Robin forges bonds with characters here, like make a new 'anchor' in this world to save him from being erased like he did in Awakening. I think it would require Robin having 'supports' and growing bonds with people in this world, but maybe his bond with Corrin might be enough. Even then, perhaps Robin's bonds with everyone back home transcends worlds; you've alluded to it plenty of times with his and Lucina's thoughts going back to Ylisse and everyone there, especially their infant children.

The third part, I like how Corrin is trying to face his inner demons, but is still struggling. And I really like how you've alluded that Anankos is influencing Corrin's self-doubts by invading his dreams. It definitely plays up Anankos as a big threat, but not invincible since Azura intervened.

Still have no idea what Azura's deal is and why she isn't conscripted into Ananko's invisible army. Or if she's really dead or in some limbo.

I think the Second Act of this story is wrapping up with Morgan's doubts being put to rest and her accepting Soleil and Inigo into her life. My thinking is that this next act is going to about Corrin having to start accepting people into his life again and not carry his burdens all by himself. He's not in a self-destructive spiral, but he isn't moving forward due to bearing all of his guilt. Like a swordsman from Faerghus once said, "If you keep stringing gravestones around your neck, you'll snap." This might also factor Robin into it, perhaps if Corrin and Robin share a real bond, that might make it possible to protect Robin from the Curse.

As always, this chapter has been great. After all these months and craziness, your writing skills are still sharp. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Ethan Kironus chapter 46 . 6/22
So whatever state Azura is currently in is less ethereal than we thought, if she's not just filling the role of helpful ghost but actually somewhere where she can look back at Corrin. Maybe held prisoner by You-Know-Who, whether in the way he has most of his servants or still "alive". Though if that was the case, I can't see You-Know-Who being so negligent as to let her undermine him like that. Curiouser and curiouser...
Jay Hayden chapter 46 . 6/21
Great chapter, makes me excited for what's to come. Hope you're doing well in the mess that is 2020.
Warm regards,
Jay Hayden
Uncle Grimsley chapter 46 . 4/18
My guy, I think you posted on the wrong story, lmao
crispytp chapter 45 . 3/30
Great chapter! I liked that everyone came together to get Corrin to the Reliquary, but Corrin was the only one who witnessed what was in it. The whole thing with the Reliquary was appropriately trippy, with him sinking into the pool and meeting his Birthright reflection. The moment where he saw his female version and what I'm assuming is all the custom variants of Corrin was neat as well. As well as them fading out, likely due to Anakos.

The scene with Corrin seeing Elise after living through Birthright was heart-tugging. Though I wonder what the gang got out of the Reliquary. The obvious answer was seeing the Blazing Yato and how different points in the blade light up. But there's that new "note" in his magic, which I'm not sure what that means.

Guess it'll be revealed in time, looking forward to the next chapter!
MoonBunny02 chapter 45 . 3/25
This is an amazing story
Thank you for writing it I can't wait to see what happen in the remainer of the story
Guest chapter 45 . 3/19
Good story. Keep it up
00Altair chapter 45 . 3/19
Honestly I think it would have been fun to have Corrin react to the Revelations route and realize that the only decision he had to make in order to save Azura and all his siblings was for him to not to side with anyone at all. That probably would have been a real mind screw.

Speaking of, despite the issues it has as a whole, Revelations is probably my favorite route out of the three because of the fact that Corrin in that story has to genuinely build up his army from scratch. There's no one to really baby him the way it happens with the Nohr royal family in Conquest nor is leadership suddenly given to him for no real reason like in Birthright.
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