Reviews for Chuck Versus The Yogurt Girl
michaelfmx chapter 16 . 3/20
Very, very well thought out and emotional chapter. I can only imagine how anybody who has served in any of the armed forces must have felt. We waited a long time for this moment, and went through a lot of emotional turmoil to get here, but it was all well worth it. Well done.

Now Chuck is doing a talk show and then two weeks in Milan? Sounds like there are some interesting times ahead. Have a feeling we're going to see Zondra and the models again. It will be interesting to see how the new Sarah deals with being thrust into her old life style once again. Could be some stressful moments in there.
zanex9 chapter 20 . 3/19
That was so cute, it had me smiling the entire time.
baldcoder chapter 20 . 3/19
Excellent chapter. This has been a really good story. I will miss the updates. Still have one more to look forward to though.
wilf21 chapter 20 . 3/19
A lovely ending to a most enjoyable story, thank you
phnxgrl chapter 20 . 3/18
I loved the excitement of the family during Clare's birth. Please continue.
jackiet100.jt chapter 20 . 3/18
My heart is happy.
sevenrez chapter 20 . 3/18
This is bittersweet! Happy and sad to reach the end. I like that Sarah is the bread winner. Thank you!
Spawn Hades chapter 20 . 3/18
Perfect way to come "full-circle", how many chapter left to this beatiufl tale?
j.santacruz98 chapter 20 . 3/18
Thank you for writing this, it was a wonderful ride and very enjoyable read. I think this is one of my favorite stories, please continue to write to keep Charah alive for us fans. I find that many who appreciate this site really miss a great show that could have continued on for another 2 or more years if they only had the vision to take many of the stories here and apply them to the show. I hope to see more of you online. Right now I am thinking how to address a few stories ,especially my chuck vrs the time lords . But that is my block right now. I hope we can chat again.

Deathzbreath chapter 20 . 3/18
What an absolutely wonderful story man, you really knocked it out of the park on this one. Not just a fluff story, there has been a mix of angst, action and adventure and the way you wrote the character interactions has been perfect.

As we await the epilogue I would highly recommend to any potential Chuck fanfiction readers to check this story out. It has been a great read and the only disappointment I have is that it is finally coming to an end. Thank you Wade1978 for writing it!
atcDave chapter 20 . 3/18
Fun chapter, thanks for the update today!
phnxgrl chapter 19 . 3/14
I loved this look into Chuck's feelings of not being with his comrades. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 18 . 3/14
I loved the excitement of Chuck rescuing a child at the beach. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 17 . 3/14
I loved Chuck's confrontation with Sarah's privileged ex. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 16 . 3/14
I loved the MOH ceremony. Please continue.
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