Reviews for Harry Potter and the Obscurial
Espied7 chapter 5 . 12/13
So sweet!
noxenrom chapter 2 . 12/10
All this obscurial bullshit doesnt fit that well into the canon story. Dunno why Rowling made that crap up after releasing HP
Afroz chapter 5 . 11/11
I'm so sorry that I'm short on time, but I absolutely loved this!
kase519 chapter 5 . 11/10
Fallow54 chapter 5 . 10/1
xxx KUDOS xxx : )
Guest chapter 5 . 6/29
I'm in love with this story
NakedFury chapter 5 . 5/25
It was interesting until you just had to go with that crap of Power of Love. My interest to finish this plummeted to zero and any enjoyment I had with this is gone.
Erica B chapter 5 . 5/8
Great story! Loved the build-up and fresh take on the characters. And a great ending!
slmncpm chapter 5 . 4/23
this is a very good story, i am glad you shared it, but personally, i really hate dumbledore. *sighs*
Guest chapter 5 . 4/17
Guest chapter 2 . 4/17
Aw, dang. XD Harry's Luck, though.
Unseen Watcher chapter 3 . 4/12
YESSSS! Sorry Newt, but I was reaaally hoping that you would have a long, limber life.
Unseen Watcher chapter 5 . 4/12
Awesomeness. Great idea. Here's to Harry spending time with his new family from now on. A truly interesting take on both Harry as an Obscurus and getting rid of that blasted Horcrux early! Thank you!
Dominique13net chapter 5 . 2/14
Loved this newt rising harry
nightsphinx chapter 5 . 2/8
This was great! I really enjoyed it!
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